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“The Death of the West” is the First Step

Posted by Bob on August 23rd, 2008 under General, Mantra

Pat Buchanan is the only one willing to say certain things and in a position to get away with it. The problem is he always lets you down in the end. With Pat, there is, literally, “No THERE there.”

Pat is the only national writer who dares talk about the end of the white race, but he ASKS if there is anything wrong with that. He does not say, I, Pat Buchanan, am a white man, so I, Pat Buchanan, say this is BAD.”

Any non-white could object to the diminishing size of his own group, but Pat can’t. Pat does not see himself as having any status as an individual white man. He sees himself as a part of something OBJECTIVE, which he vaguely calls The West. A thing is bad if the POPE says it’s bad. A thing is bad if you can quote the Bible or the Constitution or some Tradition as opposing it.

Pat cannot say anything is UGLY. It has to be OBJECTIVELY ugly, ugly in a sense he can get out of Aristotle or Lincoln.

That is why white people can’t have the same outlook as a human being: I object to the end of my race because it is MY race. Conservatives keep complaining that whites do not make the objections that any other race would make routinely, but they never ask why. One black conservative said in frustration, “Why can’t white people stand up for themselves?”

The reason they cannot stand up for themselves is because they are stuck back in the age when white people WERE the world. When the Founding Fathers talked about “all men are created equal” they would have laughed out loud if someone had said, “You mean the Australian aborigines, the blacks, the Chinese?”

They would have laughed because talk about Asia or Australia had nothing to do with the PRACTICAL world of Philadelphia in the middle of a war in 1776. In that tense situation, with everyman there facing death, a person who brought up, “Does that include Chinese?” or “Why not animals, too?” would have been committed.

Conservatives consider themselves as part of “The West,” in which they and certain non-whites who bathe regularly and went to the right schools belong. Pat is, above all else, a good Catholic. He is free to object to any diminution of the Catholic population, but not of the white population.

In the real world today, no leftist cliché is as deadly to our racial survival as the Mantra of conservatism:

“It is not about race, it about CULTURE.”

I feel as alone as those last two members of the meerkat tribe felt when someone is ASTONISHED to realize that someone who runs something called Chronicles of Culture has finally realize that he is a deadly enemy of the white RACE. I had that discussion with Tom Fleming a quarter of a century ago, and I predicted this was where he was going.

He insisted that people who try to defend the West would get around to giving a place to the white race, too. He insisted that the BOOKS which supposedly made The West were indispensable. I said that if the race is there, the books are merely their byproduct. Do you see where he ended up and where I ended up?

I told him that over A QUARTER OF A CENTURY ago!

Pat talks about “The Death of the West” and then he talks about the end of the white RACE. Then he can’t say he is a white man with a white man’s feelings. All that matters is what the Pope WRITES ex cathedra. All that matters are some “traditional values” that spring from BOOKS.

The death of Pat Buchanan’s and Tom Fleming’s “West” is long overdue.

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  1. #1 by Simmons on 08/23/2008 - 12:08 pm

    Fleming’s latest basically gets down to defending whites belatedly and a bit watered down. But on the wordism definition of the West that must pass quite quickly. As for your feelings give us a break and more importantly yourself one. There is a huge yet unfocused mass of whites out there, huge.

    You might not get a ticker tape parade, but you did your duty (and still are).

  2. #2 by Dave on 08/23/2008 - 12:21 pm

    But there is something deeper here: There is no substitute for tyranny because there is no cure for dereliction.

    Let me say it again: There is no substitute for tyranny because there is no cure for dereliction.

    Everything in our lives revolves around this issue. It is the very thing that is endlessly talked around, never confronted.

    There is a reason we whites are so obsessed with technology. It is the one area where we have been successful in working around the problem of dereliction.

    Pat Buchanan could never grasp what I have just said because he is a derelict himself. His Catholicism is just how he personally consoles himself for his dereliction. Consolation for dereliction is and always has been the Catholic Church’s genius. The durability of the Catholic institution isn’t for nothing.

    Back to technology: “A rising tide floats all boats”, the boats of derelicts too.

    That’s why there is this huge sense that, owing to progress and technology, nonwhites can be made equal.

    The salvation of the white race is a bigger issue than the salvation of white race. It is an issue of freedom too. Not ideological freedom, because real freedom isn’t “freedom to do something”. It’s “freedom from”.

    Freedom from the squalor of derelicts: Freedom from their tyranny. Freedom from their endless noise. Freedom from their stench. Freedom from their vulgarity. Freedom from their ugliness. Freedom from their indignity. Freedom from their humiliation. Freedom from their desperation.

    Freedom from their goddamned religions.

    I like science for one reason: YOU CAN’T BE A DERELICT AND BE A REAL SCIENTIST.

    The two just don’t go together.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 08/23/2008 - 2:27 pm

    Ideology is a derelection of the mind, quasi religion which stifles progress while its priests gather the loot.

    It why I am so hard on the anti-semites for their anti-semetism because it is an ism, hence ideology. Men such as Nugent spend a lifetime discerning the actions of jews, gather an impressive amount of information, spend the rest of their lifetime disseminating to a small congregation all the while never asking the jews and their apprentices a single probing question. With all the knowledge they have gleaned they come close but then give up to derelection.

    Now the Mantra is something special born of a single man with a gift I cannot quite describe accurately beyond a desire to win. Bob could have gone conventional conservatism, “Liberals bad, send money, Jews the Secrets Revealed”, but he chose something much different. How he came up with the Mantra is a worthy intellectual pursuit in itself.

  4. #4 by shari on 08/23/2008 - 3:18 pm

    “The death of the west is the first step” I think that’s it. I connect it with the notion of a seed falling into the ground in order to sprout and yield a healthy plant. I think our race will survive. Our job at the moment is to object to the genocide of OUR race. Those who want to talk about great books, being intelligent and cultured, will soon have nobody but themselves, to talk to.

  5. #5 by Tim on 08/23/2008 - 4:01 pm

    If this were any other time in the last 4,000 years we would have already been forced to flee and go into Aryan Consolidation. If this were just 300 years ago and we were down to 10% of the globe—we would be in epic danger. The difference now is that we have outrageous weapons systems.

    These weapons systems mean that the angry African cannot just take over and start killing. He has to be sly about it. This provides an illusion for us. BUT it also puts a dangerous illusions for non-whites around us. They assume WE WON’T USE our weapons. There is a precedent for tribes not understanding our tendency to go from “calm as cats” to “pol-pot”. I would submit the Japanese in WW2 suffered from this. The American Indians also to a lesser degree underestimated us.

    This is kinda comedic. We are only 10% of the earths population (at best 10%). We are sitting on massive tracks of land. Russia, North America, Europe, South America. There is really nothing anyone can do about it. You have to deal with our race. Look how high Russia’s approval rating is among non-western countries.

    80% of our Survival is Defense. And we can defend ourselves. In the history of our race, this is unprecedented. We will decide our destiny. Our technology has set us apart. Our technology will ultimately set us free. One hundred years ago, our technology was setting us apart. We were one third of the earths population. Now we are 10%. We are totally set apart and CAN be free………

    Western Civilization is the European Gene pool thrown against the backdrop of the age of Pisces. We are in a new age. We have a new destiny. I don’t want to go back to even the 50’s. I will say it one last time. Our technology has set us free. WE just need to realize WHAT this means for us and take the appropriate actions.

  6. #6 by AFKANNow on 08/23/2008 - 7:14 pm

    Note to the Admin Team:

    There is a five minute lag between when I try to log in, and I get a 404 Error page, and when I can log in. On the second visit I do not need to log in – the log in is open and waiting.

    In reply to Simmons:

    you wrote:

    It why I am so hard on the anti-semites for their anti-semetism because it is an ism, hence ideology. Men such as Nugent spend a lifetime discerning the actions of jews, gather an impressive amount of information, spend the rest of their lifetime disseminating to a small congregation all the while never asking the jews and their apprentices a single probing question. With all the knowledge they have gleaned they come close but then give up to derelection.

    in reply:
    Yet, to understand what is happening, in Western Civilization, requires an understanding of the forces that act to directly thwart the growth of Western Civilization.

    de Nugent is correct to study this out as astutely as he has, because he is not at all like the fools of Movement Past.

    He does not lie awake and shout, “It’s the JEWS! We are DOOMED!”


    He understands how they work, at the Racial level, to understand how to build the next phase of Western Civilization, from the ground up.

    From what I can tell, the biggest thing the NSDAP Cultural Moment concerning the Jews was to simply neutralize them – the one who posed a potential threat, or an actual threat – which led the positive spiritual forces of Western Civilization an opportunity to flourish Creatively.

    I think de Nugent is heading, in hos own way, in this direction.

    That’s a good idea, for all of us.

  7. #7 by backbaygrouch4 on 08/24/2008 - 6:18 am

    The survival and growth of the White race will come from its attractiveness and engineering reproduction. Science will speed up what took longer. After all, as the components determining race are finite, it is possible for a White person to be the forebear of a pure Yellow person. Ditto, Blacks and vice versa. Races do cleanse themselves. There may even be a non random bias in favor of the majority gene pool, whatever it is.

    As science fine tunes breeding, Black and Yellows will chose White options and breed themselves into a minority status. What took centuries, as when Iberia cleansed itself of Blacks and Jews, will take less time as choice replaces randomness. Spain was very conscious of race. When Gen. Franco applied to the military academy he had to prove 16 quarterings of White Christian blood for entry.

    Races tend toward purity. It is simple math. Over time with a limited number determinants the Majority will become the Only unless there is a sufficiently large numbers in the minority pool that allow it to replenish itself. It needs a sanctuary. But science and the desirability of White genes eventually will eliminate such places.

  8. #8 by Simmons on 08/24/2008 - 10:10 am

    I know Nugent is smart, I only chose to single him out because at his time at Liberty Forum his gig seemed more like the usual “Secrets” routine as I saw it. “Isms” are like a Second Generation army to Arabs expensive waste of effort and time.

    The Mantra on the other hand slices right thru an OODA loop like no tommorrow (John Boyd’s term for war tactics). That could be applied to jew studies as well. The smart guys should know enough by now to actually start asking the jews themselves serious questions instead of trying to lecture the true believers.

    Imagine this the ADL makes the usual statement and instead of the target going into defense he says, “What a marvelous opportunity it would be to sit down with Abe Foxman and discuss ethnocentrism and other assorted topics.” And so on I would love to read an interview by MacDonald of any of those professional jews as they discuss their cultural/religious beliefs.

  9. #9 by Pain on 08/30/2008 - 5:28 pm

    I believe that Buchanan’s strategy to move toward the truth is intentional.

    It is laudable as well because he has been able to expose a correct version of history, such as that of WWII, and to move his audience toward fighting white genocide.

  10. #10 by Trager Smith on 09/19/2008 - 11:41 am

    There was a discussion on Buchanan and race at an American Renaissance conference a few years ago. Sam Francis said he know Buchanan well and that Buchanan simply does not think in racial terms. He is principally concerned with “Western civilization” or the Roman Catholic church and does not grasp that these institutions, as he loves them, depend on a critical mass of White people. Christianity stopped being majority White about 1980. It never, ever was closed to non-Whites, but the spirit of Roman Catholicism mostly was shaped by White racial characteristics. Should this no longer be the case, Roman Catholicism will be a different religion. This is the case with Eastern Orthodoxy. Officially, it differs from Roman Catholicism in one word (flioque), but the attitudes of the believers is very different. So are the attitudes involved in Hispanic (Latin American, I mean) Catholicism.

    Now I have been an atheist since I was 14, but Roman Catholicism is part of my heritage (even if my more recent heritage is Church of England: my 17-great-grandfather was Lord Mayor of London under Henry VIII, and there were no WASPs before Henry). I have an admiration for my race’s products, even as I realize that we sometimes must move beyond them. I admire the unconscious struggles between what our race tells us and what the Levantine text of our scriptures tell us. Lawrence R. Brown, in The Might of the West, said that in no other civilization was there the tension between religious thought and an alien text. It is the struggle itself that is part of the West.

    I had a fresh insight when I thought to see what kind of theology Moslems do. I had no suspected that there would be none, that there was no need to write and write and write in deep philosophical detail about what comes natural. There would be plenty of writing about what the Koran really says, but nothing like St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologia.

    I was wrong. I ran into a fellow, who was a Moslem, and sought his advice. He said rattled off a chain of theologians in the middle ages: al-Kindi influenced al-Razi influence al-Farabi influenced Avicenna (aka Ibn Sima), a Jew, influenced more Moslems, influence Maimonides (another Jew), influenced Aquinas.

    He said Seyyed Hossein Nasr is the most prominent living Moslem theologian. I found several of his books in the library at U.Va. and ordered on book of his, The Case for Sacred Science. Perusing the book, I found that the sorts of arguments he uses are quite the same as those of Roman Catholics. They both attack the pretensions of reason to solve all problems in many, many ways and leave their respective systems as the only man standing.

    This is a terrible way of arguing, since their own systems are not immune from being knocked down, easily, in fact.

    What this means is that the Levantine mind set continues, even into the 21st century. We may have to get rid of “Western civlization” to get rid of these hangovers. And you’d better believe that if Charles Martel lost the Battle of Tours, Jim Russell’s book would be called The Germanization of Early Medieval Islam. (Jim agreed with me, even though he professes to be a Roman Catholic. But race, for him, is foundational. Pat Buchanan would not have.

    Now, there’s a conference coming up about “saving Western civilization.” For once, some of the speakers, like Phil Rushton, will openly talk about race. Peter Brimelow will talk about immigration. Still, there is no definition of what it is that these people want to “save.”

    The world as a whole is becoming more “Western,” no matter how you want to define it. Science is practices anywhere that IQ is over 90. Maybe I should say 85, since world IQ averages 90. Now that Whites had discovered that attendance to objective reality pays off, the rest of the world is slowly catching on. I don’t know how far our characteristic individualism is spreading, since Whites have been more individualistic than others. It’s whether this more is not as much as it used to be. I think this is the case, but it would be hard to get the necessary data. Non-Whites will never become as individualistic as we are, of that I can be sure.

    (Objectivity and individualism somewhat go together. If I am objective, it means that *I* alone am the source of authority about what is real. No popes, no college professors, no Lysenkos can override *me*.)

    There must be a whole host of characteristics describing who we are and what our civilizations are. I would not want to replace our race with a mixed race made up of the more objective and individualistic members of all races, even ignoring mean regression. In this sense, and only in this sense, am I a conservative. I do not want to conserve “Western civilization” as a body of ideas apart from our race.

    The conference will have speakers who think that, apart from demographics, “Western civilization” is being undermined from within by our *own* race. “Liberals” are who they have in mind. Liberalism is some sort of fatal disease that appeared out of nowhere and insidiously infects others.

    Postmodernism, you say, surely is dangerous. It says there is no final truth. But THAT is something anyone familiar with our own history knows. Didn’t geology undermine the Bible and the creation of the world in 4004 B.C.? Didn’t Darwin and modern physics? Didn’t Copernicus before that? The only ones who pretend that our current knowledge will not be undermined are liberals who judge the past in light of present liberal shibboleths. (This is called “presentism,” and was discuessed on this blog a few days ago.)

    The spirit of free inquiry is what must persist, not the cathedrals or indeed any science that stands to be corrected or any of the products of “Western civilization.” And to ensure it, the White race must go on.

    This is what I mean when I say race is foundational. Now I am completely aware that future technologies may make us all cyborgs so superior to anything now that race will not matter. I say, these cyborgs will be White cyborgs.

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