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Political Reality

Posted by Bob on July 6th, 2009 under Coaching Session, History

Herbert Hoover went from overwhelming victory in 1928 to total defeat in 1932 because there was an economic collapse on his watch. The Democrats went from one of modern history’s most crushing defeats because they had gotten America stuck in an unsinkable war.

By 2008 George W had accomplished BOTH. What is astonishing is that, having done what Hoover did in 1932 and Democrats did in Vietnam, Bush’s defeat was not even close to the drubbing his two predecessors got for half the reason.

Political logic says that a Vegetarian Party ticket with an Australian bushman on the ticket could have beat Bush in 2008.

What is astounding is not the new black president, but the fact that Bush got a single electoral vote.

And the blacks are perfectly correct. If Obama had not been black, he would wiped Republicans off the map.


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