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Read the Comments, They’re Sounding Professional!

Posted by Bob on August 29th, 2008 under General, Mantra

I was very happy with the comments on “The Annotated Mantra.”

All of them sounded like people who approach this as a JOB OF WORK. I can only say that I felt like I was in the middle of a bunch of PROS.

This is the product of YEARS of interaction which I have never tried before. Which NOBODY has ever tried before.

The reason is simple enough. Those who learned the trade in what AFKAN calls “Movement Past” still live in a world I remember intimately. All means of communication were blocked. All you had were low-budget publications and face-to-face discussions.

Face-to-face discussion was excellent practice, and I used it literally thousands of times. I honed my skills at it.

I learned decades of lessons in power strategy and how to communicated, and I got PAID for it. But the one thing I could not tell others about was how to USE this experience for OUR cause.

On the subject of race, I could not COMMUNICATE to others what I LEARNED in face-to-face discussions and in the propaganda work at which I was a recognized professional. I also had no chance to try out my approaches outside the little world of people I talked with.

Before the Internet there was no chance to form a TEAM like BUGS.

It is no wonder we are NEW. The opportunity, the world of commununications, is new.

It is not easy for someone who spent decades in movement past to keep plugging away at the same old stand. Exactly the same thing happened in ninteenth century medicine. A lot of doctors kept killing patients with the old theories. That is undertandable, but it is not forgivable.

If what we are doing were not a matter of life or death, we could be patient and understanding.

Inside the movement a lot of people are talking about Jews, a lot of people talk about race, others tout other strategies. But they don’t field test them and report. But we are the ONLY group which is dedicated to finding out what WORKS out in the field, in face-to-face and Internet communications and on what discussion shows we can book.

We constantly hear defeatists talking about our failure to communicate, but nobody but BUGS STUDIES COMMUNICATION ITSELF. Nobody but BUGS has EVER dropped worrying about whether I have been insulted or whether there can be quibble with what I am saying, but instead concentrated entirely on how to CONVINCE people of the truth in a brainwashed world.

BUGS is Doing its absolutely unique job.

As usual, once we’ve done it everybody will say they knew it all along.

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  1. #1 by Dave on 08/29/2008 - 2:40 pm

    There is a yawning divide between the loyalties people profess, and their real loyalties. This is why our enemies rely heavily on ritual.

    Wordist indoctrination is a weak foundation for trust, which raises opportunities.

    That’s why I see many play making options founded on the Mantra. But that carries the obligation to uphold the Mantra through all of its implied facets, particularly when spreading the Mantra might involve one of the oldest plays in the playbook: going to jail for political crimes.

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