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Posted by BoardAd on March 16th, 2009 under Comment Responses

I read Sterling’s article, and though he gets the Mantra, I can’t help but be disappointed.

Specific proposals shouldn’t be made or argued. Sterling suffers just as Tancredo does of not understanding the real underlying issue, and that is resistance to the climate of bullying that is has been and is forever our dominating political condition.

Simmons and Pain got it right that most of our anti-white white opponents (the talking doll variety) do not understand their own arguments. For the most part, the hordes of useful idiots are people with low street smarts. They are victims of a climate of bullying they do not understand, turnips on the back of a truck, having no options and without the intelligence to assess a means of escape.

But ironically, that is Sterling’s problem also. If he really understood the street, he would not bother with making specific proposals about “what ought to be done”. “What ought to be done” isn’t the issue. The issue is bullying.

Our opponents need to be convinced of this attitude, an attitude long on memory and long on commitment to severely punishing each and every offense offered.

This sweeps argument off the table and replaces it with a fist committed to being painted by blood.

The bullies get set to rights and suddenly they know they are no longer dealing with fools, flummoxing the anti-white whites (who suddenly apprehend a probable price for their treason), and forcing a requirement of respect from the anti-white nonwhites immediately.

  1. #1 by shari on 03/16/2009 - 5:35 pm

    I’m glad there are such as you in feeling.

  2. #2 by AFKANNow on 03/17/2009 - 2:36 am

    Most of this belongs in General Comments 2, but the hour is late, and the key issue belongs here.

    A most of you know, I have been the Black Sheep of the Family, which, with the exception of my Nephews, are Back In The Hills, where work has gone away, and people must travel two and three hours a day for such employment as they can find.

    I have been asked to accept other members of the Family, notably members of my Nephews peer group, and I have said no, repeatedly.

    My soul is at peace with these decision.

    Yet, as of late, I sometimes sit up in the darkness, and ponder how bad it must have to become before people can accept the primacy, the necessarily brutal effectiveness, of Race as the primary organizing principle for all association.

    The answer is beginning to become clear.

    What held it together for the Family Back In The Hills were two members who had recently retired from Delphi, the GM spin-off.

    On Friday, the Bankruptcy Judge for the Delphi Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ruled that all 15,000 retirees who were not UAW (ie, white collar) were going to have their pension rights, as well as their health insurance program, eliminated as of – wait for it – April 1st.

    April Fools Day.

    They have spent most of the weekend seeking my advice, and my assistance for their Posterity, my Nephews’ peer group.

    I told them my Nephews would be listening in on as much of the conversation as they could, as a reminder that no one is coming to their aid, and we would have to recover the Mindset of Warriors, of Conquest, if we are to survive, much less flourish, in the economy to come.

    Intellectual constructs are truly trivial, if they are not supported by the Will to Power, to Conquest, and to make those who want to “discuss” and “negotiate” their very right to racial Survival, have to pick up their teeth with broken fingers.

    Racial Warfare?

    Did you notice how quickly AG Eric Holder’s boss, the HNIC, backed away from Holder’s comments on how we – WE! – are cowards on the topic of a dialogue on Race?

    No more, and thanks for crystallizing for us just how much you hold us in well-deserved contempt.

    Game ON!

    AS I told the Family, “We are backed into a damn corner, and I want you all to download the Alec Baldwin clip from the movie, “Glengarry Glen Ross,” from YouTube.

    See the man in the custom black suit?

    That’s US, in Mindset, from now on.

    No negotiation, no discussion, just action aimed at conquest, and dominion, on the basis of Race as the Primary Organizing Principle.

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