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Thanks, Simmons!

Posted by Bob on June 27th, 2008 under General

Great Leader Bob, if someone in the group gets their feathers ruffled point them out to me so I can further loosen the cult’s grip on them. It’s what I do.

— Simmons

Simmons is not offering me the WORSHIP a Great Leader deserves. Despite all his promises, if the choice is between Bob and the truth, he will leave me out here shivering in the cold.

I can live with that. In fact, I couldn’t be at ease with anything else.

What Simmons offers is critical. When someone criticizes me, there are two poles to the possibilities, 1) they misunderstood me or 2) I need some correction. I prefer 1), as any human being would.

But 0) REALLY upsets me. After all my work here, someone, usually Shari, wants more explanation, and most of you go dumb. Simmons says he won’t.

On Stormfront, it is SUCH a relief for an old warrior who says he is used to battling alone to have Lord Nelson or Prometheus jump in on his side.

Yes, I have spent a lifetime fighting alone, but I would not wish that fate on any one of you.


Constructive criticism is infinitely better than empty space. But jumping in where you are needed, as Simmons offers to do, is best of all.

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