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E-Mail Me, IF…

Posted by Bob on March 5th, 2009 under General

Despite what I keep telling them, some people think you’re smart.  From time to time I get requests from them to put me in contact with certain of “my people.”

You are here for BUGS, not as “my people.”  No way I will freely identify you to anybody. 

Somewhere on my board, your e-mail address appears. But I think you know me well enough to realize it would never occur to me to use it or give it out.

So I have to ask you to do something else for me.

Send me an e-mail if you are WILLING FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU that way.  I can then tell you directly who wants to get in touch with us and why.  I will NOT send your e-mail address to them.  I will send THEIR  e-mail address to you with an explanation TO YOU.

Then if you like you can contact them.

  1. #1 by Tim on 03/05/2009 - 7:16 pm

    Ok Bob, I emailed you at the address on the front page.

    Kindly tell me if that is not your actual email address.

    A lot of people in our struggle have been beat up by the SPLC, or ADL or the legal system. And I mean good people legitimately beat up. We all have heard the stories.

    A casual friend found with similar views of ours found out I post online. He thinks I am crazy. He found out I called in and yapped at a talk show and wanted to have me committed! I told him we got enough of those TT style Lone Wolves. Hell we probably got a zillion of them. They are probably sitting side by side running whole govt agencies not even knowing each other!

    I am guessing —lone wolfers could probably shut down the damn country in an hour if they actually got going. So we got those for days. I know we do. By the way, I would be will to bet the powers that be are WAY more afraid of them than vice versa!

    We need some crazy yapping wolves who will do their best to stay on message. I am one of those. If it were NOT for Bob Whitaker, I would not be yapping for our race. So I trust ya Bob.

    I also have an ace in the hole. Bob is connected in a way most of us cannot really understand. If they ever go after Bob, I will read about on Drudge with the rest of the world. Immediately, we will know it is Valhalla time. LOL

    By the way, Political Cesspool gives out free memberships to SharkHunters with a 150.00 dollar donation. That is one talk show that will stick to Bugs talking points. Just to let you guys know. And Sharkhunters is pretty damn cool as well.

  2. #2 by Tim on 03/05/2009 - 8:19 pm

    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 No Such User Here (state 14).”

    Alright Bob Whitaker. You playing spook games with us? Whats your real email address?

  3. #3 by BoardAd on 03/07/2009 - 5:29 pm

    I’ve installed a new plugin and restored the forwarder. Email should be working now.

    If you get any spam, Bob, alert a tech ASAP!

  4. #4 by Bob on 03/07/2009 - 4:51 pm SHOULD work.

    I’ll check with tech.

  5. #5 by Bob on 03/08/2009 - 1:48 pm

    I have gotten spam through all the years. What do you mean by this?

  6. #6 by shari on 03/08/2009 - 12:52 pm

    My computer problem solved. Back in busssiness.

  7. #7 by Tim on 03/10/2009 - 7:43 pm

    This is a Bold Thinker! A Northern Alliance! I just wanted to make Bugs readers aware of a brilliant article. A natural idea —unite the north of earth!

  8. #8 by backbaygrouch4 on 03/11/2009 - 6:17 am

    As communication is a bit of an issue, would there be any interest in a monthly conference call, free with skype or some other provider, for a core group? We may be just scratching the power of the Internet..

    Further ruminations solicited.

  9. #9 by Dave on 03/11/2009 - 10:40 am


    The Internet has done a great job of spawning what is known as “collaboration tools” provided for free.

    I think of them as burgeoning “political conspiracy tools” (going beyond the marvelous “samizdat” – free speech blogs – now ubiquitous) and they will inevitably evolve in that direction (in the hands of the right people).

    The latest is

    Check it out.

  10. #10 by Adelheim_ on 03/11/2009 - 4:02 pm


    Skype would be nice.

  11. #11 by Tim on 03/12/2009 - 3:04 pm

    I have skype. We can yap on there. I don’t know how to work the conference feature tho?

  12. #12 by Tim on 03/13/2009 - 12:43 pm

    I posted this on Stormfront a few days ago. I thought since it was Bugsish. I would post it here.

    [quote=Maiarya-WhiteJasmine;6573015]Over the definition of the white has changed- hip to the yeah! Once slavs and Irish were said to be non-white, now hello- they are on Stormfront. So all this race hype is a social construct. Who said blacks never accomplished anything?
    Most are great dancers and athletes. So all depends on what you value. I have two mestizo children. One is brown, the other has sandy hair and green eyes. Race doesn’t predict anything. My husband is a brilliant writer who wants to see New Mexico and California become part of Aztlan. This would make up for what the Anglo stole from the Spanish who were all enthusiastic multicultural race mixers. One of you will probably marry my lighter daughter one day and never know her dads a quarter Aztec.[/quote]

    “Race is Real and it matters. We will never see Asians online arguing over whether they are a “social construct”. You will never ever see Africans arguing whether they are just a “social construct”.


    Because Race is Real and it matters.

    Only Aryans will have to have a website devoted to their survival. And only white women like you will argue for OUR blended genocide.


    Because Race is Real and it matters. Most Stormfronters make statements about Race being real. But they have no idea of the full implications. If we did NOT have WhiteJasmines arguing that our race was just a social construct and trying to genocide us……..we would NOT be WHITE.

    For 50 years we have been busy trying to get our race off this planet. And we are succeeding in many ways…..We are decades ahead of the rest of the planet. (and that is just WHAT we know about)


    Because Race is Real and it REALLY matters.

    The WhiteJasmines do not die out—they BROWN out. Choose or Loose.

    Race is Real and it Really matters. “

  13. #13 by Pain on 03/14/2009 - 1:23 pm

    Tim, nice, but you are making two big mistakes:

    (1) You are arguing defensively, which means that the idiot you are arguing with might have a point;
    (2) You are wrong that the idiot actually believes what she is saying is true.

    In other words, you are not dealing with a serious or sincere argument; it is just something she was told to say in a summer camp she enrolled in that was run by neomarxists.

    So instead:

    (1) Keep your reply very brief;
    (2) Rather than defend yourself (“No, race is real”), come after them;
    (3) Call them a genocider.

    You might say something like this:

    Is that something you are parroting from a Marxist book you read? Don’t you know that Marxism is long dead and long out of date? If you spend your life parroting things you don’t even believe yourself, aren’t you just an artificial construct?

    The fact is, all that this old Marxist stuff means is that all whites should be genocided.

    Why do you want to exterminate an entire race of humanity?

    What would your mom and dad say about you?

    Then follow up with the Mantra.

  14. #14 by Simmons on 03/14/2009 - 1:46 pm

    I agree with Pain, I recently pulled a two year apprenticeship at a “liberal” site/chatgroup, and the kids (I don’t care if they were 70) were little but Ego and fantasy thinkers, I’m not sure what they believed, and they were offended if you asked them to explain in any detail. I presumed because they simply did not know, but they were trained haters.

  15. #15 by Simmons on 03/15/2009 - 5:35 pm

    V-dare was interesting today, its lead story dealt with race, cutting nearer and nearer to Mantraland. Second on the blog Patrick linked to a disgruntled IT guy who even used the word “genocide” in describing the IT racket. For those that might travel in the IT circles the Mantra might be of some use to those eggheads.

  16. #16 by Tim on 03/15/2009 - 6:43 pm

    Good points. I will copy that Pain Reply. So that it can be used on infants. I was not taking in account the potential fact that the person was super young.

    As it turns out, the person was just pretending to be an ANTI. LOL. She did such a good job that is brought a fight among posters.

    thanks for the pointers. I have gotten used to discussing this stuff face to face of late. I forgot about the infant factor that can take place online. (infant at least on a mental level)

  17. #17 by Tim on 03/15/2009 - 7:05 pm

    Finally some capitulation from the vdare people.

    interesting read if you guys have not seen it

    this article made the front page on vdare today

    interesting –the only ANTI was Tancredo

  18. #18 by shari on 03/15/2009 - 8:26 pm

    Sterling has also written for The Last Ditch. He’s one of the few that I got a reply from so I’m sure he’s heard of the Mantra.

  19. #19 by Dave on 03/15/2009 - 11:06 pm

    I read Sterling’s article, and though he gets the Mantra, I can’t help but be disappointed.

    Specific proposals shouldn’t be made or argued. Sterling suffers just as Tancredo does of not understanding the real underlying issue, and that is resistance to the climate of bullying that is has been and is forever our dominating political condition.

    Simmons and Pain got it right that most of our anti-white white opponents (the talking doll variety) do not understand their own arguments. For the most part, the hordes of useful idiots are people with low street smarts. They are victims of a climate of bullying they do not understand, turnips on the back of a truck, having no options and without the intelligence to assess a means of escape.

    But ironically, that is Sterling’s problem also. If he really understood the street, he would not bother with making specific proposals about “what ought to be done”. “What ought to be done” isn’t the issue. The issue is bullying.

    Our opponents need to be convinced of this attitude, an attitude long on memory and long on commitment to severely punishing each and every offense offered.

    This sweeps argument off the table and replaces it with a fist committed to being painted by blood.

    The bullies get set to rights and suddenly they know they are no longer dealing with fools, flummoxing the anti-white whites (who suddenly apprehend a probable price for their treason), and forcing a requirement of respect from the anti-white nonwhites immediately.

  20. #20 by Simmons on 03/16/2009 - 6:16 am

    Dave has it 100% correct. That kind of response needs to be sent to everyone of the respectables. That is what I call field prep for the Mantra.

  21. #21 by shari on 03/16/2009 - 9:19 am

    It always says E-Mail at the end of every piece they put up. Maybe someone could do that with their response. Like I said the mantra has been sent.

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