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Why I Wrote “Taking Credit”

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in explaining a concept that I forget WHY I am discussing it.

If you look up “Taking Credit and Power Strategy” in our really excellent search engine, you will see the concept. The REASON I wrote it was so that you would understand why it is necessary NOT to give me credit for my concepts.

The reason this blog works is, as I explain there, precisely because my concepts are broad enough so that main line commentators can use them without mentioning ME. As I explained in the case of Rusher giving ME credit, it was fatal.

This is easy for professional commentators. Their job is taking credit and they are not extremely bright. But for you it is different. You are driven to give credit where credit is due.

This could be very costly to what we are trying to do.

I wrote Taking Credit because a commenter wrote a paper on Wordism for his professor. He was flattered that Simmons said I had written it FOR him. I was flattered too, because I didn’t.

He proved that what I say makes sense and he can USE my thinking. That is my whole purpose in being.

If he uses the concept as his own, that’s even better. If YOU use the concept as your own, that is great, too.

One thing standing in the way of the Mantra is that it is anchored to ME.

You can’t be a Leader if you don’t have ego with huge roots that go right into your unconscientious mind. So David Duke and Jared Taylor and our talk show hosts cannot use any statement too close to the Mantra because their followers know it is not THEIR Mantra.

You see how this works?

This gives YOU great freedom. It also requires that YOU take credit for extending my concepts as if you originated them. This is not easy for your kind of conscience. But it is CRITICAL for our success in getting our concepts out.