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The Day of Fitting In is Past!!

Posted by Bob on December 13th, 2008 under General

If you READ THE COMMENTS, you will find Dave and Simmons dovetailing on the point that it is time for us to stop fitting into some long-vanished political Right or whatever.

For example, I am getting very, very tired of reading people in Stormfront talking about protecting Obamastan’s borders. They are militant about keeping the Hispanics here who vote for their Brother Hispanics right to come here.

Hell, at least THOSE Hispanics have a set of consistent loyalties I can understand. There are already PLENTY of nonwhites here to make an end to whites through the Glorious Assimilation conservatives worship, so why in the Hell should I back some anti-whites in camouflage jackets protecting this ridiculous border?

The horse is out of the friggin’ BARN, for God’s sake. But we have all these people yelling about closing the door.

The new politics cannot be aimed at the imaginary alliance I fought for in the pre-Reagan days. That did its job. It destroyed the USSR.

But the new job is to save our race. This is a new age. There is no coalition here. We must become spokesmen for the powerful white minority.

The turning point for the Communist Party in Russia came when the Czar had fallen and the elected Duma represented conservatism and the Soviet represented the “workers.” A compromise was in the works. The President of the Soviet, which then contained a huge number of revolutionary parties, asked what he thought was a rhetorical question: He said, ”We must compromise. After all, is there any party here that would be willing to take on full responsibility on itself alone?”

Lenin, head of the small Bolshevik delegation, stood up and said, “There IS such a party!” From that day, it was Lenin versus non-Lenin.

I played the coalition game when it was relevant. Anyone who reads about the period knows I was a major player in it.

I tell you the Day of the Coalition is OVER.

Someone must speak for the white race, beginning with its SURVIVAL, beginning with the Mantra.

Fitting In is Yesterday. “There is such a party” is Tomorrow.

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  1. #1 by shari on 12/13/2008 - 3:48 pm

    Exactly, that’s why I keep telling v-dare that the “war against Chritsmas” is anti-white, pro immigration is anti-white, pro Obama Chris Mathews is an anti-white racist, etc.

  2. #2 by Dave on 12/13/2008 - 4:52 pm

    The confusions of mind get pretty funny sometimes. For example on PBS we now see that “whites” are included with their own exclusive music segment involving regularly scheduled “Celtic” music.

    I have to pick myself off the floor to control my belly laughs at this nonsense.

    Madison Avenue started its decline the moment its brighter minds detected that teenage boys could no longer be reached through ad campaigns.

    The harsh truth had to do with the disappearance of security and comfort for that demographic.

    Now generalize this for the white population as a whole and we begin to accurately perceive the developing climate.

    Coalitions are for those who aren’t serious in their goals.

  3. #3 by Pain on 12/13/2008 - 5:30 pm

    They are militant about keeping the Hispanics here who vote for their Brother Hispanics right to come here.

    Send them ALL home. It is the only kind thing to do.

    It would be easy and solve a lot of problems, too. There would be an end to the problems of the housing market, for example.

  4. #4 by Dave on 12/13/2008 - 7:16 pm


    You are missing the point. America is now a nonwhite society. That issue has been determined and will never be undone.

    In addition, Mexico’s violence and general breakdown is spreading north. Our law enforcement authorities (and our military) are well aware of this. It is dominating their activities, at the local, state, and Federal levels.

    Worldwide, white people are immersed by nonwhite tsunamis rolling over their lands. There is no reversing what has occurred. The “social contract” for we whites has changed entirely, on a global basis. For example, we whites in America now face the very same issues whites in Russia face. This is a big change in our circumstances.

    In the 60s the Communists in America chanted, “United States out of North America!” That has now been accomplished.

    It is a fiction that America even exists anymore. Quit believing in the fiction.

    We whites are now in a very elemental situation. Our entire approach has to change. The issue of “borders” is gone. In present circumstances “borders” mean nothing.

  5. #5 by mderpelding on 12/13/2008 - 11:33 pm


    America has been a non-white society for 30 years.

    I used to read National Geographic as a kid. Lot’s of articles featuring various colored tribes around the world. Most famous were the pictures of colored women nursing farm animals. Talk about bizarre!!!

    By the 1970’s National Geographic started featuring small towns in Iowa as subjects of study.

    We are just like Bantus to them.

    So on NPR white folk music becomes an interesting novelty just as Bantu music or Han music or Tibetan music does.

    We are just another culture under the looking glass.

    Can you see the nature of our enemies now?

  6. #6 by Pain on 12/14/2008 - 12:11 am

    I see, Dave, you’re realistic.

    You are right, the end is already come! It’s hopeless. Woe, woe!

    Have a Kleenex.

    It would be easy not only to sweep away all the non-whites from anywhere, but even Mexico itself.

    You misunderstand — absolutely — the issue of borders. No border will be in our way. Border’s don’t matter because white genocide is at stake — not because the Marxist end of history is, as you say, “accomplished.”

    Reversal of the invasion will be the easiest part of ending the genocide. Three days, tops.

    The hard part is getting to the point where healthy folks are in a position of power to do that.

    That’s what BUGS is for. Planting seeds into the mind. Fighting the genocide. Spreading the Mantra.

    The best fights are won before the first punch is thrown.

    All history is full of harder fights than we face won by people who were burned at the stake. But the lonely writer dies knowing he just lit the fuse on a really bad bomb.

    You can keep complaining how Mexico has won, etc., but…

    Men give up only when the last Man is dead.

  7. #7 by Simmons on 12/14/2008 - 12:31 am

    Dave of course needs to explain himself in full exacting detail. I think he views us whites as the new Jews, or global overlords of progress or colonial masters, but I’m not sure.

    Yes a case can be made that in white evolution the nation state is dead, but he has yet to make it he instead revels in the critique of me and others.

    I do know one thing I do not want to pimp for globalism and the glorious uplift of billions more mouths to compete with my family’s children for space on this planet.

  8. #8 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 2:15 am

    This is the EXACT issue I have been addressing with my Nephews, and those members of the Family who are remotely ready to hear it.

    Dave hits the point no one wants to address; the United States of America as we have known it, as a viable social, political, and economic construct, is OVER – period, end of discussion.

    MultiRACIAL political entities, the foundation of Empires, die slowly, and start at the periphery; on the one hand, the Southwest is now Alta California in all but name.

    Burnham was right. “Liberalism as the Ideology of Western Suicide” has proven remarkably prescient.

    Well after he wrote “The Suicide of the West,” the Children of the Sixties decided to force America to commit suicide. With the Obamanation in force, they will have made this official.

    And America, as we knew it, will be over.

    What better time to be alive!

    I do wish the late Dr. Samuel Francis was alive to see ideological systems based on a positive theory of Race come forth.

    However, it really has become much simpler for me, as all – and I mean ALL – of my thinking centers around a positive theory of Race, and the practical applications of that theory.

    Most White Americans were seduced by the soft totalitarians – television, teachers, and, in time, managers – and always the price was political and economic security at the expense of Racial and personal sovereignty.

    NOW, that economic security is seen as a fading dream, and political security has all but collapsed, the fading vision of America is seen as unsustainable by what remains of the former Middle Class.

    Near the Southern border, where the elite of Tijuana are fleeing to America to avoid mass kidnappings – and worse.

    The collapse of the Mexican economy (PEMEX’s main field is already dramatically post-Peak) will be followed by the collapse of the Mexican government, and the flood will overwhelm any pretense of border integrity, today, and national integrity, in time.

    The Faithful Colored Companions are seeking the SouthEAST as the functional equivalent of a new Homeland. They are working like termites to destroy their new quarters, as well.

    In short, as I have said before, America As We Knew It is OVER; it’s like the cancer has metastasized, and has yet to be fully seen on the surface.

    Yet, all of the indicia of a healthy social order are missing, and decay, ESPECIALLY at the peripheries, is all too obvious, AND is growing at an exponential rate.

    I can say this about Current Events with the Nephews:

    Sarah Palin, the Candidate from Whitelandia, is clocking about 35% approval in the national polls, but 75% approval among Church-going Evangelicals.

    The illusions of the Christians – those who work for a living – are OVER for this country, and THEY were the ones who cheered hardest and loudest for Reagan.

    They saw how they were treated by the Republican Establishment thereafter – the current Bush Administration had NO representatives at the funeral of Jerry Falwell, and THAT was noticed – and the idea of “Family As The Foundation Of The Nation” – the Nephews stock speech at the local churches – is taking life, as the Pastor is announcing their speech as “Family IS The Foundation Of The Nation.”

    “Family – THE Foundation Of The Nation.”

    The Church members have the anger of lovers betrayed, and feel that “We did not leave America; America left US!”

    A parallel nation is developing – with their own home schools, and home school support systems, tremendous home gardening projects, and discussion groups among the Adult Women’s groups on “Dealing With Several Generations Under One Roof.”

    THAT topic is now mentioned for discussions, and attendance at those meetings is growing.

    And, of course, Family is the microcosm of Race.

    Incidentally, the Nephews report that some people are referring to “America” as “They,” and “The Outside.”

    THAT is what happens when “THEY” break the social contract based on all of the things only the White Race can make happen.

    More to follow.

  9. #9 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 3:25 am

    I’d like to follow up on a point Dave made some time back, which is much more important than it seemed, and has been a constant theme of my discussions with my Nephews since we came back from Up In The Hills.

    Dave noted that the very tools of measurement have failed.

    This is critically important.

    The very meaning of words used in everyday discourse have become undermined; “dollar” has lost value – literally – as a unit of economic measure, and education is seen almost as a joke.

    I know college graduates who are barely literate.

    The greatest unit of measure that has been undermined is that of American Citizen.

    Given as a sop to those who casually ignored the basic laws of the Nation-State, it has been weakened in value to such a degree as to make it all but meaningless.


    In larger part, I suspect it has been removed from Race – the Foundation of the Nation – and is now a mere legal formality.

    I suspect the good people of the Evangelical Churches are aware of this, more subliminally than consciously, and this, in good part, is why they really say to themselves, “WE did not leave America; America left US.”

    I tell you, the basic social contract has all but broken down in their minds, as Social Security and Medicare are all that remains of the social contract with “America,” as they knew it.

    Keep your eye on how the UAW manages to try to hide the fact of its impotence from its members, as a microcosm of how the betrayal of trust, garnered over generations, is swept away.

    THAT is a useful microcosm of the Collapse of the old American social contract.

    More to follow.

  10. #10 by Tim on 12/14/2008 - 11:47 am


    Yes, we are moving headway into the real fight.

    The interesting thing to note is that Bob is going to be alive to see it. The really good news is that Europeans have access to the type of weapons that can communicate the “leave us alone” message.

    The white elites supported multiculturalism and multiracial for various reasons (money, hatred toward the white working class etc). They are now bleeding to death from their plans. Look at all the stupid rules at our manufacturing companies due to multicultural/multiracial policies? They are getting killed from this stuff. KILLED. How can a multiracial manufacturing company compete against a homogeneous east Asian? – it CAN’T.

    Mantra, Mantra, Mantra

    Everyday – I get pitched a meatball to hit out of the park from this stuff.

    The old orders are breaking down. We need to plan the break out. Bob was years ahead of us on this one. And we MUST concentrate on the next phase…… when we take power.

    I see only one problem in America. It is the only conflict left among Whites. And I see the elites have been pushing it more and more over the last few years. North/South.

    It is something we need to get a handle on. Bob, David Duke, and especially the Political Cesspool can help. The only Yankees left are blacks and jews. Everyday I see nothing but Irish, Scotch Irish and some Germans here and there. All with roots/relatives in the South. I know damn well who the so-called yankees are.

    I am in the Midwest these days. There are tons of Southerners here. All of them that I survey are Irish and Scotch Irish with a few real Anglo’s like Whitaker thrown in (and other Germans as well). I was in a pub in MI of all places and a southern boy yelled where is all this North and South shite coming from? He has been in Michigan for 15 years. He could not understand what this nonsense was over. I thought about it and said – well this is going to be the only card the elites have left to play.

    We took a pole in the upscale pub. Everyone had family in the South and no one was interested in fighting anything White except the folks in charge. The irony was the only folks who we thought were textbook WASPS – ended up being part jewish. LOL. Where have all the WASPS gone?

    My mothers family is all Norman back in the day. So I am more German than these WASPS. A sad day – but we better realize what is going on.

    I am going to take my kind of polls on the East Coast as well.

    I see the powers that be trying to inflame the South (based on real historically grievances). I also see an attempt to divide based on the fantasy that the East Coast Irish are related to Teddy Kennedy and love his policies. (Bob would find it funny that working class Irish somehow like the Kennedy’s)

    We need to realize this. And I believe it is relatively simple to combat. Right now they are doing this in the North. Leaders coming up need to recognize it and diffuse it.

    I don’t care about differences in likes and dislikes. I care about DIVISIONS. Especially, ones that our enemy is trying to create as we are literally on the 5 yard line heading into the endzone.

    Headlines in the North: “Southern Senators trying to stick it to Northern Auto Companies”. Don’t believe me – Google it. The only good news is that there are not enough of the “old yankees” who would actually believe such nonsense.

    (I know Southern Senators are not exactly on our side – you get the point).


  11. #11 by Simmons on 12/14/2008 - 12:33 pm

    Let us be honest there will be coalitions against us and anyone who thinks or says America past tense. Read the respectables’ journals they are all about throwing the Scots-Irish and the evangelicals and traditionalists completely overboard. Which is to be expected, but what I think will happen is the the Jewish hate machine (hate and money being their levers to power)scapegoats them to almost Arab level.

  12. #12 by Dave on 12/14/2008 - 1:11 pm


    You need to review Mark’s brilliant line:

    “Those who own the present own the Future. Those who own the present NEVER have any serious relationship to what is really going to happen.”

    You imagine that if we WN’s could only get control of America’s regalian forces, we would be able to kick out all the nonwhites.


    Acquiring real power in our time is about acquiring the capability to end run the government’s regulatory and tax apparatus in a business sense. That is how the revolutionary era came into being in America’s colonial past also.

    There is no substitute for real capabililty. Any damn fool can pull the trigger on a gun.

  13. #13 by Dave on 12/14/2008 - 5:34 pm


    About the collapse of the “social contract”. This is again an area where there is never any recognition of the actual politics.

    The royal families of the Gulf States were heavily involved in busting America’s trade unions from the 1970’s on. An example was how the Saudi royal family acquired Crowley maritime (the major tug-barge Puget Sound to Alaska carrier) and simply sat out an 18 month strike by the Inland Boatman’s union (successfully busting the union) even through it was completely supported by the Stevedores, supposedly America’s most powerful trade union.

    Royal families are highly sensitive to being held up by trade unions. But the AFL-CIO sat on its ass and watched this happen without a care. With the trade union movement kaput, there is only the government work, and the AFL-CIO has now reemerged under the banner of the SEIU and OPEIU who are mostly focused on organizing Medicaid industry workers in Obamastan.

    Also, just think of the new lease on life HUD has received on the heels of the collapse of the housing market. SEUI and OPEIU sees big opportunity in the HUD rackets also. That is where things have gone. If Obama is anything, he is a successful HUD, Fannie-Mae, Freddie Mac, etc. racketeer. The government employee union focused “new AFL-CIO” was behind him all the way.

    By the way the Kennedy’s are racially Nordic (the Swedish branch of the white race) not the Irish and Scottish branch like most of the British and European aristocracy. The irony is, despite their politics, they are hyper sensitive to racial nuances WITHIN THEIR OWN CLAN, like most of the aristocracy. The world they advocate doesn’t apply to them personally.

  14. #14 by Pain on 12/14/2008 - 6:37 pm

    Acquiring real power in our time is about acquiring the capability to end run the government’s regulatory and tax apparatus in a business sense.

    You are couching nonsense in gobbledygook.

    You think that by writing something badly, people will not understand you, and therefore they will think you are really, really smart.

    All you were saying is: let’s surrender.

    But now you re-phrase it to sound really complicated.

    And what is that last comment to AFKAN? You blathered on 17 different topics that have no bearing on anything. You need to organize your thoughts, man.

    None of these rabbit holes into Alice’s wonderland help anything. All of them do take us to a land far, far away from the Mantra.


  15. #15 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 7:04 pm

    in reply to Pain:

    you quoted Dave:

    Acquiring real power in our time is about acquiring the capability to end run the government’s regulatory and tax apparatus in a business sense.

    you replied:

    You are couching nonsense in gobbledygook.

    You think that by writing something badly, people will not understand you, and therefore they will think you are really, really smart.

    All you are saying is: let’s surrender.

    But you phrase it to sound really complicated.

    in reply:
    No, the foundation of Imperial control is control of the regulatory systems; the military is the last, and, all too often, least effective, control system.

    In Imperial India, everything – EVERYTHING – was regulated by the Crown/British East India Company. You could only buy bricks from kilns where every brick was taxed – period.

    In OUR Colonies, the very foundation of our money supply was controlled by the Crown – see “seignorage” for an example of how deep the rabbit hole monetary control goes.

    The collapse of the measuring sticks – the units of measure – can be seen in the ratings given by the ratings firms – Moody’s, Standard and poors, Fitch – to what in reality was worthless paper. Hell, Lehman Brothers was triple A rated the Friday of the weekend they filed for bankruptcy!

    The solution, in part, has been Sarbanes Oxley – which failed, yet again.

    The solution will be Financial XML, which will allow for individual investors to look much more closely at what is really going on.

    And, for an example of creative accounting and regulatory environments, note that the UAW has something called a VEBA, a trust designed to pay for future health benefits to UAW members.

    The UAW has NEVER disclosed the contents of the VEBA – not even (perhaps especially to) its own membership.

    If they had, we could all run to our Bloomberg terminals, and see what the assets are worth, right now.

    A lot of valuation models reflect creative accounting, used to keep the ignorant happy until the moment they feel the knife going in…

    That’s true for currencies, as well.

    As I said before, there is a CDS for ten year Treasuries. Curiously, that has never been reported in the Lamestream Media.

    Yet, WE are the Creative Race, and have the power to build new and better systems of organization, control, and governance, if we so choose.

    Remember this:

    Many men came to amend the Articles of Confederation, but a few came to form a new Nation, with a new Constitution.

    A lot of us are going to have to follow their example, and the foundation of a better nation is better people, with better families, and no illusions whatsoever that yesterday will return.

    I’m going to deal with those who seek Yesterday in the next post in this thread.

    It’s too important, and it’s a topic that needs addressing. I was going to address it in light of the General discussion thread dealing with my Nephews, and the Family back in the Hills, but it ties in with this.

  16. #16 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 7:20 pm

    The most moving part of my meeting with Family members back in the hills was seeing how many people, both there, and here, are trying to return to the soft, idyllic Dreams of Yesterday.

    From time to time, I am (slightly) tempted to say, “Well, there it goes. Out go the Lights of Civilization. Let’s enjoy ourselves in the time we have remaining.”

    And then I look at my Nephews, and think of the Hell they face in the future, if they don’t succeed where we have failed, and that is in identifying ALL issues in terms of a Positive Theory of Race.

    We have literally been hypnotized by mass color television, and a school system whose focus is turning out worker drones, in a dysgenic social order, where unskilled (and untrainable) aboriginals are preferred to Swedish physicians by the immigration policies.

    Slowly, all of the tools used to mask Imperial Decline are fading in effectiveness, and people are retreating, with Failure hot on their heels.

    They are trying to square a circle, and they are slowly going mad from accepting the Terms and Definitions of our Racial Enemies.

    So, they tranquilize themselves, as their Soul shouts out to them that the evidence of their Senses reduce their Minds to impotence.

    America As We Know It has decided to commit suicide.

    It will take time, but the dies are CAST on this one, and that is that.

    My Challenge is to work with my Nephews to train them to see the Light in the Darkness, and the possibilities available in new thinking about the indicia of Race – Culture, Politics, and Economics.

    It’s quite challenging, but Yesterday is OVER, and the millions of soft, soothing lights from color television across America simply bind their watchers ever more deeply to an America that never really was…

    I had them read the scene from Atlas Shrugged, where the people in the plane fleeing New York suddenly saw the lights go out FOREVER, even as they fled to a Much Better Place.

    THEIR Duty is to MAKE that “Much Better Place,” starting where they are, and developing new ways of seeing things – new structures of Consciousness, if you will – with no illusions whatsoever about the Challenges and Opportunities they face.

    They are working sixteen hours a day at this.

    Yesterday is GONE.

    ALL of my efforts are aimed at making it possible for THEIR Posterity to walk “Toward The Stars.”

  17. #17 by Pain on 12/14/2008 - 7:58 pm

    The problem both of you have is that you are self-infatuated. You just wrote 45,000 words on nothing.

    Dave writes ALL IS LOST, and you start quoting the Jewess Ayn Rand like it were some religious text. Then in your 45,000 words you propose the solution to the white problem is to revive the British East India Company and flee.

  18. Do you have the money to revive the India Company?
  19. Do you have a rocket-ship to get to a planet where the whole white race can move?
  20. Do you know the difference between fantasy and reality?
  21. Why not stick to the **MANTRA** and other **little** things that actually make sense to those of us not on drugs?

  • #18 by Simmons on 12/14/2008 - 7:58 pm

    Putting Dave in charge of setting a depreciation schedule ain’t savin the white race. Technocratic gobblygook nonetheless, hell it ain’t saving the Jews witness the Madloff scandal (btw I hope there is a bailout for those jews, oh god do I hope so). Anyway tinkering with the financial margins is not the direction towards utopia so the both of you temper your technowonk impulses.

  • #19 by Tim on 12/14/2008 - 9:04 pm

    I see the current situation as the “fall of scientific racism”. I think we could be facing a similar situation now as we had with the fall of scientific materialism. The people that take power will have near total power over many areas. After the American Revolution and after the Fall of Comunism, the groups that took power took power over everything.

    A total takeover.

    Bobs anti-commie Mantras played a pivotal roll in the fall of the Commies. His current mantra is playing a pivotal roll already in this one. That is a good sign.

  • #20 by Tim on 12/14/2008 - 9:13 pm

    “Simmons on December 14th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Let us be honest there will be coalitions against us and anyone who thinks or says America past tense. Read the respectables’ journals they are all about throwing the Scots-Irish and the evangelicals and traditionalists completely overboard. Which is to be expected, but what I think will happen is the the Jewish hate machine (hate and money being their levers to power)scapegoats them to almost Arab level.”

    Well there is already a coalition against us. The problem is Tonto is arrogant and wants his own stuff. Furthermore, none of the Tontos (mexicans, africans, asians etc) want to share with each other. Nor can they get along for any length of time. The key to a successful coalition against us is the Jews financing it and the Aryans leading the minorities (that has worked over the last 100 years). Fortunately for us, that is failing. Blacks like Powell are too greedy.

    I actually hope they do continue to throw all our folks overboard. Right now there still an illusion that whites have representation. They don’t –so lets make it formal.

  • #21 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 9:43 pm

    in reply to Pain:

    Okay, let’s go!

    you wrote:

    The problem both of you have is that you are self-infatuated. You just wrote 45,000 words on nothing.

    in reply:
    I’ve tried it the Conventional Way, with conventional politics.

    I’ve seen how the Republican Party literally scorns its natural constituency, the White People Who Work For A Living, which makes no sense at all IF you view politics “conventionally,” rather than seeing all things clearly in the light of a Positive Theory of Race.

    At all points, we have accepted the Terms and Definitions of our Racial Enemies, to the point that we have been functionally gelded, and require prescription tranquilizers to stop our Mind from recognizing what our Senses are CLEARLY telling us.


    No More Of the Functional Equivalent Of HUMAN SACRIFICE For OUR Posterity.

    Since the introduction of mass color television, we have always set the bar way too low, and this must stop.

    Instead of complaining impotently about what is happening Racially, and Socially, look at how you could do BETTER, much damn BETTER, in a WHITE nation that was founded on a Positive Theory of Racism, like, oh, America USED to be, back in the day.

    THAT is what my Nephews are doing, with an intellectual honesty and ruthlessness of purpose that is all too rare among our people, these days – for now.

    you wrote:

    Dave writes ALL IS LOST, and you start quoting the Jewess Ayn Rand like it were some religious text. Then in your 45,000 words you propose the solution to the white problem is to revive the British East India Company and flee.
    # Do you have the money to revive the India Company?
    # Do you have a rocket-ship to get to a planet where the whole white race can move?
    # Do you know the difference between fantasy and reality?

    in reply:
    I do not use the British East India Company as a model for what we should do. Their reaction to the Bengal Drought of 1775 showed why economic policy and political action should be subservient to larger interests than pure economics.

    I use the British East India Company as the EXAMPLE of what happens when the yardsticks of economic measure are perverted into near-worthlessness, AND policy decisions are based on the worthless data from the worthless units of measure.

    NOW, reread my section, and think on who bought AA and AAA rated Lehman Brothers paper the day before Lehman Brothers went Chapter 11.

    THAT is the valuation system used by EVERY pension fund in America, and only creative accounting is stopping the mark to market valuation showing people’s economic futures are LITERALLY worth the paper they are printed on.

    NOW, think of the UAW VEBA Trust, their health care trust, and imagine what it is REALLY worth, that they refuse to show the contents of the trust to the members.

    you wrote:

    Why not stick to the **MANTRA** and other **little** things that actually make sense to those of us not on drugs?

    in reply:
    The MANTRA is a tool that encapsulates a philosophy, and it is only part of the philosophy that will lead us “Toward The Stars.”

    And, I cited Rand as an example of the Mindset it takes to face the situation courageously, and form the Foundation of a Nation from the Remnants of the Collapsed social order.

    Incidentally, let me again cite my favorite scene from Atlas Shrugged, where the Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s pride, the Taggart COMET, is stranded, alone, on the Arizona prairie, with the light, and nice, sweet, Eddie Willers sits helplessly in the fading light of the COMET.

    I am singularly determined my Nephews shall avoid his fate.

  • #22 by AFKANNow on 12/14/2008 - 9:55 pm

    in (thoughtful) reply to Simmons:

    you wrote:

    Anyway tinkering with the financial margins is not the direction towards utopia so the both of you temper your technowonk impulses.

    in reply:
    No one is “tinkering with the financial margins.”

    The margins have failed, and are moving to an implosion of value measurement; again, the wrong measuring tool gives you the wrong results.

    I’m talking of a new financial SYSTEM, supporting a new economic SYSTEM, and for THAT, you need clean, clear, measuring tools, like Financial XML.

    Look on the bright side:

    Think of what the UAW members will do when they realize their health care trust, which funds their health care program (the world’s largest single purchaser of VIAGRA!) is empty.

    They still refuse to think in terms of Race as a social organizing principle, at least for White people, at least consciously.


    Go to the evangelical Churches, and see the most consciously self-segregated people in America trying, in an almost inchoate manner, to form the foundation of a new nation from the Remnant of American society they are facing.

    I’ll given VNN’s Linder credit for being an astute analyst, particularly when he said this:

    Take ANY State in the Union, no matter how desolate, inhospitable, and foreboding it may seem. Make it “WHITES ONLY,” and watch the greatest land rush in American history take place, literally overnight.

    I might add, my Dream is of seeing Mankind’s first starship lift off from the spaceport outside Kalispell, Montana.

    I won’t live to see that – probably – but I work with a singular focus to insure my Nephews will.

    Oh, and America as we knew it?

    We wouldn’t fit in, and just as well.

    Don’t think Democrat, or Republican, Left or Right.

    Think “WHITE,” as in Race.

    Everything else will take care of itself.

  • #23 by Dave on 12/14/2008 - 10:40 pm


    For a while in my life I earned a living by finding people skipping debts. I was flummoxed after I became skilled at this on how easy it was to run anybody down with just a thread of information.

    That was a long time ago but now days I am even more skilled in information gathering and I possess real intelligence through contacts I have in the financial district in NY, within various government contractors, and elsewhere. I spend a significant amount of time gathering real intelligence. Mr. Friedman is right in that the world is flatter than you think and it never ceases to amaze me how sloppy brand name institutions are with sensitive data.

    But because of this, and because I am a financial person I have pretty good idea of how the world is actually plumbed and the playing fields of the real political system.

    Importantly, I have a sober respect for the very real power of the police, whether they are the tax police, the FBI, the military police, or state or local police. I also have deep respect for the actual and real operations of prosecutors’ offices.

    I keep looking for evidence of white nationalism taking root in these police organizations. That is an area I am paying a lot of attention to because as pragmatic matter, the development of white nationalism within these organizations is important.

    That what makes Robert Whitaker’s work important. Robert Whitaker is a clothier for intellectual fitness. In my view, the police and prosecutors NEED to be clothed in Whitaker to facilitate white nationalist impulses developing there and I am looking for opportunities to do just that.

    Please do not accuse me of being unpractical. It is not my problem that you do not think I am credible. How could you possibly know?

    My outlook is very practical. I don’t know how to deal with someone like Pain. Someone is either teachable or they are not. I am not interested in some fool who thinks he is owed justice. I am interested in people who actually know how to get things done.

    Now if you think I am not practical, I suggest you go out and start gathering real intelligence yourself. That will get things real very quickly.

  • #24 by Dave on 12/15/2008 - 1:22 am


    Since you are a big tough man committed to throwing the Mexicans out I am going give you a mission:

    Find out in your area who the large labor contractors supplying the seasonal labor requirements to agricultural hub nearest where you live (I will help identify them if you request it, just give me a location).

    Then actually go out apply for a job with the contractor of your choice (this is surveillance) and take the time to get to know the Mexicans working for that contractor.

    Find out if they are actually illegal. Take pictures, get names, and gather real evidence.

    Mexicans like to talk and making friends is easy. Don’t get in excuses that this can’t be done. I’m with Mexicans all the time. Getting them to fess up on their real status is no problem. They are going to know that you are not ICE.

    Then take the time to find out who the real owners are of the labor contracting business. Also, take the time to find out who their big clients are (I can help you with this).

    Then walk up to these owners and be a MAN, suck it up, look them straight in the eye, and tell them you know they are hiring illegals and that you are PERSONALLY committed to bringing them to justice. THEN, run down each of their major clients and DO THE SAME.

    If you are a committed patriot, then act like one. I know that there is nothing preventing you from doing this, but your own bullshit.

    But unless you actually do it, DON’ T bullshit me.

    Let me say it again: Unless you actually do it, DON’T bullshit me.

    I’m ready to help you on the mission.

    Now don’t reply to me with any silly cop out. There is nobody in God’s universe that has been appointed to do this job for you. Don’t fop it off on somebody else.

    It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You want the Mexicans out. YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT. So get your ass in gear and DO IT.

  • #25 by Prometheus on 12/15/2008 - 2:22 am

    Dave, it doesn’t matter how you would kick the Mexicans out. It doesn’t make much of a difference if they are illegal or legal either.

    Much business was made in Australia regarding a handful of refugees washing up on our northern shores in a boat. All the ire of the nation was directed at these people flouting ‘our laws’, while plane load after plane load of Indians and Asians flew in, legally.

    Not much can happen until Mantra thinking becomes more widespread.

    We are the precursors to those who will take to the streets. We are the people who come in the darkness to make the soil fertile the night before the farmer plants his seed.

    White people find solutions to problems, thats what we do. I have faith we can solve the problems concerning our race, when we have exposed the problem and the ‘hidden reverse’ of the state religion of our countries.

    The solution might not involve what you think it will.

    White Nationalists are usually not imaginative enough to fight tomorrows wars. They fixate on one battle and forsake preparing for future battles that our children will face.

  • #26 by shari on 12/15/2008 - 10:04 am

    Something that would help focus the mantra, I think , would be if some of you younger guys would marry your girlfriends and have some crumb crunchers. It’s a lot of fun coming home to little ones who adore you, and it sure does give you a reason to focus.

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