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Simmons Says We Have Opposition

Posted by Bob on June 16th, 2008 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

I mostly agree with what Dave and AFKAN have to say. For over ten years now it has been interesting and a lot of fun disagreeing with people who previously wore the unblemished robes of authority.

Still there are limits, anyone of the right leaning websites out there practice “respectable” censorship, and what left sites there are expend serious energy protecting their flock. Then there are those freewheeling sites that fall into the ideology of “anti-Semitism” the catchall limiting trip into the punji stick trap of ideology.

The “respectable” form still exists so I wouldn’t blow your own horns all that much just yet.

— Simmons

“The ‘respectable’ form still exists so I wouldn’t blow your own horns all that much just yet.”

I don’t think anybody here is unaware of that. In fact the very thing you choose to get depressed about, and I see no other point in this comment, is the one that encourages me most.

The establishment has pinpointed who the real rebels are.

Arab terrorists, the Unabomber, religious “fanatics” and “gun nuts” all have attackers one side and defenders on the other. There is only ONE group that ALL the forces of “both sides” attack without restraint:


They say that we are such a tiny group as to be irrelevant. They then warn that listening to us could let us take over.

The whole history of revolution says that those who have been singled out as we have been anointed as the only true alternative.

We shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch, but we should keep in mind that their “both sides” has laid an egg.


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