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Bob Yoda and his Jedi

When commenters talk about VDare, what interests me is that you KNOW what it is all about.  To me, what is important is that YOU are IN THERE.

Shari says I will say her take on Christianity and whites is off the subject.

It is ON the subject because it is a statement in favor of white survival in the areas in which SHE is WORKING.
There is simply no area in which the disappearance of the white race is anything but a disaster.   THAT is our common message, no matter whether we are interested in economics, religion, science or anything else.

It is up to YOU to take this message and run with it in each area. 
This is a good example by what I mean when I say I am a teacher, not a leader.   A leader would dictate and control your message.  I just teach you how to hone your own.

I have warned Shari about The Dark Side, turning Christianity into Wordism.  If she avoids that, Bob Yoda’s job is done.    I just want to make sure you are out there fighting.
I TEACH the Jedi, but they have to do their own knight errantry.




As usual, Shari puts it simply and to the point in a way that cannot cannot be improved upon:

“On vdare, I think that they know! Just keep repeating.”


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This “Freedom” Nonsense

Anti-whites are always spouting about how massive immigration and assimilation demanded of ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is just Freedom.

I am really ticked off at my comrades for NEVER telling the truth about this.

The same anti-white who spouts this libertarian nonsense knows very well that free speech does not apply to US, but I am STILL waiting for us to SAY so every time this crap appears.

They keep saying we can live in our own bunkers if we want to. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, it is forbidden for us to do so.

But no one points this out.

As O’Reilly said, “There should be no all-white ANYTHING in America.”

At least O’Reilly SAYS it. That’s more than my comrades on SF do.

For all their “diversity” talk, the fact is that all-white areas are forbidden because people will MOVE there. If we had freedom of choice integration would be doomed in the long term.

That is the justification for our entire set of laws, the ones O’Reilly is all for and states so clearly. Why do my comrades let the anti-whites get away with this “Freedom” crap?



The Trolls are Coming! The Trolls are Coming!

A Stormfronter started what is now a LONG thread about how there are more and more SUBTLE trolls signing up on SF.

This was my observation:

Let me look at this from the point of view of an old practicing politico.

1) Stormfront is being taken more and more seriously.

2) It is therefore inevitable that professional anti-anti-semites and the like will try to penetrate and influence us.

3) We need vigilant people like J.S. Bach to notice this and warn us about it.

4) As the racial issue becomes central and the fake opposition conservative crap is shoved into the background, our REAL opposition to political correctness comes to the front

5) This was bound to happen as the racial divide became more obvious

6) It is a very very GOOD sign.



The Buckley Syndrome

I am helping to take care of a person in the first stages of Alzheimer’s.   The care-taker I am helping out is very grateful, because she is being driven crazy by constantly reminding him of everything.

I have no problem at all with it, and I am NOT joking when I tell you the reason for this.

I have been doing this all my life.  On Stormfront anti-whites bring up the same thing over and over and over and over.  They bring up “mixing THE races” and I have had to explain to them literally HUNDREDS of times that all this assimilation (intermarriage) and mass immigration are demanded ONLY in white countries and in ALL white countries.   It is straight genocide.

But it is not only the anti-whites who have Alzheimer’s.   Anti-whites give long arguments about how race mixing is a personal choice.  I just point out that all crime is a matter of personal choice.  It works, but it will be a long cold day in The Pit before other SFers pick it up.

And then there is “anti.”  Anyone who gets out there and fights sees how effective that is in driving them on the defensive.  Like the argument about “mixing THE races” they simply cannot deal with it because it is simple, short, and TRUE.   I drove them back with it.  I got POINTS for it.

But NOBODY USED it until I finally others to do so.

Until I started caretaking this Alzheimer’s patient, I honestly did not realize how his symptoms were part of my life on Stormfront and BUGS.

Some nice person who sent me points for one of my arguments said it was “simple BUT effective.”   In other words, were dealing with deeply intellectual opponents whose arguments can usually only be dealt with by long, complicated rejoinders.

I call this the Buckley Syndrome.  Respectable conservatives kept the old, silly liberalism alive by treating it with respect.  There is nothing complex about some idiot saying we should deal with CRIMINAL violence by taking guns away from HONEST people.  I worked in a prison and I have yet to find a single career criminal who doesn’t laugh out loud at that crap.

William Buckley used French phrases and his phony Judge Whitey accent to be part of a Sophisticated Debate with morons.   It is NOT an example we need follow.



The Obama News Period

Stormfront gets tied down in “news and Jews.” So I might wait a bit before putting the “Coach, not Leader,” there. It maybe a waste of time right now to try to get anything listened to during the Obama News Period.

To some extent my lack of brilliance is made up for by my lack of bullshit, so I admit that seeing a black face in the Oval Office depresses me, though by my own logic it shouldn’t. Logically a white man who has declared his enmity to his own race is a far worse creature.

My Stormfront signature still ends with “Anybody but McCain.” But it takes a while for my heart to catch up with my brain.

Certainly the United States which has established the religion of political correctness is like a US which has been occupied by any other alien. Loyalty to such a system is treason to our real country.

All that is logical, but it is still depressing. So Stormfront people have the right to a period to vent their anger.



Coach or Teacher, Not Leader

This is for Stormfront, but I want to check it with you first.

Coach or Teacher, Not Leader

In my signature I say that MY AIM IS TO BE a coach.  One person said I am not his coach because GOD is his coach.  I would gladly step down for God.  But what I said was that my AIM is to be coach.

Others aim to be leaders.

The name of my blog, “Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar,” shows that I think of myself as an advanced teacher rather than as a “leader.”

We have some excellent leaders.  In BUGS I am trying to train some more coach-professors.   BUGS is steadily evolving.  I used to do a blog where I set out my ideas, but I* kept demanding comments.

BUGS is a SEMINAR.  I praise comments, I criticize comments.  I have had at least a dozen articles entitled, “READ THE COMMENTS!”   It is paying off.

A lot of our participants used Comments to go off on their own subjects.  So I started a new segment called “General Comments,” maybe not the best title, but it is a place where Seminar Members can bring up subjects without trying to fit them in as comments on whatever I was talking about.    We have now filled up General Comments I and are on General Comments II.

But a funny thing happened on the way to General Comments II.

I felt guilty about not having looked at GC I for a while.  I thought my Seminar participants would be offended.   But when I read it over, I discovered that they did not even MISS me.   BUGSers wrote general comments, and other BUGSers commented on them.

For an Indispensable Leader, this would be a defeat.  For me, it was an enormous victory.

The statements and comments in General Comments are what one would expect of real graduate students.  Unfortunately there are no real graduate students in today’s universities.  There are no REAL seminars in today’s universities.

Which is why my definition of graduate is a bit different from the one used by the education bureaucracy:

“Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar is for people who have outgrown their college education, whether they have had one or not.”

As a former professor I make it very clear in my last book, “Why Johnny Can’t Think” what I think of what passes for education today.

My triumph in reading General Comments was not that seminar members just talked to each other.  Thank God we have Stormfront for that.   Their discussion, without my input, was DISCIPLINED.

They did not use General Comments to wander odd into whatever they wanted to write down somewhere.  We have SF for that.

Like any real seminar we have a specific program to develop in BUGS.  It is not easy to explain or one would not need a seminar format to deal with it.   If you reused to someone giving a lecture course you need to be part of the seminar for a while to understand what our DISCIPLINE is.

As I say in today’s universities real seminars no longer exist.  In today’s universities you just listen to what the professor says and regurgitate it in the exam, exactly as you did in the first grade.   To today’s professor my feeling of triumph would be hard to explain.

To me, the whole point of Seminar is PARTICIPATION, not cramming for the final.

Cramming is for high school.

In a real seminar, a long-dead art,    If a professor spends many hours in a seminar with future professors and he cannot tell who is getting it and who is not, he should go back to teaching high school where he belongs.

I feel justified in my claim to be coach, teacher, professor, whatever.  After all my work, BUGS participants are able to bring up new topics and STICK TO THE SUBJECT.

Leaders are har to replace.  But my goal is that, when I step down, due to my efforts, there will people ready to take my Chair in the numerous Seminars that will develop from BUGS.





I do two things all the time. I got them both on BUGS from you. They are supposedly the most effective tools in my arsenal.

One, I never say anti-racism and just leave it alone. I always say “anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”. I then stay on anti-white. It rarely goes further anymore, because I have slaughtered people with one of my shortened mantras so many times.

Another thing stolen from you is MY RACE. I never ever say “the white race”. Always my race, my race, my race. I have had white folks tell me after that they had never heard anyone talk about our race and personalize so much. I have had Asians say that they had never heard a white person say MY RACE. Very difficult to attack. Once in a while you will get a smart arsed anti-white SHWA ask me what my race is. I always say White Folks and then I call them dumb asses.

When you say ‘the white race’. You will get endless dumb questions about WHAT is the WHITE RACE etc. No one has ever asked me all these side issue questions by me saying MY RACE. When they do. I can immediately make fun of them and call them names.

Bob, has anyone ever asked you what color you are? No, not likely. My race is your best underrated and understated BUGS tool. I catch people all the time on BUGS saying ‘the white race’. I let it slide. But I shouldn’t because it is THAT effective. Make “My Race” a habit and watch people.