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I cannot afford to be a practitioner of philosophy simply because I have too many people I must deal with. That forces me into a very pragmatic state of mind and into a sober assessment of my own capabilities.

I am one those people who is often up in the middle of night resolving pressing issues that MUST be resolved quickly because I have no choice but to resolve them quickly. And resolving them successfully is not an elective, it is a requirement because the consequences of my failure are very onerous not only for myself but for many others also. And it is the counting of those many others that wears upon me.

In that there is arithmetic of real power. That is why I know that stating a goal is not a strategy. In fact, in my work, I have learned not to state goals, but rather to shape the cadences of how things really get done and accomplished, which in my own experience usually resolves itself into the skillful selection and use of tools in a social context (which another way of saying a context of salesmanship).

There is no distinction between a capability and a strategy. The two are the same thing. To the extent that religion and ideology support the acquisition of a capability, is the extent to which religion and ideology are justified. But these must not be permitted to slide into the role of furnishing consolation.

That is the lesson the Stormfronters don’t understand.

The value of BUGs is that it is a means of learning a sound way of thinking. Sound ways of thinking lead directly to the acquisition of capabilities, a panoply of understandings in the form of words and phrases that furnish of foundation for the reuniting of white people and making that reuniting real.

Robert Whitaker is the “king of the hill” in this. No one else is really doing it, which is what makes his work so very important.


YOUR Turn is Coming Fast

My whole life has been spent as a warrior of words. I feel entitled to teach it to you because I got PAID for it.

If AFKAN could show me that what the Prophet Covington says WORKS, I would be a follower of the Prophet. AFKAN has some excellent insights; I know that from his discussion of something I know a lot about, American history and Movement history.

From his total concentration on RACE, I know Covington is RIGHT, but all of us in BUGS are RIGHT.

My proven talent is in making progress in the present fight. AFKAN has done two things that make him one of us, and both of them are what would be “common” honesty. Like “common” sense, there is nothing rarer or more precious.

You have to be true fanatic to understand how AFKAN reacted to my constant protests. When one is truly dedicated, and one believes he has the only way to go, it takes enormous moral courage to bite your tongue and go with the editor.

After four decades as a professional respectable conservative pimp, no one is more aware of this than I am. AFKAN is now very careful to refer back to OUR frame of reference when he writes. That is not easy and I appreciate it.

Secondly, AFKAN does not make the obvious pretense. He could pretend that he or Covington had tried all this and it WORKS. AFKAN is not ABOUT to do that.

In a decent world I would not be impressed by a gentleman showing “common” honesty. But we do not live in a decent world.

I often sound like a wannabe Prophet, especially in the comments I quote up front here. I front and center comments that have a lot of “Bobs” in them. I am an honest man, and I tell you sincerely that this is NOT ego. The simple fact is that those who say “Bob” here are always talking about what I am trying to get across.

As you know, outside of BUGS my real triumphs are when someone uses my IDEAS as if they were their own. This used to drive my wife crazy. My concepts would circulate and show up in the mainstream media and she would be infuriated that someone else took credit for them. She understood that that was why I did it, but she was never QUITE convinced.

I appreciate AFKAN bending his fanaticism more than anyone else can appreciate him precisely because I am that kind of selfless fanatic myself. I GLORY in it when I see Prometheus or Lord Nelson using the tactics I developed to slam at the enemy. I LOVE to watch them chasing those bastards as the anti-whites dodge and weave and try hopelessly to dodge the trap I developed.

In fact, I think the one thing BUGS people should find satisfying is Ole Bob’s special appreciation of what you are doing. AFKAN will go a long way before he finds anyone who sees his “common” honesty” and his moral courage the way I do. Prometheus and Simmons and other BUGS ACTIVISTS will never find anyone who else who appreciates their DISCIPLINE.

I know how hard it is for someone who knows a lot about American history to hold himself back from correcting egregious errors in that area and concentrate on the Mantra.

To be a BUGSer you have to know an awfully lot, and it is very, very hard for one who knows a lot to never let up on an anti-white to correct him on something else. So I can only use people whose temptation to use their broad knowledge is enormous.

I know the feeling. So I appreciate the discipline you few show.

I hope it helps that someone FEELS all this with you. When you grit your teeth and hold back from correcting some idiot and keep chasing them on the point you need to make, at least one person expects it, admires it, and sees how it makes you one of the precious few.

This is critical because this same appreciation is now YOUR job. YOU are going to have to make the few YOU can reach understand this simple but very, very HARD discipline.

There are thousands on Stormfront who smell the rat, and I thank God for every one of them. But until you teach the DISCIPLINE to the precious few who can understand it the thousands will continue to lose.