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A Happy Whatever to Whoever the Hell

FYI: I am now drinking stout I brewed in 1998 for future New Years.

For connoisseurs, it is smooth beyond belief but there is ALWAYS the new-malt aftertaste.

Where the HELL is Lord Nelson?



Political Cesspool and Wiki

I went to visit James Edwards in Memphis and was on Political Cesspool. I did at least one phone interview with him, which he said got more audience response than Bay Buchanan. We also got smashed in Charleston together, which he has talked about on the show.

I wrote a piece here on his beautiful wife.

The interviews are, I think, online.

Tim? pointed out that a Wiki on me could spotlight the Mantra.

My hesitation is due to the fact that, as Pain pointed out, I really did do a LOT of things. If I understand it correctly, Wiki allows anybody from anytime in my life to add stuff. In some parts of Africa and Latin America I could be locked up.

I cleared my files and can say that, under FOI, I NEVER DID NOTHING. But that’s a thin cover.

There are ALSO many embarrassments in my life I would rather not have aired, in DC, in my politics, and around the world.

And you know how fair our enemies are.

Looking at this from my point of view might give you a perspective on history:

Yes, Virginia, there really was a Cold War. It was not like WWII where everybody on the winning side [with the Communists] was a hero. In fact, by the nature of the Cold War, precisely the opposite is the case. Their entire strength was based on what we now know was a set of lies.

The “highly successful” Communist economic system was an awful, hellish joke. Soviet “achievements” in science were all stolen. Italian and French academia and film industries were OPENLY Communist; while Americans firmly believed that any talk of Communists in either place elsewhere was just McCarthyism.

Half of Europe had an active Communist movement, and anyone there could take a short drive to see how anyone in the OTHER half of Europe would be murdered in cold blood if they tried to escape their Communist masters.

To you, this is just outrageous. Now look at it from MY point of view. Any action against third-world Communists is now officially terrorism against Liberation Movements.

The Village Voice tried desperately to get me to say I killed somebody in Latin America or Africa.

Even Henry Kissinger was nervous about traveling in some parts of EUROPE.

Yes, Virginia, there really was a Cold War. And if you were IN it, if you are guilty of helping to WIN it, you are on a very unforgiving list.

Then there’s the little matter of spending your life fighting the anti-white tide.

Maybe I’m getting old, tired, and chicken.



Thanks, Tim, an Old Man’s Favorite Subject!

Tim must not have any old relatives, because he asked me to talk about me.

And I just took a pain pill!

Typing is now fun and I do not have that obsession with making sense that bothers me at other times.

What could you say about me in a Wiki?

First of all, as Tim points out, NOBODY wants to talk about me. Long before they switched sides, Tom Fleming, Clyde Wilson and others ceased contact with me. Considering the decades we had worked together this was hardly a coincidence.

They stuck with me all that time because we were on the same side. They knew what I had done, but only pros did. I was astonished to hear that my 1982 book was being used as a textbook in her son’s school. I’ve seen it cited in grad texts and my first book in the book Beyondism.

There must be a lot more because I found these by accident.

The point is these were professional books. Knowledge of me was not on Donahue.

I was astonished to see myself noticed in each of these cases.

I have a tendency to be on the long-term winning side. But the old saying is that “Victory has many fathers, defeat is an orphan.” So when after two decades of marching and writing I finally was a major force in getting Republicans to unite “Wallace Democrats” with conservatives to elect Reagan, everybody took credit.

Here is a rule most people here know. There are people who do the work and people who know how to get the credit. After the Reagan victory in 1980 it turned out that every Republican leader had been all for this coalition from the word go.

So what would a Wiki say about me? “He wrote the groundbreaking book,” as William Rusher said, “that made the coalition undeniable?”

You would have to read Jeffrey Hart’s review of my first published book in National Review, “Read This One!” and the COVER ARTICLE attack on me to see there was any debate.

After 1980 everybody with influence had said he had always been all for it. These were the powers in the Republican Party.

Anyone who disagreed with them would make an enemy he couldn’t afford.

So are you going to say in Wiki that Bob had pivotal role in forming this coalition?

No way! EVERYBODY had a pivotal role in it.

Because it WORKED.

As Jeffrey Hart pointed, my book sounded genuine because I had BEEN with the grassroots populists on truckers’ strike, the farmers’ strike, anti-busing marches, wildcat coal mine strikes.

But I also had first-hand experience with the Infallible Geniuses of the Communist Conspiracy. Nobody in the grassroots would let THEIR “activists” in, but my tiny Populist Forum was overwhelmed with requests to speak for REAL working peoples’ grassroots protests. So the Communist World said we did it by our heavy conservative funding.

There were three of us, and we didn’t even have a bank account. And regular conservatives would rather fund the CPUSA than us.

National Review, in “To the Nashville Station,” implied we WERE Communists.

What the CPUSA, those Infallible Geniuses, did NOT see was that we were forming the coalition that destroyed their indestructible Soviet Empire.

OK. You are going to do Wiki on Whitaker, explaining just this one aspect of his life: how he was pivotal to a coalition everybody claims credit for.

Lots of luck. And that’s just one chapter.

I had the same sort of role in saving the Space Telescope and stopping racial quotas imposed by IRS in private. They were lost causes when I got in on them and at the finish everybody had been for them from the word go.

So what would you say about me in Wiki?

My hope is that someday history will say, “White people finally realized that this ‘anti-racist’ program was actually genocide aimed against THEM.” Students will read this and say, “Of course they did!”

It’s obvious once it’s done.

I am a genius. I put my finger on what is, in hindsight, obvious.

Try explaining THAT in 500 words or less in Wiki.

Screw it, Tim. You and I have a war to win, and you need to use me while I’m here.

I don’t need a Wiki. I need a WIN.





I have a Christmas question for you. How is it that you have no Wiki entry? The Political Cesspool has one. David Duke and Don Black both have Wikis. Many other members of the struggle have Wikis for better or worse. Stormfront itself has a Wiki entry. But Bob Whitaker exists only as a Photographer to Wiki?!?!!?

You are too important to not have a Wiki. Or maybe that is why you don’t have a Wiki? You scare the powers that be too much….. LOL, They are scared to give you exposure!

How can someone as famous as you in Washington circles NOT have a Wiki!! Your fame must be the WHY to why don’t have a Wiki.

I noticed the SPLC launches tirades against little fish like VDare. But not a peep toward the big White shark. I cannot find an entry for Bob Whitaker on the ADL site or the SPLC website!!! Maybe I am blind.

I feel fortunate. I have definitely been in the right place reading the right blog for the past couple years. I found the only racist the powers that be are actually terrified of.


“Why do people SAY things?” It is easy to forget that an interviewer is in a highly competitive business, and most publications and most shows don’t survive a year. They can get mileage out of Dr. Duke or Jared Taylor, but my message is too tight for them to even to discuss.

Now the single issue of white survival, with all its ramifications, is not what interviewers want, but I don’t make my living on this stuff any more, and it is all I want to talk about.

But the bare survival of our race is not an issue that can be ignored permanently. Dr. Duke has a lot of issues about Jews to interest them. Jared Taylor aims to get back to an earlier white America. These are things present audiences and present interviewers are used to.

David and Jared are two men. I am training a small GROUP that can be called upon for interviews all from the disciplined point of view that would destroy the whole genocidal movement. AFKAN has his nephews. You are talking to people, disciplining people.

No one wants to talk to me because, as you say, they have no idea how to deal with me. Fox was the only place where I did a major interview and was not invited back. The second interview was not aired due to pressure.

They let me read out the Mantra on the last one.

William Buckley published a latter I sent him in his Notes and Asides a couple of years back. He didn’t know it was ME, as his reply in the column made clear.

In short, as you say, I am a pro. Most pros get published BECAUSE of their names. I sneak in sometimes because I’m good.

My job now is to train some more pros.

As to a Wiki, it is easy to explain what Dr. Duke and Jared Taylor do. It is easy to explain what they DID.

My role is, and WAS, just a little more complicated.



After Christmas Question

How do you cook reindeer meat?




To be honest, I don’t even remember what I posted, aside from the fact that it is heretical to see the obvious regarding the foot race.

I made a comment earlier, a tongue in cheek one about having a child born in Kenya so they could become a good long distance runner.

Most people point out it doesn’t work that way and then they STOP.

Political Correctness said that the only difference between men and women, apart from hormones, was the way they were raised. Men behave like men and women behave like women, not because of genetic predisposition but because of environment and stereotyping during early childhood years.

I remember when that was party line and everyone said that. What people say now is largely different.

— Prometheus

You are the only person I have heard from who REMEMBERS that orthodoxy that boys are only different from girls because they don’t play with dolls.

Now here we have the sort of thing that jumps out at me but no one else even notices. Think about how hard this makes things. I distinctly remember giant fads like this.

If people remembered the endless list of PC absurdities like this, PC would long since have been discredited. Instead each new PC declaration is treated as Holy Writ.

But how do you REMIND people of this string of insanities? Remember, we are not talking about something SOMEONE said. That would only require a quote.

We are talking about a hundred successive things EVERYONE BELIEVED. That would require a hundred BOOKS.

Respectable conservatism is more critical to this Memory Hole than outdated leftism. RCs treat EACH new PC absurdity as a unique and serious one, NEVER as one more nail in the coffin of PC.



The Mantra Itself

There may be an indication of how our Mantra developed in my piece below on the six-man race. When everyone is saying the color of the skin doesn’t matter, I begin to wonder why. I trust my instinct for truth. If “skin color CANNOT matter I immediately start looking for the reason why it not only MATTERS, but why skin color is BASIC.”

So I look for an obvious example of where skin color is everything and everybody accepts it. The first rule here is that whatever Political Correctness says is pure unadulterated crap.

So the contradiction is OBVIOUS. It is obvious that any serious Olympic race has a purely Negroid Swede, a pure Negroid Frenchman, a pure Negroid Nigerian, and so forth.

Immigration is precisely the same. All massive immigration is from countries made up of people with brown skin to countries made up of people with white skins.

That is the reason people get PAID to say that this obvious proposition is nonsense, evil, and silly. If something is silly, you don’t have to pay people to say it.

I have not completed the Six Man Mantra yet, but it tells you how OUR original Mantra was developed. To push its integrationist program they talked about an objective “Mixing of THE races” the way today’s PC’s talk about THE color of THE skin.”

It took me YEARS to realize that the problem was not “THE.” It was aimed at ONE race.

I put the Six- Man Race in Stormfront and got a dose of deja vu. Prometheus said that everybody knows that.

Which is what I got with the Mantra for years. Everybody KNEW that mixing THE races meant mixing only OUR race. The next instant they forgot it.

No, Prometheus, they don’t know it. I hope you were three sheets to the wind when you made that dumbass remark.

Clyde Wilson just joined Tom Fleming in saying skin color is not worth fighting about.

It’s all Culture. It’s all Complex.

Okeedoke. Let’s agree that no immigration will flow from “countries that HAPPEN TO HAVE brown skins” to countries that “happen to have whiter skins.”

Clyde and Tom and their owners would say, “You have GOT to be joking!”

Do you now understand that Mantras take work to develop and work to push?




I just finished Buchanan’s “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.”

The mental and moral failings of 20th century leaders resulted in our present plight.

But compared to the incompetence and empty phoniness of those who are “advertised” as leaders, even THEY look substantial. The repressed REAL is coming out. I think it will happen fast


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