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The Anti-Semitism of the Intellectuals

Institutions are another aspect of Wordism.

What happened to the hundreds of thousands of monks who sang their lives out in isolated monasteries? They gave their genes to a Wordist institution which demanded human sacrifice, a human sacrifice never mentioned in the Old Testament or in the words of Jesus.

If Jesus meant to condemn all human reproduction instead of adultery, he could have said so. Which is why I am SO careful to describe Medieval Judeo-Christianity as “a Wordist institution built on the name of Jesus.

Buddha was a thoroughgoing atheist. His rejection of the gods of Hinduism was one of the major breaks between him and the Hinduism which stands in relation to Buddhism much as Judaism does to Christianity. It’s really Hindo-Buddhism, I guess.

Buddha, like Saint Peter, was married and had a child. But the popes claim descent from Peter and are forbidden to marry. They STILL say that all sex is sinful. The Catholic Bible says that “a bishop shall have one wife.” Both the Orthodox and Catholic churches which use this version of the Bible say that means a bishop shall have no wife. Orthodox priests can marry, but not bishops.

Meanwhile millions of Buddhist monks have died without issue

The obsession with sterility in Catholicism comes from Zoroastrianism in its degenerate form. The Buddhist monks seem to have a similar weird interpretation of Hindo-Buddhism, also of Aryan derivation.

Unlike the Orient, which seems to roll on no matter how miserable life gets, Aryan religion addresses the question of the meaning of life itself. In their degenerate phases, Aryan religion seems to give up and worship death, which is the danger of asking that fundamental question.

Political Correctness may be a third in this series of Aryan religious degeneration.

This would make Political Correctness not something that is new and only fails by attacking traditional values, but something very old and diseased. The suicidal demands of PC are the same as those of the Catholic Church Political Correctness hates so much. Anti-Catholicism has been described for two centuries as “The Anti-Semitism of the Intellectuals.”

The disease is survivable, but it is important to know what one is dealing with.
This is a picture of Political Correctness the professors would NOT like.




I didn’t get much out of the comments which were nominally made on the evolution of institutions.

Nothing new. Some rehashes on economics and Simmons [mderpelding] had his usual irritated statements, this time about how he was working class and I was claiming to be savior of the working class and working class doesn’t understand isms.

Everything was a rehash.

When it comes to institutions we are back where gravity was before Newton and supply and demand was before Adam Smith. Everybody knows it’s there but nobody THINKS it out.

It took us until the nineteenth century to stop thinking about Galen’s Humors and to START seeing microbes, thought the germ theory was common in Germany centuries before. Those tiny things digest our food and cause our plagues.

We all know there are institutions which have lives independent of human beings and which to a large extent determine our destinies. What does that have to do with what the average Southie is thinking about? That is as deep as the analysis gets.



All Institutions are Parasites

There are symbiotic parasites and there are more parasites that are only costly to the hosts.
When you swallow food, you drop it directly on tops of hundreds of strains of bacteria which have been harnessed by the body to help digest it.

Every one of those strains represents a tragedy that happened to your ancestors. Each strain came in as a pure parasite. They evolved and your ancestors evolved. The bacilli evolved because they were killing their hosts, and parasites in a dead host die. We evolved because those who could not survive them died.

In the end, the hosts and the parasites which found way to be symbiotic survived.
The Shakers, as you know, were a religious sect which took the St. Paul – Zoroastrian version of Christianity to its logical extreme. They made beautiful furniture and you can take a tour of where the Shakers USED to live.

The Shaker institution killed its hosts.

So did the Shakers’ legitimate ancestors, the Zoroastrians. Z discovered what all institutions that have a huge priesthood to feed discover: You can get a major increase in paying members if you let EVERYBODY in. In the long run, Z killed its racial base and died. But priests and professors don’t CARE about the long run. They become parasites, pure and simple.

Peter and Paul the Tentmaker earned their own livings.



On What Dave Says Below

One thing I want everyone to understand is that I am absolutely serious about this being a GRADUATE SEMINAR. Under our present system, there are no graduates and there are no seminars.

“Seminars” today are extensions of first-grade classes: Memorize and repeat.

To the extent there is discussion, you are graded on how you have learned to repeat the Party Line. You also have an examination at the end so that you will cough up what you are supposed to have learned, as in grammar school.

This is a SEMINAR. No exam. And I demand you come up with something on your own.

You are being prepared for postgraduate WORK, which means you go out into the world on a mission and you use me to learn how to do it.

HOW to do it. Not WHAT to do. Pain will be out there more capable of spreading his Protestant Christian world view. Backbaygrouch will learn to expand on his Catholic viewpoint. Others will go out and extend their atheistic approach.

You will go our well aware of the weaknesses and artificialities in your approach. You will carry heresy back with you. There is not and never has been a way of thinking that doesn’t need basic, hard rethinking. True Believers who have not been HERE will be offended and shocked.

But any point of view which is not regularly shocked in this way dies.

Dave talks about professional standards. That is what you are here to develop.

Zoroastrianism today is claimed by a couple of tiny groups in India and Iraq. They are colored people the original Zoroastrians would have rejected as non-Aryans. The original Olympic oath required one to swear that “I am of pure Hellenic blood…”

One of the least-noticed phenomena today is the steady dying off of the mainline Protestant denominations. If you do not want your world view to become a dead end, you have to take a brutally new view of it.

Naturally I mention religion here because THOSE outlooks are more definable. What I say is true of ALL world views. If you diddle along like mainline Protestantism, going along with every latest fad of social thought, you are heading for a dead end, which means everything you have thought of will be a complete waste.

As Shari remembered, the last Zoroastrian Shah was a mulatto. The degenerate Persian Empire by then was a house of cards waiting for any wind to knock it over.

I have pointed out repeatedly that the mental rot that was Zoroastrianism after twelve centuries poisoned Christian thought and twisted it into self-hatred and sterility. At the time of the Gospels, Z had degenerated into the Political Correctness of its time, a construct of “intellectuals” who listened only to each other.

After all this time in BUGS, you should have deduced that for YOURSELF.

Dave says I am UNIQUELY qualified. In fact, that is why you are here. If Dave did NOT think I am UNIQUELY qualified, he wouldn’t BE here, and neither would you. I spent my life getting these qualifications, and I, too, don’t want MY thinking to end up in some little colored Whitakerist dead end.

I really enjoy reading the kind of exchange Dave and mderpelding are having in the last set of comments, where they are hammering out BASICS with EACH OTHER.

As I keep repeating, there is all the difference in the world in things that would go utterly unnoticed in today’s Kindergarten “seminar.” In a Kindergarten seminar, people will say “X said …” as a matter of AUTHORITY. No one does that with “Bob” here. No one says, “You can’t say that, because BOB said…”
What is important is that it would never OCCUR to you to do that. You may say, “Bob made this point” or Shari made this point,” but only because it is a USEFUL approach to reality. Today’s “seminars” are full of Jesuit-like correction from the Party Line.

EVERYTHING HERE INTEERRELATES. The particular view of Zoroastrianism I give here relates in a way most of you did not say, and may not have thought of.

In short, you must step back and ruthlessly reevaluate your point of view, or your point of view will die.




I found BWs interview with Peter Shank fascinating, not because of what BW had to say, I already know BWs thought, but because it exemplified so much of what BUGS is really all about.

BW refers to himself as a heretic, but that is just his way of expressing his refusal to climb down from top-drawer professional standards. That’s all professionalism really is, adherence to standards. Certain personalities refuse to climb down and submit to organizational pressures regarding professional standards. BW is not alone in this.

Peter, on the other hand, is motivated by a desire to procure justice. That is why he puts an image of the flaming and crumbling Word Trade Center towers on his site. But Peter is like so many of us. We talk about war, but don’t know war. There is no justice in war. The procurement of justice can never be achieved through war. Peter doesn’t know this.

But what I hope Peter does know is that Robert Whitaker is the only man in the world who possesses are accurate assessment of the climate of the battle against the white race. Robert Whitaker alone possesses the only accurate assessment.

BUGS is about this assessment.

An accurate assessment of the climate of battle is a prerequisite to the discovery of new and more effective forms of maneuver, preceding any real hope of finding successful methods against the enemy.

This assessment constitutes Robert Whitaker’s professionalism. And he and I know that the right minds will inevitably find it. That is the way life works.

I think I am the only participant in BUGS that knows this, truly appreciating the huge real world implications of Robert Whitaker’s work.

I know the real talents, the real minds, will find Robert Whitaker’s assessment. It is inevitable.

— Dave


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And about that ShankTalk Worldwide interview…

They loved it, of course. 
Bob Whitaker on ShankTalk Worldwide July 23rd — 57MB



Some Simplism

I have been to where many a Great Civilization has fallen. In every single one of them, as in the Mantra, the skin at its height had been white. The people are now BROWN.

The Genome Project keeps trying to prove that all men are equal. I spent my youth fighting exactly the same “final proof” that all races had equal innate IQs. It was just as authoritative and just as universal. No way I’ll fall for that twist on the facts again.

They report what fits. What doesn’t fit doesn’t get published.

History is a series of Northern Invasions. In the World History course there is another Northern Invasion, like the Doric Greeks, and another civilization rises and then turns brown and falls.

Any animal that can hold its territory has minimum coloration. It is lion CUBS who have the protective coloration. Animals depend on strength or blending into the background.

DON’T MIX THIS POINT UP WITH PROTECTIVE COLORATION. The above sentence is an intro: white skin shows that one has developed in an area which requires no protective coloration. Europe is what I call The Genetic High Ground. It is NOT miserably cold, we are not Ice People.

White people are those who conquer the genetic high ground and then spread out, invade, to take over brown slave cultures. This is what history shows.



AFKAN NOW’s Advice on Shank Interview

A few quick comments:

Peter is as good as it gets in doing straight-up interviews – it is his forte, and he is without peer in this.

You and Peter have something in common – both of you do not work well with digital technology. I think it might be best to do this on a straight POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone line – no SKYPE, nothing special.

It would be run over several nights – indeed, my choice for Peter has always been to do a lot of the material that does not require real-time operations to do them, and clean them up, and then upload them as mp3’s.

VOR has had problems with mp3’s until recently, putting them up at 96 and 128 kbs quality – these are BIG damn files, and they take forever to download over dial-up, which is all many of us have access to, or can afford.

I knock the first ten minutes of Peter’s latest works off – there is too much music getting in the way of the message. He, and all too many in the Racially Conscious Community who do podcasts – came along in a time when there were long musical intros, interludes and closings on live radio. This was because the radio networks needed time to get all of the ducks in a row in all of the stations along the line.

Frank Roman, of Western Voices, does the best musical intro – no more than fifteen seconds, and the podcasters are down to five seconds – just an identifying musical intro, and that’s it.

Done over several nights would have an advantage for the two of you – people could email in (or access the website/blogsites) with intelligent, thoughtful comments, that would make later broadcasts more productive. Again, the broadcast would not go out in real time, at least for the recorded part – answers could be dealt with in a second portion, where you would not be at the mercy of the technology.

You and Peter are smart – we need much more of a focus on Quality than we have seen historically in the nascent Racially Conscious Community.

Good luck!



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