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The Importance of REAL Church History

Christ did not come to tell people that the Christ was COMING. One thing official history carefully avoids is that it was not only Jews who expected a Messiah. And official history desperately avoids the fact that “Jews” were not even primarily in Palestine.

Ten percent of the Roman population consisted of Hellenic Jews who did not know a word of Hebrew. They visited Israel the way their descendants, today’s Christians, visit Israel. History will someday say that all the Christians today were in Israel.

The Jews got their concept of a Messiah where they got everything else: from Zoroastrianism. In the West before Christianity Heracles gave his life for men.

But the point here is that Jesus did NOT come to earth to announce ***A*** Messiah, and John the Baptist did not say that there would be ***A*** Messiah. People assumed that.

Jesus’ message was that HE WAS the Messiah.

Please note that not a word of what I just said is theology. It is HISTORY. An atheist needs to know it more than a religious person does, because a religious person can adjust reality to his beliefs but an atheist can’t.

The real historical world Christianity took over is important to US.

Christian history is adhered to slavishly by atheistic professors. The first lesson of REAL Church history is WHY this is so. Official Christian history wants the Faith to be absolutely unique. All the basis of the Faith is supposed to be a straight line through Israel, and ONLY Israel.

If you think about it, atheist professors have EXACTLY that same goal. Real Christian history contains a struggle that is very relevant to ours today. Like us, the Church grew up, not in a vacuum, but in struggle with OTHER very similar. belief systems. Real Christianity was almost taken over, and WAS permanently diseased by, the Intellectuals who looked to the East, who shouted only those who lived in the Intellectual Truths of their day could attain Salvation.

Sound familiar?