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AFKAN Makes a Teasingly Incomplete Report From the Front

In his comment on the article below, AFKAN addresses my points specifically and logically. Prometheus then makes the point that needs to be made on using the Mantra.

Prometheus speaks from experience.

What AFKAN did give me was his first partial report from the front. He says he is going out into evangelical churches. But the who what where and when is entirely missing. How does he approach it? Does he get results?

BUGS is unique because we 1) take into account where we actually are right now and 2) How to get out the message we need to get out now.

AFKAN seems to be putting in length pieces about how the Prophet Covington says the world should be. BUGS is more about identifying Step I and how to go about it.

To me AFKAN often sounds like General Washington sitting at Valley Forge and spending his thought on what the final peace treaty with Britain should look like. Mantra Thinking by contrast is about we can keep the war going with the resources at our disposal.

Can we effectively use our slender forces to sneak attack the Hessians at Christmas? How can we hit them, not at Philadelphia with their enormous forces, but in a way that goes around their defended positions and gets attention to OUR message?

Stormfront tells us all about the fine points of how the world should look after the torchlight parade or our Yorktown. Stormfront can tell us all about arguments that SHOULD work. They never notice that they DON’T work.

Stormfront tells us about Alternatives. But those Alternatives are all about attacking the enemy in their PREPARED positions. Certainly I wish that Covington’s White Family helped BUGS do OUR job. AFKAN largely uses BUGS to sell Covington.

Out of courtesy, if nothing else, AFKAN needs to use our seminar to discuss what WE are trying to do. For US, his mere mention of evangelicals, his ACTION, needs the kind of attention he devotes to Covington’s New Order at such length.