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Pain in GC Goes Too Far


Thanks for being the smartest man anywhere, the best down-boiler ever, and for forming the finest little circle of thinkers to be found.

– Pain

“Thanks for being the smartest man anywhere”

Perfectly correct and a stunningly intellectual observation.

“the finest little circle of thinkers to be found.”

Let’s not go overboard.



Vindictive Victors

A question for Bob, who has Excessive affective concern for others and so may know what I am trying to get at here:

How do you know how far to push in a debate? Playing the mad dog Pit Bull can scare away potential allies. Also, one doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of another who is on his side.

For example, you are the first pro-Southerner who is also openly sympathetic to inter-war Germany. But most of them will write one off as a Lover of Big Government and Hater of Freedom and Evil Yankee-like Tyrant if one speaks too uncritically of them.


The most important thing this makes me think of is that WE NEED MORE REPORTS FROM THE FRONT.

Lord Nelson, Prometheus, Simmons and the others of you PRACTITIONERS should have been all over this in the period when I was unable to reach General Comments. Get IN here, troops!

The second observation is that Pain makes the sort of point I appreciate: concern for others is essential to a real Moot. “How do you know how far to push in a debate?” Playing the mad dog Pit Bull can scare away potential allies.”

How far you push any point depends entirely on what you want to leave the other participants WITH. Repeat, you are not trying to WIN an argument.

What is the POINT of bringing up interwar Germany with unReconstructed Southerners? It is that here we have a case of ANOTHER proud people who were defeated and HUMILIATED. Like the South, they had to agree that the whole thing had been their fault.

In the heat of debate, as in the heat of any kind of battle, you must not lose sight of what YOU are saying. For this, you must constantly be thinking of the people you are talking TO. The point here is that the Germans were treated the way WE were after our respective wars.

I do not speak uncritically of interwar Germans. I am the one who keeps emphasizing that all the Hitler-worshipers ignore the fact that a huge segment of that German population became fanatical STALINISTS. In 1933 the combined Communist and Nazi representation in the Reichstag constitute a majority. No government could be formed without Communists or Nazis.

Ergo Hitler. This is not a case for Hitler. What IS it a case for?

After the Civil War, the South was driven to be permanent enemies of a name: Republicanism.

I came up when liberals ruled because of this. All conservative Republicans voted against General Lee. All conservatives were still voting against Reconstruction. Instead of these Middle Americans deciding elections, elections were decided by people who had no deep-rooted American identity.

We all saw the problem then. Every Southerner was a Democrat. No Midwestern conservative Republicans would vote Democratic. The swing vote was liberal. Thurmond Democrats agreed on everything with McCarthy Republicans, but they could not unite.

Hence the election of Rockefeller and Javits. Hence the nomination of liberals and moderate Republicans for president.

Your point is that vindictive victory destroys the victors.



“Let’s Go to GC”

We are reinventing the Moot. “Reinventing” means I am not sure WHAT we are doing. So when I make a judgment call, PLEASE don’t take offense or apologize to me.

That is why I need you to USE General Comments. I said that I like discussion between you, but on the other hand I get uncomfortable when the discussion goes off on one of the very sidetracks I am trying to get you to avoid.

If your comment is not addressed to my point, please take it to General Comments.

In fact, when someone mentions a book or an author, and somebody addresses that book and author, it is time for you to say, “Out of COURTESY to Bob, let’s take this to General Comments.”

The Moot has the basic problem of human, individual thinking. What I say is SUPPOSED to make you think in all kinds of directions. On the other hand what I address can be INTERRELATED. And, like the Mantra, it is a matter of DISCIPLINE. Discussing Fitzschuler’s latest book may be on your mind, but calling it a specific “Comment” is not the place for it.

It is a matter of simple courtesy for you to continue your talks in General Comments the moment they are no longer comments on the specific point made.

This is not an easy call. Which is why it is good exercise.



Needed Additions

We get very interesting citations from input to sites like Chronicles of Culture, but we get no url to refer to or, more often, a general url that takes us to a debate with forty or fifty entries. I don’t know about others, but I cannot tell which of this huge number of entries is being referred to, so it is of no use to me.

One person referred to a Helsinki Convention as a reason for denying an immigrant visa to a white South African, but no explanation of what that citation from some Helsinki Convention IS. If you want something more than sympathy, you have to tell us what it SAYS.


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Pain in GC

I just thought that I would let you know that since you are censored at work (it must be all the girly pictures), the first thing I do when I come home is to read this blog. This is what I am doing right now – even before I renew my SCV membership!

— Pain


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Dave in GC

The Internet has put the kibosh on the culture of mastery of texts as the differentiator in the “I am more educated than you are game”.

This has been very hard on Mommy Professor. Academic journals, peer review, and all those credentials just aren’t as cool as they used to be.

But what people don’t get is that mastery of texts has been replaced with mastery of English because that’s the most valuable language on the Internet and where global commerce is conducted.

Bilingualism is a sideshow. English has meaning because the whole nonwhite world wants to master it.

This was true before the advent of the Internet, but the Internet turbocharged the whole process.

What is unseen is that the demise of texts as a means of uniting disparate races and ethnicities into national polities has not only overthrown Mommy Professor, it has demolished the national identities of the 20th century multiracial and nonwhite societies in general, and left them only with the differentiator of the English language as the marker of educational attainment.

Supreme irony. At the very moment white nations are ceasing to exist, the white man’s culture is being elevated to the skies. The entire world is literally tumbling into it at breakneck speed.

Nothing is left but race because there is no uniter other than English in the educational arena. Texts are no longer relevant. And the white man is left without a country in a world that has elevated him beyond anything pre-PC 19th white men could imagine.



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Pain in GC


Below is a link to an example of what happens when a creep is rightly accused of being a genocidist. You will note in the posts before the one linked below, he completely controlled the discussion by accusing Southerners of this and that evil, and the Southerners spent all their energies defending the South.

When the creep was accused of genocide, he fled; the conversation has returned to normal and everyone there saw how it happened:

— Pain


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Shari in GC

“cultures are self-sustaining when the races that gave rise to them are subtracted, which is like thinking lungs continue breathing after the person whose chest they’re in dies.” A great quote from someone calling himself Fred Scrooby.

— Shari


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