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No News, No Jews, Just Stay in Formation and Load, Aim, Fire

Posted by Bob on November 22nd, 2008 under General, Insider Letter Archive

Dave says in his latest comment, “Don’t you see that that is what Bob Whitaker is trying to say?”

After what seems like a million years in this game what I say is very profound precisely because it is, IN RETROSPECT, so obvious. Let’s take hammering the Mantra in as an example.

The Mantra strategy goes right back to the oldest rule discovered and used by Western military strategists. Giant Eastern armies used hordes of soldiers whipped into frenzy to frighten their enemies into panic. From the Greek Hoplites to the Romans, Westerners developed an anti-terror approach.

In other words, facing terror tactics from the East, they developed a discipline to counter it. The Hoplites were a disciplined group standing sh9uld to shoulder against the screaming masses of Eastern forces.

Roman soldiers developed this further. In direct contrast to the screaming hordes of their enemies they learned to ignore the shrieks of their enemies and to stand shoulder-to-should in a line that did not pay any attention to the emotion and sheer number of the forces against them. They dealt directly with only one thing: the part of the enemy forces that was actually coming up against them.

The numbers of emotion of the forces that were COMING at them was ignored. They stood shoulder to shoulder and killed the disorganized, emotionally charge forces that actually REACHED them.

When you do that, the overwhelming masses and screams that were such a part of war in the East became irrelevant. No matter how they yell, the only ones who matter are the ones who actually reach your lines. And the ones who actually reach your lines from the screaming masses are disorganized pushovers.

Flash forward to the famous British Thin Red Line. If they had thought about what those Zulus would DO to them if they lost they WOULD have lost. But their whole approach was to ignore that and:

“Stay in Formation! Load! Aim! FIRE!”

I am not impressed that non-whites can get a hundred thousand demonstrators at with a snap of their fingers. It is the same old equation whites have always faced. Non-whites were always infinitely more impressive. And they always lost.

There is an old adage of Western military strategy: “One native can beat one civilized – white – soldier.” “In a battle between ten savages and ten white soldiers, the outcome is a tossup.”

“But when there are a hundred disciplined white soldiers, the savages, a thousand or a million, are doomed.”

The reason for this is old and obvious. There may a million of them, but only a limited number can reach your front line. If you stand and blast THOSE out of existence, the next wave is climbing over bodes, and it is even more vulnerable.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, and fire at the ones in front of you.

Thousands of times, from the Hoplites to the Thin Red Line, through millennia, soldiers felt suffocated by this conformity: “Our enemies are using variation and psychological warfare. Shouldn’t we be flexible and adopt some of that?”

The answer was, “Why? Do you see any sign that their crap is WORKING?”

Hit them with the Mantra. No matter what their numbers at their rallies, hit the ones who you actually reach with the Mantra.

As the thousands smashed against the Roman line or the Thin Red Line, anyone looking at the battlefield would have seen only the thousands coming on. But in the end the thousands were slaughtered.

Don’t tell me about News and Jews.

Stay in formation.

Load. Aim. Fire.

  1. #1 by BoardAd on 11/24/2008 - 5:55 pm

    Welcome to BUGS warweaver.

  2. #2 by warweaver on 11/24/2008 - 5:52 pm

    Never posted here before but I’ve been reading for about a year and a half. Howdy folks.

    I still doubt the mantra but I’m beginning to appreciate where this is going. About a month ago, I actually tried it out. The target was my own dear mother. She was saying that we were all going to end up looking like Obama to which I said, ‘wrong, mother, because there will always be people like me that take pride in their racial heritage and will always regard mixed breeds as an abomination.’

    Then I hit her with the mantra. I was amazed that I was able to rattle off its essential parts so easily. I sensed that the mantra had turned her thinking upside down. She certainly didn’t disagree with me.

    I had an opportunity today to use the Mantra, but passed. Some kid at the Journal I edit said that “white people shouldn’t be in charge” and I said, “you’ve got your wish, four years of it.” I actually considered hitting him with the Mantra, but there were others in the room and I admit, I was too scared to use it. Looking at it, I should have.

    An opportunity lost. I should have just stayed in the ranks, aimed my rifle, ignored the swirling mass of brainwashed humanity in the office and fired, confident that I would hit who I was aiming at simply dealt with the attacks that were sure to follow in turn.

    I wont let that happen again.

  3. #3 by Prometheus on 11/24/2008 - 10:20 pm

    Welcome warweaver.

    I spent years arguing around in circles and getting nowhere, because I had learned word for word “The WN handbook to justifying racialism”. It’s what everyone else was doing after all.

    It’s a bit daunting to initially argue against people with the mantra, because you look at it and think “thats it? Thats all I’m going to do?”

    It’s a bit like being one of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, and being told that all we’re going to do is stick to a tight formation at the hot gates.

    “Thats it? Then when they hit our shields, whats next?”

    There really isn’t a next.

    When you’re mother said that we were all going to end up looking like Obama she was putting forward a POV that anti-whites constantly deny when hit with the mantra.

    The first step is to believe that a program that amounts to genocide against your own race is wrong.

    I honestly believe there are some WN’s who don’t beleive that. They certaintly argue as if they don’t.

    Anti-racism is anti-white. It’s not just a mantra, it’s the truth. Anti-racism IS anti-white.

    The problem with anti’s isn’t that they lack ‘racial pride’, or they don’t subscribe to NS, or they don’t dislike other race or they just subscribe to the wrong political ideology. They are just plain anti-white and many honestly think they aren’t while championing a program which would result in the assimilating out of whites.

    Lord Nelson started a thread on Stormfront asking anti’s to put forward an argument for their position that didn’t amount to genocide. They couldn’t. Because every time they started putting forward their ‘anti-racism’ arguments, it ended up requiring mass non-white immigration AND assimilation. They thought our “anti-racist = anti-white” argument was nonsense, and one after the other they ran of bewildered.

  4. #4 by TuetonicViking on 12/01/2008 - 11:20 pm

    Good post, Prometheus! This is my very infrequent post (my 3rd or 4th) here! It’s nice to hear some success with Bob’s Mantra!

    I sometimes use Bob’s Mantra in some of faxes to congresscritters.

  5. #5 by TuetonicViking on 12/02/2008 - 2:25 am

    It’s a side note for Bob as I have no way of contacting him after he left Stormfront.

    It’s me, vikingcelt! We miss Bob at SF. What is the best way to contact Bob? I tried sending Bob an email, but it was returned!


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