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There is the Book, Marx, Koran, Old Testament, Gospel, Wisdom of Confucius,

Then there is the Institution, Church, Party, Islam. Institutions follow evolution, survival of the fittest, regardless of what Book they claim to be following.

As a result, every Institution must explain why it looks like every other institution it is competing with for the same population. The Communist must explain why the Worker’s Liberation Country needs to be a concentration camp. There were those who noted that putting all the peasants of a country under the Interdict to collect money from the King did not violate “What you do unto the least of these…”

In short, somebody has to explain what the Book says is what the Institution does. In plain English, it wakes a lot of Doublethink to fit an institution into the Book. This explanation of Doublethink comes in massive volume.

It is called Commentary. Every religion, including the secular ones, has mountains of Commentary. Commentary is the exact opposite of Mantra Thinking. There are mountains of Socialist Commentary on why the Bolsheviks tried to abolish money in 1917-1920 and then switched to The New Economic Policy. The New economic policy consisted ENTIRELY of a partial return to capitalism.

Marxist and Mommy Professor Commentary devotes volumes to such explanations, and get paid for it. The only explanation they avoid is that communism is silly. Can you imagine the word “silly” being used by any Wordist Commentary or any respectable conservative?

“Silly” is a Mantra Thinking word. It is a term no one who fancies himself as an Intellectual would use about Other Great Philosophers.

Mantra Thinking says that if you have to write tomes about it, it probably isn’t true. A society supports a huge number of people who could not make a living outside Wordism, in our case lawyers, judges, and Mommy Professors. What gives them free access to the public trough is the term “Simplism.”

As Justice Frankfurter said, “To say that a law means what it says is case of PERNICIOUS oversimplification.” Anyone who just notices what WORKS and what doesn’t is an “anti-intellectual.”

They MEAN that. A world where people avoid motional quotations and just note what WORKS would starve the self-styled Intellectuals and Modern Thinkers to death.




There is a mindset that allows Christians to value self-torture as the ideal of the one who said that one should treat others as one would want them to treat him. It allowed some of the most idealistic and certainly most sincere people in the Church to torture people in the Inquisition. Calvinism was self-hate which ruled New England and when New England ruled US, it became an American disease.

Orwell called this disease Doublethink.

The LAST thing that Political Correctness is, is NEW. That is why they have to hide behind “This is The Year 2009.” By their very name, conservatives let them get away with that. They say they are “conserving” old concepts and outlooks. That alone would make respectable conservatives worthy of the “respectable” label which allows them to make their living: It hides the reality that every Idea of 2009 is a very old idea that didn’t work then, either.

Which brings us back to Doublethink. Political Correctness repeats the same old stuff like self-hatred being a virtue, that is thousands of years old. Conservatives hold to what they call Christianity, which has a lot of obscure Latin and no Golden Rule.

In short, both our established religion and its tame opposition are based on Doublethink.

New England’s Calvinist thought led to what all Old Testament thought leads to: their children became Unitarians and then atheists.

There is nothing in Communism that has not long since been part of a heresy. The last thing Political Correctness is, is new or original.

You well know that no one debates with ME because it is so easy for me to cut them to pieces. At the height of the civil rights movement in the mid-1960s it was routine for me to take each new grad student and cut his equality nonsense to pieces.

Even in my early twenties, no Brave Race-Mixer would take me on.

Meanwhile “our spokesmen” kept losing debates.

But while people see that what I do works, you know how difficult it is to make THEM use it. This is not just because it takes all the fun out of debating pure crap. A major reason we have such a hard time spreading Mantra Thought is that EVERYBODY else is so deeply rooted in Doublethink that they SMELL something wrong in the Mantra.

Conspiracy Theory is Doublethink. On the one hand a small group has us bound hand and foot. But at the same time those who are in absolute power find it critical for the people they rule not know they exist.


Actual power shows itself. Kings spent huge sums on palaces and baubles that could have paid for armies and spies. In the real world, power doesn’t hide. If those who have us bound hand and foot HIDE from us, the first thing you need to do is explain WHY.

But again, the Hidden Power is an old idea which every Doublethinker has always lived with.

Conservatives uphold what they call Old Christian morality, which consists of self-torture in the name of the Golden Rule. No conservative EVER asks why every Worker’s Paradise was a prison that made the Fugitive Slave Acts look benign. Fugitive slaves were not shot on sight as they were at the Berlin Wall and all the OTHER Red borders.

You will no more hear any respectable conservative bring this up than you will hear him ask the definition of “racist.” A racist is one who accepts NO form of Wordism as his primary loyalty. That is heresy to today’s left and right.

So one reason Mantra Thinking turns ideologues off is because they SMELL a trap in it FOR THEM. It offends them in a way they are not even aware of.

To put it simply, Mantra Thought is Singlethink. One cannot play the game TV debaters do of bashing away one bastion of the enemy and then allowing him to hide behind its opposite side in Doublethink. You are either pro-genocide or pro-white, you are either pro-white or anti-white today. You cannot declare a state is ideal for the people and then surround it with machine guns to keep them in.

But ALL Wordism needs Doublethink. You can’t base your whole world on a book without it. A book cannot explain everything today, much less everything even a decade letter. But this, again, is Singlethink. No human being can explain what will be a decade hence, much less the world forever.


When the Churches, Rome or Geneva, tried to cram the whole world into the Old Testament, it shot itself in the foot repeatedly. But instead of accepting that, “conservatives” KEEP trying to cam the world into some amalgam of an imaginary Constitution, an imaginary Declaration, an imaginary Christianity that they are as desperate to protect from Singlethink as any priest of Political Correctness.

Mantra Thinking is Singlethink, and damned few people who think they have the Truth, ANY Truth, can accept it.



A Gift From Kelso

A few posts ago, Bob announced that Kelso had set up a new forum,

In addition to the “hostage” stamp, Kelso has given Bob and us our own sub-forum called Bob Whitaker’s place.

Thank you, Mr. Kelso!


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It’s Getting Really Blatant

The Wilson Quarterly had the usual article on Africa, why is it so hopeless? It was the same article I have seen all my life. It discredited all the old theories about disease and socioeconomic this that and the other, and ended with the big question mark such an article always does.

Professor Wilson, of the team of Watson and Crick who discovered DNA, was fired for stating the answer to this puzzle some time back. It would seem impossible for a tenured Nobel Prize winner to be fired at his advanced age, but it was no problem. Since Jensen and Rushton’s work and the best-selling status of The Bell Curve, the fact that blacks have a low average IQ has not been seriously questioned by anybody who can read.

Watson’s statement was not debated. It was simply stated that no one should SAY that in public. The stagnation of Africa is not as important as enforcing the rule that no one can say what everybody knows. Repeat, the POINT is not seriously debated.

When he Wilson Quarterly did an article on freedom of speech which I discussed before, “Stating that races have different IQs” was one of the things they writer was astounded by. Like everybody who has ever opposed freedom of speech, he said that this simply CANNOT be right.

If you are a respectable conservative and you want to keep being fed, this question is NOT to be brought up.

Which leaves the ball entirely in OUR court.

The Genome Project is performing the same function I became very familiar with fifty years ago. Back then, “modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in innate abilities” was so standard a statement that I saw it in the World Almanac and in COMIC BOOKS. One of the three founders of the Genome Project gave his money to the Black Panthers.

The other day I saw the usual documentary which said that every man on earth was more kin to every other than chimpanzees in the same family were to each other.

I like to point out, and I am the only person who WILL, that in order to be allowed to practice forensic medicine, you have to be ready and able to do two things: 1) Tell the race of a corpse from scraps of skin or pieces of bones long past their prime, and 2) Swear on the witness stand that race does not exist.

I always ask readers to think of WHY information is produced.

In the case of the Genome Project, try to imagine the possibility that they could have come to any OTHER conclusion than that all races are exactly alike. The project was held up a long time before those giving out grants were assured that the project would not bring out any Heresy. As I say, the donation of one of the proposer’s prize money to the black panthers was a public assurance of his Orthodoxy.

If a Nobel Prize Laureate gets fired for saying the wrong thing about race, what are the chances a project costing tens of millions of dollars would get funded without being vetted first?

My point here is that there is no longer any question about the facts. It is entirely a matter of what one is allowed to SAY. The suppression is no longer hiding, AT ALL.

This is a great example of how respectable conservatives serve our enemies. They can be counted never to mention this open suppression. In fact, Buckley was the only regular national columnist to ENDORSE imprisoning people for racial heresy.

Emmanuel Kant said it best. A student pointed out to him that something he said contradicted the facts. His reply was, “So much the worse for the facts.”




My Associate Director on Capitol Hill was a female Bostonian, a Harvard graduate. She had been a major appointee in the Bush Administration. In her fifties she was absolutely astonished when I told her that Jamestown was established before Plymouth Rock was reached.

Lincoln declared the New England holiday of Thanksgiving a national holiday. He was never president of the South. If you asked anyone outside the South in the last generation where English America was founded, they would say it was at Plymouth Rock.

Unless you are a Southerner or a German, you have no idea what it is like to lose a war to someone who really HATES you. At the Voice of America in the 1980s I took over a series of VOA programs on American History. It had been going on for years, and there had not been a single program on history below the Mason-Dixon Line.

An NEA-sponsored series on American history told “how this country spread from a settlement in New England across the continent.”

The House of Burgesses in Virginia was first elected in 1619, over a year before the Mayflower landed. That House of Burgesses continued in a straight line to the Virginia Legislature today. But I saw a Believe It or Not in the 1950s that said that the first person elected to office in today’s America was a New Englander in the 1640s.

Not being illiterate or Northern, I chose NOT to believe it.

Anyone who does not think that war is EVERYTHING has not LOST one.



Thanksgiving Schizophrenia

Posted by Bob on November 25, 2004 at 7:50 pm

On Thanksgiving I am stuck between people who deny history and people who get history wrong.

According to the Thanksgiving theory, the Pilgrim Fathers founded America in November of 1620. Each November we celebrate that piece of pure unmitigated hunk of equine fecal output.

Then there are those who say Thanksgiving has nothing to do with thanking God.

These are two groups of driveling morons. It is exactly like today’s political “debate.” We have arguments between idiotic liberals and moronic respectable conservatives. How am I to choose between two groups of people who are not even within a country mile of anything resembling reality?


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Complete Discussion of Obama the Man

People ask me what I think of Obama.

I reply, “He’s black.”

They then wait for more. I add nothing. You know me well enough to realize that I often consider the period the most important part of a sentence. I was asked what I think of Obama and that period indicates that the reply is complete.

The new administration began exactly the same way Clinton’s first term did. Clinton had Hillary set up a committee to reform health care. He tried to sell this reform and his popularity dropped from its honeymoon high. Obama started off the same way.

But when Clinton did things you knew it was CLINTON who did them. Clinton is a political genius. There are a thousand things you can say about Clinton, but his initiatives were HIS initiatives.

No one can point to one single thing that is Obama’s idea or Obama’s initiative. His election has put the old Ivy League liberal crowd back into control of the White House. You know, “the best and the brightest” who got us into Vietnam.

There is nothing Obama says or does that any particularly puppet-like Democratic president wouldn’t do. He says nothing that comes from HIM.

All this one can deduce from my answer.

IF you stop looking for some kind of respectable conservative respect, you see that the period is the most important part of the sentence.



History IS Bunk, Historical Fiction is TRUE

Historical “fiction” is far more ACCURATE than regular history books. I have learned this through reading hundreds or thousands of both. Once again, as I keep repeating and I hope you HEAR, this goes back to the one question you must always ask yourself:

Why was this information PRODUCED?

History books are produced to satisfy academics and were trained by them. I read along and hit error after error routinely in regular history books. But I have long since stopped trying to correct them because they are not errors anyone reading these books CARES about.

For example, one book discussed Viking ships. It stated that, “surprisingly enough,” the only thing that could be “traced to the Middle East” was one type of sail used. The sail could not be “traced” at all. But the writer and his readers all took it for granted that if anything existed in the Middle East and in Northern Europe, it was invented in the Middle East.

Historical fiction writers have a hard life. Their books are not being read by those who look on the New York Times Best Seller and Sophistication List. They are being read by several hundred thousand history NUTS. If you think I’m just being funny, you miss my point, which is CRITICAL.

A writer of historical fiction who is sloppy pays for it, big time. He gets a thousand letter from PAYING CUSTOMERS a lot of other historical fiction writers would love to have asking “How do you TRACE a particular sail to the Middle East from the remains of a Viking ship?”

The very idea would fascinate his readers Can you REALLY trace a Viking ship to Middle Eastern design? HOW? And they would NOT react well to his admitting it was pure horseshit.

The question would never occur to a fashionable history reader. He assumes everything was invented in the Middle East. Mommy Professor told him so. That is why he says it is “surprising” that only this part of the ship was like Middle Eastern ones.

Hey, Bozo! Both the Viking ships and Middle Eastern ships had a BOTTOM, too! Did they built boats with no bottoms until the Christian missionaries got there?

This is part of the gigantic framework of assumptions every college graduate is trained in.

Seriously, to say that early Germanic people INVENTED things is what HITLER said. No one would put this in plain English outside this blog, but the fact is that the “sophisticated” history writer, subconsciously, sees something anti-Semitic in that assertion.

So only the writer of historical fiction will have to send out a thousand disclaimers of his Middle East nonsense no one would have questioned a Mommy Professor historian about.

Every successful historical fiction has lengthy disclaimers about what is and what isn’t true in his book. “History” books only cite the Mommy Professors they get the Truth from.

Before Vatican II many in the Catholic freely predicted that all Protestants were going to Hell. No one minded. But if they said JEWS were damned, all Hell, pardon the expression, would have busted loose. Even trying to convert Jews to Christianity is an act of PC anti-Semitism.

In William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich he declared that nothing important was invented in the Third Reich because the Jews weren’t there. It sold millions of copies and was on the bookshelf out in sight in every Mommy Professor household.

Who but a Nazi would question this statement?

My family used to talk about how Hitler seemed to be talking on the radio twenty four hours a day. His voice had none of the identifiable scratch that records and wire recorders had, so the word was that he was being kept awake twenty-four hours a day with drugs.

That was how well known the German invention of the TAPE recorder was.

Both the Autobahn and the VW, for which Hitler himself gave the original bug design, were developed in Nazi Germany. Dr. Werner von Braun probably think his team invented some stuff, and when the V-1s first hit London, I doubt the Brits said, “Oh, God, it’s the same old thing again.”

The German jets and the first version of a Stealth bomber were a bit new in 1944. In fact, it was not until the 1980 election campaign that the public learned about the “first” Stealth bomber INVENTED, presumably, by Jewish-Americans.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich was required buying for any Mommy Professor product who wanted to be “with it.” Some of them probably READ a lot of it. But the line about no Nazi inventions is still there.

Who but a NAZI would correct it?

Well, as a matter of fact, if it had been historical fiction, several THOUSAND readers would have demanded to know where he GOT that crap.

By contrast you are not going to see many historical fiction books on people’s shelves that they have not READ. Only us historical fiction freaks HEAR of them, much less BUY them.

And we read each word. And we FASCINATED by history. A writer of historical fiction is performing in front of a TOUGH audience.

“Historians” write for manikins