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BUGS Versus “You IGNUNT!”

Dave’s attitude that he is smarter than anyone else is one we all must at least SHARE in.

After all, the basic premise of BUGS is that the rest of the world has gone NUTS. The entire history of science is a fight against established Authority and what WORKS. Intellectual modesty has ALWAYS been on the side of evil.

If you THINK about that, it puts Ole Bob in a COMICAL position. I have a lot to teach, but I can’t GRADE you. That is what the forgotten art of SEMINAR is about.

“Education” begins with “fitting in,” learning how to respond and to give answers Mommy Teacher considers acceptable. We begin by learning to read and write the “right” way. We repeat multiplication tables. We learn socialization.

This is absolutely essential for small child. We have to teach him how to walk the way we do, because we know it WORKS. We have to teach him to deal with arithmetic as it really is. He does some arithmetic and stops believing in Santa Claus.

This is fine for small children, but it never STOPS. Universities have what they call “seminars,” but these are graded in exactly the same way the multiplication tables were, with a test.

No one GROWS UP in our educational system. This goes back to one of our themes: It is so obvious that nobody notices it. Our entire Western science is based on the fact that people learned the basics and then OUTGREW the basics at a certain level. That is the history of science.

But the area we are dealing in allows no one to grow up. In “social science” the student is supposed to begin AND END within the parameters of learn and test. We are lead to believe that any deviation from “educated thinking” leads back to some version of the Easter Bunny.

That is why blacks tell us that any deviation from the Politically Correct attitude on race means, “You Ignunt!!”

This is embarrassing to our “intellectuals” because it is EXACTLY what THEY are saying: You either agree or you are ignorant.

I teach some basics I know. I do NOT expect you to STOP with my basics. I do not expect you to spend time discussing my discussion of your discussion.

We outgrew that crap with Occam’s Law.

Well, BUGS did. Modern academia acts like Occam was never born.

I want you to practice what I preach and tell me what works. In a seminar, the rest is your business.