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Posted by Bob on October 8th, 2009 under Coaching Session

As children we used to sit around the sandbox creating castles, war-zones for army men, and sand bridges after a heavy rain. We played make believe and entertained ourselves for hours on end. Most don’t remember the boredom suffered as a child and the extent we went though to entertain ourselves, but this leads me to my point. Humans are intrinsically creative creatures and in the absence of expressed creativity, we are inspired to create.

When a mind is deprived of all outside influence it will create art, music, dance, literature, and countless other expressions and we can say these expressions of creativity are extensions of ourselves.

A large body of individual creativity can form a culture, and a culture is nothing more than an accepted collective expression of creativity.

The culture that is established by the people is always secondary to the people, as another race can have that culture. If the culture is destroyed, the culture will reestablish itself as long as the people who created the original culture exist.

Respectable conservatives like to say that it is all about culture and that they would gladly open the gates to let the barbarians though as long as they claim to profess the right words and ways. Respectable conservatives condemn to death the very thing they claim to protect.

A child at least defends his sand castle from those who seek to destroy it.

  1. #1 by Dave on 10/08/2009 - 12:02 pm

    I recently encountered a Nigerian physician, who was obviously from a wealthy family. He recounted his youth for me. He said, “It was simply beneath me to attend a medical school in Nigeria.” He continued, “ I can’t imagine anyone deliberately choosing to attend medical schools in the third world.” Finally he said, “ You have no idea how superior American medical schools are in comparison.”

    This clown said this to me with no awareness of the gravity of the insult he was delivering to me. He had utterly no sense of the shame of what he was saying. It was obvious he had no awareness of the meaning of national pride.

    Nigeria needs doctors. Why in the hell isn’t he serving his own people? Why is he in my country? If Nigerian schools are so inferior, IT IS HIS JOB TO IMPROVE AND BUILD HE OWN COUNTRY’S SCHOOLS! Furthermore, how can he know anything about his country’s schools if he doesn’t attend them?

    Why is he crawling at my people’s feet? Why is he so obsequious? Why doesn’t he have any sense of shame? Why doesn’t he have any sense of nationhood? Why is he in my country? Why can’t he access the true meaning of manhood and pride?

    I am sick and tired of goddamned colored dogs crawling at my people’s feet.

    We White Nationalists think things have changed because the terms “Master” and “Lord” are out of style in forms of address to white people. Not true! Today, colored people crawl on their bellies before whites even more, and are more obsequious and servile than they were even during the Slavery of 200 years ago. And we dumb White Nationalists don’t even see it.

    It is sick for so many colored people to have no sense of their own pride. That Nigerian doctor was nothing but a goddamned shameless dog, literally.

    But for the Respectable Conservative, that Nigerian doctor’s attitude suborns “PRIDE IN AMERICA”. Goddamn Respectable Conservatives to hell! The Respectable Conservative is more than a mistaken and cowardly ideologue, he is a menace that must be exterminated and abolished from the world!

    There is nothing benign about races sharing “a culture”. Brown skinned people and Asians can only be liberated through their own cultures. They have no need of the white man’s culture! This is something we whites really, I mean REALLY AND TRULY, need to get through our heads!

    I want nonwhites to get the hell out of my culture. I want them out of my schools. I want them out of my neighborhoods and communities. I want them to quit speaking my language!

    Above all, I want them to quit crawling at the feet of my people. I want them to attend THEIR (very own) SCHOOLS, THEIR (very own) LANGUAGES, THEIR (very own) TRADITONS, THEIR (very own) SENSE OF NATIONHOOD, and THEIR (very own) PRIDE.

    I want them to forget the white man!

    Simmons gave the example of a 19th century Indian thinking that his Buffalo robe invested him with the power of the buffalo and Simmons was exactly right that nonwhites confuse form and function. They think OUR POWER is THEIR POWER.

    Shamelessly. Without pride.

    And Respectable Conservatives suborn it.

    The worst kinds of people are the kinds that derive their sense of self-worth by denying others their pride. This is Respectable Conservative demanding that all nonwhites become “Americans”.

    Respectable Conservatives cannot imagine Robert Whitaker, a man who actually respects other races and who believes that nonwhites should live with pride upon their own devices and their own power.

    Respectable Conservatives label us “racists” while THEY are the “racists”.

    All we want is the right to OUR OWN posterity and we believe every race has a right to THEIR OWN posterity. The emphasis is on “THEIR OWN” as in “THEIR VERY OWN”.


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