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Posted by Bob on November 10th, 2009 under Coaching Session, Political Correctness

For almost two millennia, Western Society made an ideal of someone who whipped himself bloody each night, who starved himself, and who, above all, was totally sterile.

Now we sit around and shake our heads in wonder and ask how white self-hatred has become our highest ideal.

Hey, stupid, IT ALWAYS WAS!

I have pointed to the roots in Buddhism and decaying Zoroastrianism, but will we sit around and make up stories about Conspiracies by Aliens.

My simple explanation that we are the race with the least adaptation to environment and therefore we are the race that took the ideal ground is rather obvious once it is stated. People want whites because they look better. Whites look better because we concentrated on competition among ourselves, including blond hair and blue eyes.

People adapted to frozen places have Oriental epicanthic eye folds. People who adapt to hot or cold do NOT have white skin. But I still hear the old “Challenge of the Frozen North” crap.

In fact, the reason historians tried so hard to put Zoroaster in the sixth century, BC — I just head that on a documentary but even mainline historians dismissed it a long time ago — is because Israel only became monotheistic in the seventh century BC. There could not be a whole Persian Empire that was monotheistic long before.

That’s why the philistines — Persian-oriented philosophers — were denounced. In early days there was constant power struggle in Israel between those who favored the current Egyptian dynasty and those who favored the ruling power in Mesopotamia. Israel/Judah was just a buffer state. Studying that history alone is exactly like studying Belgium with no reference to Germany or France or the Netherlands or Spain.

No wonder the only non-Jew praised by the Old Testament was Cyrus of Persia. And it was almost certainly in the never-bemoaned Persian Captivity that monotheism came to Israel.

So was is this history avoided? It demonstrates the one fact that both anti-whites and Conspiracies want to deny: Our fate is our making. No other race can have that much influence over the only creative race that exists.

The only creative race that exists.

The only creative race that exists.

Other groups did not create our self-destructive disease. There is not one word in the Old Testament or even in the New Testament before Paul about how sterility was an idea. And Paul was a Pharisee. He was a sophisticate of his time, which meant that he was steeped in the knowledge of his time that included heavy doses of degenerate Zoroastrianism.

Everything connects. People roll their eyes when I talk about Z but talk endlessly about Jewish history. They totally misinterpret transmigration of souls as if it were a GOOD thing or a RELIGIOUS thing. It is the Wheel of Life, which ancient Aryan philosophy teaches ESCAPE from.

So our self-hatred is HELPED by enemies, but, like everything else, it comes from US.

As I said before, every piece of Oriental Wisdom turns out to be an old Aryan fad that got frozen into the Oriental motionlessness. Kung Fu was a religion in itself. The Way of its day. That’s why the Orientals still have religion we have long since forgotten, along with Communism, which will ALWAYS be in China, just as will Buddhism, which scarcely exists in India.

Each thing above presents a new world view from that we now have. And we have a different diagnosis of our disease.

  1. #1 by Dave on 11/10/2009 - 11:21 am

    I remember some years ago seeing a political sign in Seattle that read: “United States Out of North America!”

    Of course, today, that goal has been accomplished.

    I could care less about the shame of the self-hating whites that allowed that to occur for these self-hating whites are sorely misinformed about the real arithmetic of life.

    In doing what they did, they empowered people who care little about having a home and a country and who thrive in the ruin they created.

    They failed to see in their self-hatred whom they ceded the world to. The world just doesn’t function the way they think it functions. They have faith in a beneficence that just isn’t’ there, which is the real reason they believe there is room in the world for self-hatred.

    When I see this faith in people, I have them dead to rights. And it is this faith that is the real weakness in the whole of the anti-white white Politically Correct crowd. It doesn’t matter whether they identify themselves as Conservatives, Leftists, Environmentalists, or whatever. What comes out of their mouths ideologically and religiously is meaningless. It is their weakness, their false belief in God’s beneficence that matters.

    God will never cede the world to their kind. It is impossible.

  2. #2 by shari on 11/10/2009 - 12:50 pm

    Self-hatred runs awful close to a phony vanity. I don’t know anybody who can present an, OHH so humble, and low key facade, better than the SOPHISTICATED politically correct. It’s nauseating!

  3. #3 by Simmons on 11/11/2009 - 12:39 pm

    STOP the presses, “China has a race problem”, so sayeth the WSJ.

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