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William on Wordism in White Nationalism

Recently, I stumbled across a Stormfront thread asking the question “Can non-Christians be White Nationalists?” I thought the answer was simple enough but it appears people are much more delusional than I realized. In this thread I saw bickering, arguing, and childish name calling, but really, what more could one expect from Stormfront these days? No, this isn’t what got me interested in this thread, and even writing this. What sparked my interest was the sentiment that, despite one’s genetics, your religion can dictate your race. This astounded me that people would believe this. Religion is an idea, people’s loyalty to this idea do not change their racial make up. If I start quoting the Qu’ran, the Irish blood in my veins isn’t magically transformed into Arab blood by the will of Allah. And yet, this is what people seemed to be implying.

I took this as something of a call to arms, I tried to explain that this was simply idiotic and goes against every fact about race we know. Someone’s race cannot be changed; their DNA lasts with them for their lives and is furthermore passed on to the generations. Once adherence to an idea, whether it may be Islam, Christianity, Paganism, Atheism, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, or even White Nationalism, doesn’t change their genetic make up. As I put it, if a full-blooded Irishman named Seamus O’Brien walks into the new Mosque down the streets and declares the words of Mohammed to be the will of Allah, can someone explain to me how he is anything other than an Irish White man?

The fact of the matter is simply this; an Irishman is all he is and all he ever will be. Regardless of what idea he clings to, his race stays the same. Now, the problem develops that by adopting this new idea, his race takes second place. In our example, Seamus now identifies as a Muslim, not a White man or an Irish man. His culture, folk, nation and family have all taken a backseat to his newfound idea. This is insanity and serves as a huge problem in recruiting Seamus for any kind of racial belief system. He has a new group, a new set of peers, a new law code, a new history. Underneath his turban Seamus is still the Irishman he’s always been, but he is now a slave to the idea that is Islam. Anything short of race is just that, an idea, an abstract thought, a concept, and by clinging to an idea, you lose any sense of racial obligation.

Now after I made this point, I was immediately attacked. Apparently there is a line that once one crosses gets your status as a White person revoked. Again, this is just foolish. The issue of White youths who act like non-Whites, and that as a White Nationalist being loyal to these people was bad. Bad? It is bad to be loyal to people of your own race? Isn’t this the cornerstone of White Nationalism? I then realized what we know as White Nationalism is nothing more than an idea, it’s just as prone to wordism as any other ideology, and in fact all it is wordism. These White Nationalists refused to accept their fellow Whites because these youth’s ideas (that of multiculturalism and diversity) clashed with their idea of White Nationalism. So in effect, what we’ve learned is not even White Nationalists can think racially, but rather think in terms of “my ideology vs theres”. Now I will be the first person to stand against multiculturalism and diversity, these are two very sick and evil things (they are, after all White genocide), but these things are just ideas. They are silly ideas that require some form insanity to believe in. That said, to exclude Whites who believe this and somehow insinuate they are “less than White” is just as idiotic and stupid.

This may seem like common sense, but to the good people (and I use that sarcastically) at Stormfront, I had just made the greatest sin of all. The realization that the world of racial politics is simply a microcosm of the greater struggle began to set in, that these people will cling desperately to their ideas, their books, their flags, their personality cults, and be the first to ship their race up the river. What is wrong with this picture? Pro-Whites who are against Whites, simply because their ideas clash with their holy religion of White Nationalism