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I Wish I Had Lost a Billion, I’m Glad I Didn’t Lose a Million

If I had lost a billion dollars in the stock crash I would have dropped maybe forty percent of my total worth. I would still have one and a half billion to comfort me.

At the other extreme, if you’re living largely on welfare the stock market means nothing to you and a new depression just means lots more voters are joining you to increase your benefits.

But if you lost a million, you are in serious trouble. That puts you in the category of people who have a family to support and who have done well. You have a lot of commitments, and every dime of that million comes out of money you depended on when made those commitments.

The superrich and the welfare class – which is NOT the working class in our age – form a natural coalition. Teddy Kennedy and Bill Gates and permanent welfare recipients form a natural alliance. The welfare class benefits from a huge tax and spend apparatus and the superrich have the power in such a system.

And if anybody points this obvious reality out, you knock them down by calling them “simplistic.”





There are three types of people in the world.

There are truth tellers and there are liars.

Truth tellers and liars are equally bound to the truth, because they both know the truth.

Then there are the BS’ers.

I’m like so many malcontents. Authentic hatred doesn’t upset me. It’s the phony kind that drives me up the wall.

I well understand why those of us most consumed by hatred choose to attack the innocent, for so often the innocent are the most intolerable of all, they never open the door to the world and walk within it as it really is.



Dave surely knows that what he calls “the innocent” here are as innocent as members of a lynch mob. In fact the Mantra says that that is exactly what they are.


Back to Dave:

The political apparatus and election system is designed to serve the innocent. These are those cheering fans you see at Obama and McCain rallies. So are the great multitudes trying to live peaceful and protected lives, all those peering out into the world from their living rooms, who think they have the right to lives unmolested and unharmed.

These innocents are our real enemies.

When you begin to understand things like this, you begin to get what it takes to make a revolution.

It’s coming, I can feel it. And furthermore, the growing territorial dominion of criminals, their emergence into the daylight, and the fact that they now set standard of culture, tells me it is so.

— Dave


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