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Bob put your documentary reviewer hat on. At the CofCC website a couple of Discovery Channel documentaries are bragged up on, one about early Europeans Ice Age trekkers to America and one on Neandertals not out of Africa.

– Simmons

Publications are only allowed if they pass muster under the established religion. The European immigration as the earliest in America, the actual Clovis Point civilization, got by saying it mean that America was actually a “melting pot.” So the European settlement had nothing to do with whites.

As we find fact after fact contradicting political correctness, Guilt for Indians, you are going to see this sort of casuistry among our Jesuits of Political Correctness.

Everything here INTERCONNECTS. That’s why I kept mentioning that almost every BBC documentary ends like a sermon, with a five-minute discussion of how everything that went before falls into the True Faith of Political Correctness, just as every sermon must end with a return to its lesson For The Faith.

The Neanderthal documentaries I saw emphasized that interbreeding was the key.

The real point has never been popular with any established faith. They see each contradiction of the present theory as an AMENDMENT to present theory. It is never seen as a reminder that the whole approach could be simply WRONG.

It reminds me of the Russian attempt to breed tractable fur animals. They had a fox or wolf with beautiful fur, but were impossible to domesticate, so they bred a tamable version. The problem was that the tamable one had tame, puppy like PHYSICAL characteristics. It also had a puppy like FUR, spotted like the very young of the species.

Tens of millions of people know about this, but I am afraid I am the only one who noticed that it makes mincemeat of the idea that a certain breed’s OUTSIDE LOOKS reflects it important genes.

Everything here interconnects, and I long to teach you to look for those interconnections. I have repeatedly mentioned that it is the white man who is the cold weather race, it is Oriental. We have the least protection of any race against our environment. Blacks still have endless number soft types of genes to deal with the various horrible environments in Africa.

There are two ways for any animal to survive. It can take the best environment or it can ADAPT to a bad one. Highly poisonous snakes often sport very bright colors. Defenseless snakes, unless they are mocking the poisonous ones, blend into the background. The key to where whites live, in temperate areas, is that they have none of the protection blacks have in multitudes, and that Orientals have for cold.

Which I think explains why the Chinese, who have often had a unity and numbers and technology with which any European country would have conquered the world, never even ventured into India, much less Europe.



Sic ‘Em, Shari!

September 22:

Planted a lot of tulip bulbs today. It’s kind of like planting the mantra. You plant them deep, one at a time. I’m hoping to SEE the mantra grow and be more effective. I also hope to have a chance to be more effective too.


September 25:

AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY! The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing inmillions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them. THE WORDS IMMIGRATION,TOLERANCE,and ESPECIALYY ASSIMILATION are being used to promote a program of genocide against the white race. Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate and intermarry with non-whites. All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries. THIS IS GENOCIDE! ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE FOR anti-white!
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— Shari


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The “Most Segregated Day” is the Most VOLUNTARY Day

Saint Martin Luther the King said, “Sunday is the most segregated day of the week.” It is also the ONLY voluntary day of the week. You HAVE to go to school and college professors have their monopoly enforced by the requirements of a college degree for almost anything, but no preacher or priest gets that privilege in America in our time.

Hence the segregation.

Which is why every “anti-racist” HAS to be monomaniac ally anti-white. As General Wesley Clark said, the United State will fight and die for the proposition that “There is no room for an ethnically pure country in Europe.”

Non-white immigration and “Assimilation” – intermarriage, must be pushed in EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries. Japan and Taiwan and every Black Country is free to make its own policy. But the moment any WHITE country threw off its Communist rulers, the first question was, “Are they ready to start massive immigration and assimilation?”

No one would think to ask WHY. If Angola stopped being Communist, no one would ask, “Are they ready for immigration YET? But this is so much a part of our antiracist anti-white policy that no one even THINKS about it: a country is white, and it must become non-white as quickly as possible.

Non-white countries can CHOOSE, but every Sunday we see what will happen if whites are allowed a CHOICE.

There is no room on earth for single white country, a single white neighborhood, or a single white church. That is the basis of so-called “anti-racism.”

And that is why every self-styled anti-racist is an anti-WHITE.



From Eden to the Four Horsemen

Reading the latest comments I just realized how interesting it is that the official Bible began with Genesis and ended with Revelations. In Genesis, man is doomed because he refused to remain in his original, mindless, utopian state because he ate of the Tree of Knowledge. A million words later, the Bible ends with an absolutely Gnostic book, Revelations, one which Reveals all Hidden Knowledge and indicates that those who really understand those Revelations are Saved.

If True Knowledge is not critical, why is Revelations dedicated to it?

Revelations says that it is the end of the Bible, and invokes a curse on anyone who adds to it. It says that, with Revelations, the final truth has been stated in the Bible, and no more is to be added.

From Edenic mindlessness to Gnostic Revelations of Final Truth. It is a long, long journey and a totally different message.



Quiet Damnation

It is hard for people not to believe conspiracy theories about the Kennedy Assassination because a big historical event has to have a big CAUSE. When you see a movie about a man selling his soul to Satan, when he signs his name there is a sound of thunder in the heavens.

But as CS Lewis points out through the mouth of Screwtape, the sure way to hell is without sudden twists or turns. There is no Great Moment to warn the victim of his peril. There is no drama.

So in the midst of the discussion between backbaygrouch and others of his loyalty to the Catholic Church, I gave the simple and undiplomatic answer that keeps this group so small:

Today any loyalty to any institution is entirely evil. If you have not realized that every institution has thrown its whole weight behind evil, and promotes it in every subtle way, I wish we could make a metal out of your resistance to reality and sell it for tanks.

The Mantra says that it is not the loud enemies who have sold their souls. Decibels have nothing to do with it. The Worst are the Screwtape types, he would be flattered to hear, the ones who quietly sell evil as common decency, as a matter of course.

Screwtape reminds his nephew Wormwood of “the standard parade exercise” in Hell of “appearing as an angle of light.”

When the average moron is out for revenge he goes after the loudest leaders to punish. In this case, that is insane. I cannot imagine what good eternal damnation can do, but I do know what secular punishment, the punishment human beings have a right to impose, is for. It is entirely PREVENTIVE.

If we get in a position to expose and punish, we must it never-ending, we must have professionals going over the record of every corporation and every individual who did the SUBTLE work of following the parade into genocide and promoting it quietly. We must blacken the name of every participant we cannot reach because of death. We must take away from their heirs. This, by the way, would FINANCE a complete end to our national debt or giant research into things that need it. Revenge against big business would PAY, and that is a political double plus.

It is hard for me to talk long-term practical politics to people who know nothing but News and Jews.

The Mantra says that damnation is a quiet thing. It calls the passive joiners, those loyal to INSTITUTIONS, the true genocidists. It has little to say about the screaming anti-white blacks conservatives like to talk about, to act like they have some cajones.

The road to Hell is not paved with good intentions. How can Satan pave with a material he doesn’t have? The road to hell is a parade route, paved with no intentions at all.



Holy Hippies

Holy Hippies

They get away with things in comedy shows that are funny precisely because they hit on something that everybody notices but nobody dares to say. On Family Guy, Death finally got a date and, as in the movie “10,” his infatuation with the girl’s physical beauty collapsed the first time she opened her mouth:

GIRL: “Only humans make war.”

DEATH: “What are you talking about? Animals kill each other all the time.”

GIRL: “Not with nuclear arms. You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms.”

DEATH: “Oh, for God’s sake!”

This is funny for two reasons. First, nobody has ever heard a hippie say ANYTHING. When I refer to saying anything, I am not referring to emitting vocal sounds. A parrot talks but he never really SAYS anything. If you are masochistic, you could listen to an hour’s diatribe from an old hippie of yesterday, but if you wait for him to say anything original or even interesting you will wait till Judgment Day.

The reason this was demonstrated in a comedy is because everybody knows it but nobody can SAY it. Those two facts made it funny.

Remember that our established religion is Political Correctness. Imagine a gathering of devout Catholics at a university. The name “Dracula” is mentioned and one elderly nun crosses herself. Not one good Catholic there is going to laugh at her, however superstitious the gesture strikes them. It is sign of naïve Faith, and no one in a church or a seminary laughs at a sincere expression of the Faith.

By exactly the same token, no one at a university, NO ONE is allowed to LAUGH at a hippie. He is reciting the words of the Faith. No one who wants to prove they are “educated,” which tens of millions of people try desperately to do all the time, dares to laugh at hippie repetition of the most tiresome clichés.

Hippies are not referred to as being mindless. They are ALWAYS praised for being “idealistic.”

No one on TV is EVER going to tell a black man that he said something that was just plain stupid. They are not going to a say a hippie bores them into a coma any more than the devout Catholics are going to laugh at the old nun crossing herself when “Dracula” is mentioned. But what if the old nun crosses herself and recites a prayer ALL THE TIME? All through the conference everybody must stop when they mention ANYTHING she has not heard in the convent and wait RESPECTFULLY while she crossed herself and says a Prayer Against Evil. About the fortieth time that happened, even the most understanding in the Faith might get a bit tired of it.

But they can’t say so.

Which is exactly why Death, who knows all about war, actually SAYING that the hippie girl on Family Guy was an idiot was so funny. Tens of millions of Desperately Seeking “Educated” suburbanites who watch The Family Guy have sat through hippies endlessly droning the same old crap day after day, party after party. Every time the hippie spoke up the entire conversation was thrown off track as everybody had to listen, reverently, to some words about Love and Peace that they knew the hippie was going to say.


But they can NEVER say WHY it’s funny, any more than the Catholics could criticize the old nun.

So every now and then you see things like that used in comedy when they could NEVER be said anywhere ELSE. And the room explodes in laughter.

Though nobody will DARE say WHY.



Maybe the Truth is the Only Thing That is, Well, True

I am always bothered when someone says, “The only hope we have” or the like. When someone says something like that, I get the feeling they are simply in another world. Our “only hope” of WHAT?

The survival of our race is dependent on a biological revolution, on Russian nuclear potential, on a hundred things in political actions and reactions and the biological revolution we have no idea about.

A popular news magazine lately had quoted an editorial about how Americans do not understand that identity is serious business in this world. It was not specifically about race, but the emphasis in the article was that Americans expect that Iraqis, for example, will forget their little mullahs and so forth and think like melting pot Americans. Americans cannot understand the Russo-Georgia problem for the same reason.

It said that American foreign policy is fatally flawed because it cannot understand that what a melting-pot mentality sees as mere details, ethnic identity, is what other people DIE for.

It was such a simple devastating observation I thought it came from ME!

It bothers me when WE get provincial. Let the3 paid commentators talk about “the only hope” in some limited sense. This kind of limited thinking is all right for the robots who get paid to see the world in terms the average clown has been trained to think in, but it is not even excusable for a member of BUGS.

I find today’s history books boring because they always obsess on proving that any character they are talking about was thinking in today’s terms, in terms of Political Correctness, in terms of the Modern Truth. What is fascinating about history is that the people were thinking in entirely DIFFERENT terms, “no one is really talking about history. They are discussing other people’s PRESENT DAY,” and 1815 was as much a “present day” as 2008 is. So when a writer is trying to squeeze other people’s present from the year 1800 into a modern Marxist or “conservative” frame of thinking, they miss all the adventure, all the mind-bending fun of putting themselves in that past that is “a foreign country.”

Those who get paid for bending things that way miss the fascination of realizing that they, who see “reality” as what is going on right now, are actually just one more phase, one more part of the parade that keeps marching on.

It is actually funny to watch people in each age think that everything was leading to THEM It is puzzling to think that, after all those hundreds of “inevitables” and Modern Thinkings that we see in history, THIS ONE can think It is where everybody was headed, that IT represents Modern Thought. If there is one thing anybody who is acquainted with history knows that there is no magic to the word, “This is 1896” or “This is 2008.” That is exactly like saying, “This is New York” or “This is FRANCE!” It is provincialism, not identity, but REAL provincialism.

There is no SINGLE battle TODAY. It is really true that “This too shall pass.” The idea that something would upset the order of post-Napoleonic Royalist Europe was as alien in its day as the idea that anything will somehow “defeat” the melting pot mentality of today.

But the fact that it EXISTS means it is dated.

“Our only hope” means that you honestly think you know what will MATTER in a decade or two.

History says you don’t.

Race is eternal. The “Year of Their Lord 2008” means no more than “This is the 1960s,” which once meant EVERYTHING to a whole generation.

We know a precious few truths. For some reason, white places are consistently good. White “civilizations” do not go into the commode of history. Your manic depression and mine does not affect reality.

Tell the truth. Fight the fight. This sounds idealistic, but it is really the only approach that is not so silly it is hilarious.

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Dave: Mantra Rewrite

Fighting involves only the most elementary kind of intelligence. It is all about basics. But is winning fights easy?

Here’s a revision of the Mantra based on this week’s comments:


The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

The words immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used to promote a program of genocide against the white race.

Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate and intermarry with non-whites.

All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

This is genocide against the white race.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Dave looked at why I had both the Netherlands and Belgium to balance Japan and Taiwan and did me one better, driving the point home in two short sentences which are punchier than my version.

I LIKE it!

The problem with doing Mantra Thinking kind of thinking is that the corrections seem so OBVIOUS. I now feel like an idiot for not noticing that people lapsed out when I came to the black man bit.

But the simple fact is that when you think this way, everything seems obvious IN RETROSPECT.

I keep repeating that the Mantra was years of work, and that it is long because I have to anticipate arguments because you only get one shot. I did that for a reason. It wasn’t just bragging and bitching. I have gotten a bit gun shy about bragging and bitching since Pain and Simmons started calling me on it.

But I was hoping someone would look carefully and see what arguments the new Mantra version cuts out. The black business was aimed at making the point again which was already made in the rest of the Mantra, applying it to blacks. Only with GROUP experience was I informed that the cost of it far outweighed its benefits.

An author can never really edit his own work ALONE.

We also took out “anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews,” which was the one place where I got a laugh. But Dave’s version is so clean and so short (129 words) and so perfectly on track that any addition looks like it would weigh it down.

And of course in the few cases where you do get a second shot “anazxiwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” is a nice continuation of the theme.