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nothing is hopless,or hopeless either! comment about 58


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1reader’s 693

In celebration of having a comment posted, 1reader wrote a short story of 693 words. 1reader is new to the blog so this is expected.

Around here, a comment of such length is frowned upon and the reasons why have been heavly articulated in the archives. Bob has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and reading though such an extensive comment is torture, atleast it is for me.

Brevity is the soul of whit, and we firmly beleive that here at BUGS. One of the many ideas that we teach is that any tome can be boiled down into only a few sentances, so can the comments.



1reader and Simmons

1Reader: Even at the time of all the adversities we face, some good things happen. And lest you have already read this, which I am inclined to think you have, Id like to steer your attention to this fantastic discovery

I think that it is one of several factors contributing to that our view of the earliest modern Europeans can be refined, and it might be quite different from the establshed ones at points. It contributes to understanding the important foundation of Europeans laid out early on, and how it developed towards the start of the last ice age, and what the people surviving it inherited. It also helps understand how deep this goes.

Simmons: 1Reader its obvious europeans were advanced, look at the cave paintings of France. But the kids who ironically pimp “Evolution” literally blanch at the thought that Evolution was kick started by whites. Since blacks are regressing to rap music we have further proof of evolutionary refinement, that even the religion of PC is having a tough time of hiding reality.




Here is a bit of proof of our “friends” on the left helping us out. What I’m about to say might upset some of the Hitler admirers, but the left is literally enshrining the race laws of nazi Germany upon America. Soon someone on the semi-respectable side will figure out to ask the powers to be what is the legal definition of race and who in charge is supposed to codify this. We then can use the “neo-Nazi” lable for the kids of left.



Simmons’ in AR

At this AR thread I ask the obvious Mantra question about who is supposed to celebrate diversity, and why (to facilitate our genocide with a smiley face)

At AR see the BNP threads, I would say they are Mantra thinking about 50% of the time. Which is an improvement over the past where it was IQ and Scaredemographics 99.9% of the time on threads like that.

I wonder if the CofCC conference will be a scare convention of demographics and IQ studies? Hat tip to Horus for wising me up to demographic scare theory.


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Simmons’ Observation

I seen a great bit of Mantra rhetoric yesterday. It amounted to; Is Asia too Asian? It is spreading.


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Lord Nelson’s Observation

I see the BNP using Mantra logic more and more. The established attempt to destroy the White race is getting so obvious, that there really is no excuse for not using it.


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Wordism Versus Morality

Posted by Bob on December 1, 2005 at 5:51 pm

In my old “Partisan Dictionary” which I wrote in the Southern Partisan in the early 1980s, the following definiton appeared,

“Manners, n,

A formalized substitute for courtesy.”

Manners if doing whatever is fashionable and written down. Courtesy is concern for the other person.

By the same token, “ethics” is written down. Honesty, like courtesy, needs no explanation.

I have pointed out that the moment someone said something to me that sounded like they were getting around to “something you would like to have,” I would quote to them the Draconian penalties for bribing a staffer.

This was often unfair. I had honestly misinterpreted where they were leading. But it also gave me a certain reputation as a person who could not be trusted with even a hint of a bribe.

Why, exactly, was I so nasty about such hints of offers?

“well, Bob, it’s because you were raised in the Bible Belt. The Book taught you that ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor’ even if they pay you.”

And that is what really worries me about Wordists. My ancestors were proud to die to a man around the leader they had sworn fealty to long before the Gospel, much less the Old Testament, ever got to them.

I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal, and I honor my word not because some Book told me to be that way, but because I AM that way.

If you want to know about someone, let them talk. When a person justifies honesty by quoting a Book, you had better put your wallet in a safe place.

His Book can change tomorrow. His INTERPRETATION of his Book can change tomorrow.

Honesty is what an honest man takes for granted.

Wordism is for psychopaths.