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BW hit the target with remarkable precision in his comment about Screwtape and complexity.

But for the most part the circulation of misunderstanding is not motivated. Words replace understanding on account of ignorance. And there is a lot of ignorance that cannot be addressed. It is baked-in-the-cake.

But what I have learned from BUGS is this: If you don’t have a clear-cut understanding of the goal, you can’t make sense.

And the goal should be the ditching of words that circulate misunderstanding. There is so much hard study and oceans of effort expended on account of the want of the right word or the right phrase.

The right word or the right phrase clears everything up in an instant. I will give you an example: What is the goal of Central Banking? Answer: To get a quart of wine from a pint bottle.

I just summed the entire message of the Austrian school of economics that complains wrongly of the unfairness of not having whole academic departments devoted to it.

Thank God it doesn’t. The fact that nobody is willing to spend money on promoting Austrian economics is its very salvation.

Ditto, for little intellectual groups such as us.



Why Do People Say Things?

Like everything else I keep hammering on, this concept is so simple it is ignored. Everybody uses it all the time, but they don’t THINK about it.

It is fully understood that a person who does not see the difference between an advertisement and any other information needs adult diapers. Any sane adult knows why an advertiser says what he says.

But it stops there.

It was the same with supply and demand. For as long as we have had records merchants have looked for shortages of particular goods in one place and an abundance f the same goods in another place. But for thousands of years those in economic looked for a Natural Price.

The rice system is not perfect. Well HOOP-DE-DOO! Supply and demand is BASIC, and if you ignore it you end like the Soviet Empire. The Chinese economy is impressing everyone with it growth. Actually China was at starvation levels when it ignored supply and demand. As they get away from that disease, they show a LOT of FAST improvement.

If you have pneumonia penicillin will make you better fast. But that does not mean that anti-biotics are the key to perfect health. China has not discovered the key to economic development. It has begun to use a cure for a disease.

But once again, the world cannot see that, anymore than it could see that supply and demand, which was basic to all trade, had further implications.

“Why do people say things?” is a rule that is as important and universal as supply and demand. If I can supply a motive for your saying what you say, the chances are that what you say is not true. Like supply and demand or any other rule of human action, this is not A Final Truth.

It is possible that what you say can be explained accurately as what you NEED to say, and that it is still true. This is coincidence. It is the same thing as saying that a broken clock is right twice a day.

Sane people want a clock that TICKS.



Tim Reports from the Front

I will make a report from the front lines. I have not done that in a while.

Since the election, I have noticed something different around whites. Even in ‘multicultural’-‘multiracial’ settings. Many folks are saying outright they are racist. About a half dozen times since the election, I have heard people say things and not care that someone calls them racist. Saying flippant things afterward like “so what I am racist–all whites are racist to you idiots”.

They usually smile at me afterwords for me to acknowledge their bravery. I tell them —it is about time you stopped acting like a SHWA (self hating white animal).

I used to demand someone define racism. Over the last few months since I have noticed a change. I am taking a different approach off top and it has been working very well. I say:”In your OPINION, he is racist—you are just saying that cuz he’s white—-antiracism is a just a code word for antiwhite”. After this, they have been shutting up quickly. Shutting up a liberal SHWA off the top is a big event. I have been shocked once or twice. Even before I demand that they define racism and go nuclear with a Mantra (one of my shortened off the cuff versions or Bobs). They have been shutting up quickly. Very weird.

This reminds me of watching someone get conned by a good conman. At first the party that has been conned is in deep denial. They don’t want to admit they have been conned because they are embarrassed. Then they come to except they have been conned. Then the final step…..ANGER…

I think some liberals (and dare I say –even some so-called conservatives) are realizing they have been conned. This is a big step. I am starting to notice this. Maybe others are as well. And it is about damn time they realize something.
I have more hope for the liberals than the so-called conservatives. In a communist system, the most dangerous people to the system are former members who are disillusioned and pissed off.



Pain in GC


I’ve gone to seminary. (This will give me lots of opportunity to stay up with BUGS.) Much of the decision, oddly(?), is because of you, so either you borrow more from your Christian boyhood than you thought, or you are somehow a closet Christian that needs to let go and let his faith blossom. But either way, it’s between you and your Maker. Anyway thanks for your clear thinking which has helped me out in more ways than you would have thought.

You are the best online. Any true leader recognizes that, and since there are always fewer chiefs than Injuns, it may be that your audience appeal has reached the ones it should, whether every reader comments here or not.

By the way, the book that led me to racial thinking is the Bible, especially the Old Testament, when I was in middle school.

Given my reputation as a bomb-thrower it is fun to be called a “closet” anything. I have made it very clear where I think of myself as Christian. My whole family was studded with preachers back to Alexander Whitaker and he was merely a continuation.

It is far easier for me to be a Christian than it is for any professional clergyman because he must satisfy some version of the Wordist institutions that have used his name. It is a hell of lot easier to be sincere in politics if you aren’t working for anybody.

Of necessity I was a political pimp. Any professional clergyman has to make the same kind of deal, “all things to all men.” If I had not made that deal in my field I would not have had access to the audience. A clergyman must do the same to have access to that group. “IN the world but not OF the world.”

It is not accidental that I quote the most obvious and basic statements. Jesus’ last instruction puzzled the Apostles: “Feed my sheep.” To me this is plain enough. As one who is charged with the care of his people, your job is to do what is best for them.

I have never believed that “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions” because Satan has none of that building material. I tend to believe that the road to hell is paved with something Satan has PLENTY of: Complexity.

“.. for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” He was not talking about Gnostics and theologians – much the same thing – but about children. How many light years are there between a Pope or a Calvin and childhood as a virtue?

“Feed my sheep” was very puzzling to Disciples who had had the truth spoon fed to them. But they were now apostles, and the decisions were THEIRS. This involves moral courage.

You are going into seminary as I went into politics, as way to do the right thing IN THIS WORLD. That careful distinction was stated long ago. As CS Lewis said, Christianity is no danger to Screwtape so long as the person doesn’t DO anything about it.

But the doing has to be dedicated to the simple rules laid by Jesus and not to satisfying the rules of a Wordist institution. This is so simple it is hard to understand. I USED politics. You must USE the church. So as not to get obsessed with self-righteousness, I just all it “pimping” and proceed on. We must operate IN the world. To a rigid conscience this involves pimping.

So Pure Religion became isolation and self-torture, as one writer put it,”Taking heaven by storm.” It was a very painful way of avoiding feeding the sheep. It was a way to do nothing. Self-immolation fed no sheep.

You must feed his sheep, and you must do it in this world.

As you say, I find no problem with this because I was raised with it.

These distinctions are simple. They are NOT easy.



AFKAN Makes a Teasingly Incomplete Report From the Front

In his comment on the article below, AFKAN addresses my points specifically and logically. Prometheus then makes the point that needs to be made on using the Mantra.

Prometheus speaks from experience.

What AFKAN did give me was his first partial report from the front. He says he is going out into evangelical churches. But the who what where and when is entirely missing. How does he approach it? Does he get results?

BUGS is unique because we 1) take into account where we actually are right now and 2) How to get out the message we need to get out now.

AFKAN seems to be putting in length pieces about how the Prophet Covington says the world should be. BUGS is more about identifying Step I and how to go about it.

To me AFKAN often sounds like General Washington sitting at Valley Forge and spending his thought on what the final peace treaty with Britain should look like. Mantra Thinking by contrast is about we can keep the war going with the resources at our disposal.

Can we effectively use our slender forces to sneak attack the Hessians at Christmas? How can we hit them, not at Philadelphia with their enormous forces, but in a way that goes around their defended positions and gets attention to OUR message?

Stormfront tells us all about the fine points of how the world should look after the torchlight parade or our Yorktown. Stormfront can tell us all about arguments that SHOULD work. They never notice that they DON’T work.

Stormfront tells us about Alternatives. But those Alternatives are all about attacking the enemy in their PREPARED positions. Certainly I wish that Covington’s White Family helped BUGS do OUR job. AFKAN largely uses BUGS to sell Covington.

Out of courtesy, if nothing else, AFKAN needs to use our seminar to discuss what WE are trying to do. For US, his mere mention of evangelicals, his ACTION, needs the kind of attention he devotes to Covington’s New Order at such length.



Talking to Air

AFKAN says he had taken care of the Mantra. He tells us he just says “Fight white genocide.”

Those who work up front know very well how absurd this is. In real action, you don’t get two chances. The other guy just laughs and says, “I’m not for genocide.”

Because he is not on the front like Prometheus and Lord Nelson and other BUGS people AFKAN doesn’t deal with this. And THAT, boys and girls, is why I am always looking for comments like those of Simmons when he discusses in passing what he has DONE lately.

AFKAN is pure theory, and he has some very good insights. But he keeps repeating the same thing to convince US while we are out there doing the WORK of converting the world.

Anyone who is completely on the side of our race is good people. But BUGS is about PRACTICE. Stormfront is about how the world should be. What I have to offer that is unique is forty years of PRACTICE.

My stuff WORKS.



The Powers That Be

‘Taint Natural

Anybody using today’s political logic in 1868 would have concluded that Reconstruction in the South was permanent. Absolutely every kind of arithmetic and political logic said so.

A major portion of the Southern white male population was dead. All its natural leadership, consisting of men who had held the rank of Colonel or above in the Confederate Army, was disfranchised. In the Deep South, blacks were a majority before the decimation of the white males in the War. In other Southern states the mountain vote was Republican.

And as today a huge segment of the white population was anti-white.

Now let us add the “practical” considerations. Federal occupation secured the entire Southern vote for the Republicans who ruled in Washington.

What in the HELL could change all that?

Logically, nothing could.

The Soviet Empire simply could not just vanish. Nothing was less likely in 1981.

What happened to the USSR was simply that it existed on force. What happened to Reconstruction was that it existed on force.

The Soviet Empire was a constant effort. Reconstruction was a constant effort. Our rule in Iraq is a constant effort. Robert Ardrey pointed out in the 1970s that, for some reason, occupations do not last.

Most people are deeply impressed by the all-out effort, the vast dedication, and the forces that are dedicated to multiracialism.

To me that sheer effort is the sure sign that it is doomed.

We have been this way before.

Many times.



BoardAd and SysOps are Honest People, But I Forgive Them

BoardAd would not rest until he found the missing portions of Whitaker Online and put them in.

I am obsessive myself, but there is nothing that an obsessive appreciates like BoardAd who decides to obsess on my own writings. That made an old man’s decade. It was the compliment of compliments.

WhitakerOnline was ten years old in September of this year. Unlike other media BoardAd, SysOps and I make no attempt to do a 1984 Orwellian cleanup of what I thought at any given stage.

I was wrong a LOT! I was absurd a lot. We present it with warts on.

Which is good. I guess.

I don’t blame my techs for not having the kind of reverence for me that Soviets working for Stalin had for him. Anyone familiar with Soviet history has seen the doctored photographs where Stalin had had his arm around a Party official who was later liquidated. The later photo showed Stalin standing there alone with a rare imitation of the same arm hanging free.

Anything Stalin said that was absurd was cut out or edited by his loyal subordinates.

Do you think BoardAd and SysOps did that for ME?

No way!

Every single dumbass and inaccurate statement I made over the years is obsessively preserved by them.

They are wonderful people. They are honest people.

Honesty can be a pain the ass.

I love them anyway.


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