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“The Death of the West” is the First Step

Pat Buchanan is the only one willing to say certain things and in a position to get away with it. The problem is he always lets you down in the end. With Pat, there is, literally, “No THERE there.”

Pat is the only national writer who dares talk about the end of the white race, but he ASKS if there is anything wrong with that. He does not say, I, Pat Buchanan, am a white man, so I, Pat Buchanan, say this is BAD.”

Any non-white could object to the diminishing size of his own group, but Pat can’t. Pat does not see himself as having any status as an individual white man. He sees himself as a part of something OBJECTIVE, which he vaguely calls The West. A thing is bad if the POPE says it’s bad. A thing is bad if you can quote the Bible or the Constitution or some Tradition as opposing it.

Pat cannot say anything is UGLY. It has to be OBJECTIVELY ugly, ugly in a sense he can get out of Aristotle or Lincoln.

That is why white people can’t have the same outlook as a human being: I object to the end of my race because it is MY race. Conservatives keep complaining that whites do not make the objections that any other race would make routinely, but they never ask why. One black conservative said in frustration, “Why can’t white people stand up for themselves?”

The reason they cannot stand up for themselves is because they are stuck back in the age when white people WERE the world. When the Founding Fathers talked about “all men are created equal” they would have laughed out loud if someone had said, “You mean the Australian aborigines, the blacks, the Chinese?”

They would have laughed because talk about Asia or Australia had nothing to do with the PRACTICAL world of Philadelphia in the middle of a war in 1776. In that tense situation, with everyman there facing death, a person who brought up, “Does that include Chinese?” or “Why not animals, too?” would have been committed.

Conservatives consider themselves as part of “The West,” in which they and certain non-whites who bathe regularly and went to the right schools belong. Pat is, above all else, a good Catholic. He is free to object to any diminution of the Catholic population, but not of the white population.

In the real world today, no leftist cliché is as deadly to our racial survival as the Mantra of conservatism:

“It is not about race, it about CULTURE.”

I feel as alone as those last two members of the meerkat tribe felt when someone is ASTONISHED to realize that someone who runs something called Chronicles of Culture has finally realize that he is a deadly enemy of the white RACE. I had that discussion with Tom Fleming a quarter of a century ago, and I predicted this was where he was going.

He insisted that people who try to defend the West would get around to giving a place to the white race, too. He insisted that the BOOKS which supposedly made The West were indispensable. I said that if the race is there, the books are merely their byproduct. Do you see where he ended up and where I ended up?

I told him that over A QUARTER OF A CENTURY ago!

Pat talks about “The Death of the West” and then he talks about the end of the white RACE. Then he can’t say he is a white man with a white man’s feelings. All that matters is what the Pope WRITES ex cathedra. All that matters are some “traditional values” that spring from BOOKS.

The death of Pat Buchanan’s and Tom Fleming’s “West” is long overdue.