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Mderpelding and the Red State Nation

 Mderpelding has an interesting comment about how the South was NOT a nation, since it was multicultural and biracial.

It is good point, but it has a fatal flaw. Saying a nation is multicultural is like saying that America is “a nation of immigrants.” The fatal flaw is that ALL nations are nations of immigrants. All nations have multicultural ROOTS.

His second point is harder to dismiss so easily. Blacks were not considered PART of the Southern Nation, but the Southern Nation’s “way of life” depended on blacks. I am still mulling over that one.

While I am mulling that, there is a point here I want to address.

The point I made in “Defeatism is the ONLY Enemy was based on a discussion I had before of the book War Through the Ages. When I first wrote it, no one had any comment on it.

Another thing I have written about that got no relevant comments was the TRUE arithmetic of America’s population.

Forty years ago Eric Hoffer kept pointing out that the East Coast in America is simply Europeans living abroad.
Today, if there is a diffrerence between Blue State editorials and those in Paris, I haven’t seen it.

I have pointed out that the Puritans were AmericaEnglandBritain, where they lived in exclusive communities and set up the SAME isolated communities here.. The left’s first resident aliens. They never left

No one gets the point. “Nation” is related to the word “birth.” New England was born in a European religious community. It is now dominated by people who were born in European ETHNIC communities. The difference is that the latter contain a lot of people who want to be AMERICANS and not New Englanders.

There has always been a natural alliance between white “ethnics” and the South. Our common enemy has been the New England myth that they ARE America.

New EnglandAmerica, and that no one was here before the Mayflower, thinks it IS.

Red Staters do not see this. They keep trying to trace their attitudes back to the Old Testament, the way the Pilgrim father myth of New England taught them to do.

Which leads to another continuing theme here some people probably think is irrelevant. Red StateAmerica is doing exactly what the equally successful respectable right is doing. It is framing its entire self-image on the ENEMY’S terms.

Everything here interrelates. I do short pieces and hope YOU will tie them together FOR me. AmericanRedState is not Judeo-Christian; it is a matter of population, REAL population.

America was NOT founded by immigrants. As I KEEP pointing out, at the time of the American Revolution there was a higher proportion of NATIVE BORN white Americans than any time before or since.

This is not a useless statistics. This goes the basis of the word “nation.” The last, and smallest, wave of IMMIGRATION to America before 1776 ENDED over fifty years before..: When that last wave BEGAN, it was ALREADY true that most Americans descended from GRANDPARENTS who were BORN here.

As Adam Smith pointed out in the Wealth of Nations in 1776, the American population in his time and before was doubling NATURALLY ever twenty to twenty-five years. No country has been more contrary to the nation of immigrants myth than America, simply because of geometric progression.

Not Judeo-Christian Culture, GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION.

We were BORN here. That’s what the word “nacio” MEANS.