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Shari and Our New Shah

Shari READS what I write. She remembered that the last shah who ruled Zoroastrian Iran was a mulatto. Zoroastrian religion was limited to Aryans. The original Olympic Oath included the declaration that the athlete was “of pure Hellenic blood.” The original Sanskrit term for caste meant “color.”

Every former Great Civilization which has gone down and STAYED down, just coincidentally, now consists of people with a brown skin. In other words, each collapsed society consists of people the Greeks and the Zoroastrians and all other Indo-Europeans SPECIFICALLY excluded.

The Party Line is now that Indo-Europeans were just a LANGUAGE group.

It don’t wash.

The religion of Political Correctness now has a mulatto president of the United States. Political Correctness, like late Zoroastrianism, developed from an earlier racist outlook.

Universalism turns society brown, as the Mantra says, and brown skin is fatal.

I don’t think the parallel is exact. But it IS interesting.