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The Luv Cult, Another Product of the “Christian” – Political Correctness Coalition

Posted by Bob on June 13th, 2008 under General, Mantra

“Being in Love” is a PC Cult mantra.

OJ Simpson or Tiger Woods would never LOOK at a girl who looked like their daughters with blond women. But that makes no difference. Why?

The kids’ problem with their looks is not OJ’s or Tiger’s moral concern.

I quote, “All that matters is that they are ‘IN LOVE.’”

The “Christian” take on this is the same with some more words:

“Screw the kids. All that matters is that, at the moment, the parents are “in love” AND a guy in a dress says the right words over their union.

The loons who keep repeating the Traditional Values mantra also insist that the basic problem of our society is that no one takes responsibility for his actins.

But they all agree that if you are “in love” and the guy in the dress says the words, you get a pass on all responsibility

  1. #1 by shari on 06/13/2008 - 4:56 pm

    It’s obvious why a black man would go for a beautiful white women. But how could a white woman DO that to her very own children? I always hear that it’s money. But I think that the effects of widespread divorce and feminism has taken a toll. Self respect is not the same thing as that stupid “self-esteem” that’s been pushed either.

  2. #2 by AFKANNow on 06/14/2008 - 2:14 am

    The problem, in part, is due to the tremendous shift in values of the Children of the Sixties.

    They have no Cultural view past themselves, right NOW!

    They do not see themselves as having obligations to anything more than being “themselves,” such as that is.

    This lack of an intergenerational focus guarantees they will always fall into the ditch.

    They like that part about “take no thought for the morrow,” because it provides Biblical approval for what they want to do.

    The problem is, they never really READ the Bible, or they would see the Old Testament – the Ten Commandments, in particular (“adultery” meant RACIAL “adultery”), all move in the direction of a de facto cultural and personal program of flat-out Eugenics.

    They like to talk about how the Bible condemns abortion.

    In fact, it MANDATES it, in the case of Racial Purification – see Numbers 5: 24,25, where the woman who is married and has a child by a man other than her husband is MANDATED to have an abortion, given by the “priest,” “until the curse does come.”

    This is what the contemporary practice of “Christianity” has done; it reduced all of Christianity to a sorely misunderstood message of “Love,” meaning either God’s is offering his unconditional approval, or His unconditional forgiveness.


    The entire meaning of “Love” is love of God, and demonstrating that love by doing what God wants you to do, regardless of what the social controllers want you to do.

    Your Duty to your Race made it into the Ten Commandments.

    AS I told one person, “If this God of Love is so forgiving, why did He wipe out Sodom AND Gomorrah – everything – people, plants, pets – EVERYTHING?”

    The answer is obvious.

    He chose us, placed us in the Spiritual Framework of a particular Race, and expected us to work within that Race, to make the Race a better tool for God, and the members of that Race.

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