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PC Hypnosis

Posted by Bob on October 4th, 2009 under Coaching Session, Mantra, Political Correctness

At least half of the environmental disasters today are NOT the result of greed. They come from environmental Idealism. This is recorded but never MENTIONED in an endless string of documentaries.

How many times have you seen a documentary saying that some animal has gotten out of hand, and it was originally imported to take care of some other imbalance? But the documentary makers do not NOTICE this. They NEVER say, “…ONCE AGAIN this animal which has gone out of control was introduced to take care of an environmental problem is creating a far worse one.”

The usual explanation for this is that it is a Conspiracy. The Learned Elders of Zion call each other up, “We won’t say AGAIN.” The Conspiracy idea is plausible to those who feel that people in high places MUST KNOW how stupid they are being. If you get on the inside you realize that nobody gets to the top inside the system unless they think like everybody else I the system does.

ALL established religions select those who are hypnotically repetitious and those who are talented psychopaths, who are able to fake being hypnotically repetitious.

One example stands out in my mind, but you would have had to be there to be as impressed as I was.

My cover was a tourist trip across a Communist border roughly forty years ago. Among the tourists was a real hippie couple. They had on their hippie uniform, beads and such. I wondered how people who carried the Viet Cong flag in parades and lauded Communists would react to what the few tourists too poor to afford planes always saw:
The dug out area or wall, the men with automatic weapons, the skull and crossbones signs that are the international sign of land mines, and the warnings that anyone who tries to escape the Workers’ Paradise will be shot on sight.

I wondered what their reaction would be.

There wasn’t one.

Both hippies went into TRANCE. A REAL trance. They looked straight ahead. They did not SEE the ditch, the land mine warnings, the machine guns.

If you had been there you would be as intrigued as I was: They didn’t SEE it!

The reason the endless cycle of environmental disasters caused by environmentalists is not mentioned in documentaries is because the documentary makers genuinely do not SEE them.

Successful documentary makers have no odor of heresy on them. An established religion can identify someone who is not a True Thinker without even noticing it. There are millions of competing faiths battling to become The Established Religion. The ONE that wins out develops the ability to weed out potential heresy.

EVERY established religion has always required this form of hypnosis in the people who, after all, are merely parts of its mechanism.

This is why using the Mantra is such a useful introduction to reality.

When you use the Mantra, they don’t HEAR you. They go into that TRANCE.

And as an introduction to reality, you need to see that TRANCE in action.

  1. #1 by shari on 10/04/2009 - 1:08 pm

    There was an example of pctrance here,recently. A pack of wolves killed and maimed over 200 hundred sheep in a single night. The “experts” immediately said they couldn’t inderstand it, as wolves never do this. Funny, they know that dogs will form a pack and go on a wilding, but not wolves? Anyway, I don’t know what can be done with pc trance. I think that very few, so impaired, will come out of it. There is more hope for somebody who, physically, is deaf and blind.

  2. #2 by Dave on 10/04/2009 - 1:14 pm

    I wish there some way I could snap my fingers and magically make other people understand the importance and the implications of what BW is saying in this post.

    Even among our BUGSTERS I doubt there are few who really get it.

    I was fascinated by hypnosis. I read everything about hypnosis I could get my hands on.

    I wanted to know the HYPNOTIST’S SECRET.

    But I never really got a handle on it, until the “GREAT KRESKIN” gave away the Hypnotist’s Secret in testimony he gave at a murder trial in Spokane, Washington.

    He was an expert witness and his purpose was to try to convince an idiotic judge how completely bogus it is to admit testimony obtained from witnesses under the influence of “hypnosis”. Kreskin explained that there was no way such testimony could be reliable because there was NO SUCH THING AS THE HYPNOTIC STATE. Kreskin explained to the judge that the “Hypnotist’s Secret” was all a con. “You simply have to understand the immense susceptibility most people have to the power of suggestion. People have low capacity for apprehending reality accurately. They can easily be tricked into believing anything.”

    There I had it! The SECRET!

    Now days I just love watching hypnotist’s stage shows. I never miss an opportunity. These shows are wonderful lessons in real politics.

    I have come to realize that most of what people say they know about what is real is just the influence of suggestions they have received and are repeating.

    Also, I hardly ever believe people when they relate events from their past. VERY FEW PEOPLE are capable of relating their past accurately. They simply believe they have experienced things that never happened and once more, they really and truly believe it.

    There is nothing that can be done about this aspect of human life. But if you are real player, you have to be keenly aware of it. People are a lot less connected to reality than you think.

    Society’s perceptions are not to be trusted.

    This is a wonderful post by BW. It is truly extraordinary.

    I hope our BUGSTERS get its importance. Getting stuff like this is what makes you a PLAYER. It is what puts you in power.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 10/04/2009 - 2:16 pm

    See my last post in “Life after man.” Reality is stress, stress is a marvelous tool, and the Mantra is a sledgehammer of stress.

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