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Defeatism is the ONLY Enemy

Posted by Bob on July 16th, 2008 under General

I have said before that as a teenager I read the official West Point history of Warfare. War Through the Ages, a number of times. It was a thousand pages long. It emphasized EXACTLY the point that the Greatest Generation ignored.

You see, the self-styled Greatest Generation wanted to show how TOUGH they were. To be frank, I have known a lot of people who fought on about every side and on every front in World War II, and every single non-American said Americans were the worst troops in it, save maybe the Italians.

Those who adopted War Through the Ages back then were not trying to prove how tough they were. They were pros and knew it.

War Through the Ages emphasized REAL morale. That is, the book described each battle in detail, but it had one theme: having the biggest army is the same as having good propaganda. Alexander the Great was routinely outnumbered umpteen to one AND THE ARMY THAT BROKE AND RAN BEOFRE HIM STILL OUTNUMBERED HIM UMPTEEN TO ONE.

Also, War Through the Ages did NOT say the members of the giant armies that broke and ran on so many battles were made up of wimps or novices. That is Greatest Generation crap.

So how did Alexander and Robert E. Lee and Napoleon get superior forces to fall apart in front of them?

There were about as many of the enemy when they ran away as when the battle began. There was ONE difference and one difference ONLY. The army that ran was CONVINCED IT HAD LOST.

That was ALL.

That is why “Power comes from the barrel of a gun!!!” is such a silly statement. In many a battle, the losing side came and ran with more gun barrels.

The ONLY job of the enemy, with or without guns, is to convince us we are defeated. Those who try to convince us we are defeated, by any means, anywhere, is the enemy.

  1. #1 by Dave on 07/16/2008 - 4:19 pm

    And this is why it is so important to propagate to whites the fact that our claims are perfected claims (a real and genuine undiluted property right), the opposite that Political Correctness teaches.

    History does not repeat. The specialization that exists today is many orders greater than it was even 30 years ago, all due to the genetically endowed creativity and genius of the white race.

    This has created manifold new opportunities for nonwhites to earn a living and make their way in the world. But nonwhite claims are unperfected because those opportunities are an unearned benefit conferred to them by the white race.

    A claim upon unearned benefits is fine, just as long it is acknowledged they are unearned.

    But to say their unearned claims are perfected, the way Political Correctness does, is a BIG LIE. And BIG LIES equal tyranny.

    John McCain is every inch the nigger that Obama is. That’s because he fails to stand against the BIG LIE. Proof of these is his support for carbon credits crowd, who are using the delusional millennialism of the global warming Chicken Little’s to defraud us and steal our earnings and our property.

    The real issue is freedom. And the matter of the perfection of our claims is not subject to debate no more than the premise that the sun will always rise in the east is subject to debate. That’s because our claim follows an inheritance that is rightfully OUR property. There is no hole you can crawl through to evade this and any attempt at evasion is an attempt to fashion new clothes for the BIG LIE.

    Our superior claim does not follow any form of Wordism that licenses abuse of the rights of other races (the way Nazism did).That is not the issue. The issue is OUR inheritance and OUR property. What rightfully belongs to us because WE earned it.

    Once white people get this through their heads, defeatism disappears and whites recover their bearing. I’m pretty sure this is happening right now.

    By the way, I just loved BW’s comment, “Lady Bountiful is over! Everything that can be given away has been given away.”

    That’s perfect. That states the issue perfectly.

  2. #2 by JBB on 07/18/2008 - 1:35 am

    Bob, I’ve been reading you off & on for awhile now, and you continually say things that make me understand old ideas in new ways. Not to be overly poetic, your words are oftentimes like little flashes of light in my mind. For instance, here you say

    “The army that ran was CONVINCED IT HAD LOST.

    That was ALL.”

    The truth of these words are like thunder, but the light-flash comes when such words, which are about the past, seem to explain the present:

    We whites are losing this country because we are CONVINCED WE HAVE ALREADY LOST IT.


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