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Why January 1?

Does anybody know why January 1 is New Year’s Day?

We know a lot more about Christmas, though we never think about it. It was the birthday of Mithras established by Constantine. No one ever THINKS about that, they just recite it, as they do all history Mommy Professor didn’t hammer in. They get classes dedicated to the birthday of Saint Martin Luther the King, but Mithras is mentioned in case they play Trivial Pursuits.

The beginning of the New Year was probably the first major piece of real knowledge the shamans actually possessed. Every year the Northern world got colder and colder and death surrounded them. Only when information passed from one generation to another did those who did that discover that the sun came back every year.

Then they discovered the DATE at which the sun began to come back. This was not as obvious as one may at first think.

After all, while the northern hemisphere does indeed reach its maximum distance from the sun at Winter Solstice, the weather keep getting colder right into February. So it was quite an intellectual achievement when, looking forward to an even deader January and February, our forefathers CELEBRATED December 21 or 22.

In fact, dates were something ancient Wise Men took very seriously, because it was about the only solid information they had. This makes it mysterious, at least to the two or three people on earth who actually THINK about, that the Magi would have changed the date to December 25.

In fact, there is probably an even simpler explanation as why January 1 was set as New Year’s Day. I just have no idea what it was.

Have you ever noticed how January 1 is ONLY traditional date that no one ever celebrated. Even the Jews dug around in their history and found the Festival of Lights at Christmas. Thanksgiving was celebrated in England regularly before the Pilgrims were the first settlement and invented it.

Jamestown had Thanksgiving, but Jamestown didn’t exist. THINKING about history can make one what the PCs and blacks call Ignunt. May Day was pagan and I am willing to bet every Semitic religion had its own version of Passover.

All dates have predecessors.

Except New Year’s.



I Told You So

In the late fifties I could see what was coming.

This leads to several observations. Back then the Mantra would have been laughed at. Back then race was considered a problem confined to the Southern States of the USA. For everybody else it was a chance to be self-righteous.

Back then everything they denied would happen is now justified. If you challenge what would have been a nightmare to people 50 years ago, you are ruined in America or imprisoned in Europe.

There was an old WWII type at our club who had repeated all the integration lines so long he reacted automatically. Once we were all talking about the mixed couples at Wal-Mart. I said I had predicted that would come with integration, and he repeated “Integration is not about intermarriage” before he realized where he was, WHEN he was, and what we had just been talking about.

I remember when we laughed at the idea of LOCKING one’s car when it was parked on Main Street: “if we were up North we’d LOCK it.”

I was watching a reality show where a big black beat a white guy in the middle of white crowd, knocking one of his eyes out of the socket. There were at least ten male whites, but they just cowered in the corner like a Distressed Heroine or member of the Obedient Generation.

We are living in several things that would have caused sophisticated laughter when I mentioned them in the early 60s. But I could clearly see where white weakness was leading. No one dares protect their borders. In fact, it is illegal in Europe to think of them as “our” borders.

The bitch about how they would defy America, but they are now all “nations of immigrants.”

Without race, borders are nonsense. What does a multiracial and multicultural “nation,” a real oxymoron, have a right to protect? One minute we are “a nation of immigrants” and the next we are supposed to worry about the living standard of so-called “American workers.”


Who are these so-called “Americans?” Any other time calling them “Americans” would be bigotry. An American is anyone who agrees that all men are not only equal but the SAME.

If a respectable conservative wants to lose his livelihood, the quickest way would be to put these propositions together. He must say there is no such things as an “American” but most conservatives keep their audience by demanding “we” close “our” borders. But none of them will make any anti-immigration type square this with the idea that everybody is an American.

They used to deny that integration was about intermarriage. Now a conservative will say immigration isn’t good because the Mexicans won’t marry his daughter, they refuse to “assimilate.”




The scandal over scientists falsifying data to push the Green agenda made 2009 worth while. Some years back an Emory professors lost his tenured job for simply making up a book’s “facts” to show early Americans didn’t have guns.

It is now established that Franz Boas, now a hero to National Review, made up his information about immigrant traits in the US.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get caught doing this! Who in academia would have the slightest incentive to look into any study which backs a conclusion that people giving out grants and promotions want to be true?

It’s like the idea of a scandal in the press. “What did they know and when did they know it? is strictly for those outside the press. When that black reporter was rising like a rocket at the New York Times while making up his stories out of whole cloth, there was a long series of memos inside the Times debating what to do about it as he continued to manufacture his stuff.

No one expected anything else. Those were the kind of notes that would get a president impeached.

Obviously this sort of thing is not unusual, but anyone who said it happens a lot would be lynched by respectable conservatives.

Every day anybody who wants it on Capitol Hill gets a list of NSF grants. Senator Proxmire used that easy information to denounce grants for projects which sounded extreme. Naturally many he randomly denounced were enormously important to achievements of benefit worth a thousand times their cost.

Grants for research are hard to get. Those who give out the money watch them a LOT closer than Proxmire did. If you come to a conclusion those giving the grants like and it shows up in a documentary or in the press, you will get more of them. If you don’t toe the line, you’ve had it.

In Climategate those pushing the Green agenda said that all their information came from journals which have Holy Peer Review. But they also revised the definition of journals that have peer review. The respectable journals happened to be the ones not questioning the Greens.

The journals that lost respectability should have hired a respectable conservative to show them how to stay inside the line.



Pro-White or Pro-Genocide?

I was VERY happy to hear that from Horus. You don’t necessarily have to say WHITE genocide if you get where you ought to.

If you are easily offended I am NOT the advisor you need. I was the 180 opposite of professors. I got paid for advice that WORKED, not advice that FITTED. If you had said Whitaker and yes man in the same breath, a large part of Capitol Hill would have laughed themselves breathless.

I didn’t spare the egos of those who paid me money so I won’t spare yours. If my implied criticism isn’t really relevant to you, ignore it in those cases the way my bosses did. What I am leading up to here is my repeated suspicion that however rationally it STARTS; making things easier on you is always something to be LOOKED at.

Let me hasten to repeat what one German philosopher said truly: “If we talked to others the way we talk to ourselves, we would be sadists.” He was talking about an instrument of torture called the Aryan conscience.

If what I say is not relevant, pretend you have more to do than worry about it. As I said, I tortured myself far too much. So BALANCE. If you are human, you will go after yourself too much sometimes and let yourself slip into bad habits by going too easy. And, as commenters point, there is that element of bullying.

You go after yourself when you are at your weakest, just like everybody else does. When you are depressed or tired and defensive, you go on the self-torture bit. When you are on a roll you let yourself go.

We are sadists and bullies to OURSELVES and THAT we could use a look at.

You can’t do much about other bullies, but you CAN stop yourself from being one, attacking you when you’re down. Like the Trappists, it is such a total violation of the Golden Rule that we don’t SEE it. We feel a little like we are making up for all that imagined guilt and failure that crowds in on us when we are DOWN.

And above all, that is when it is EASIEST to kick ourselves.

Being an Aryan is good for the world, but no way is it necessarily fun.

It is probably because the Mantra is so personal to me. IT is HARD WORK to find a way to get that simple message across. I can imagine those who tried to get supply and demand across, and Newton with his gravity, faced the same problem. It is easier to hit and run.

I apply Occam’s Law to people; the simplest explanation you can find is the right one. Occam had a hard time, too. So after many many years of observation and experience with them and getting PAID for it in a very unforgiving environment, I always react the Occam way first. So when you began to talk about hitting and running, my reaction was, “What is wrong with this picture?”

In other words, I am worried about this hitting and running going so far you don’t TRY to get across the Mantra, which is easier. God, is it EVER easier not to try!

But if you do hit on the Mantra, you will often get a reaction you can USE. Off their home turf in Stormfront, anti-whites, and that’s anti-WHITES not “antis” — another piece of costly and convenient laziness– stay off the anti-white rhetoric. They need to get off the deadly point, so they talk about themselves, and how THEY are not anti-white.

But some will tell you that on their home turf, the professors, being cowards, will say out loud they are FOR genocide. That is worth the effort.

But usually they won’t go that far since in most cases you are not in the class subject to open bullying which those cowards go far. As a former professor I can tell you nothing is easier than bullying a class or anybody in it.

PC’s are bullies and cowards. But outside of class, be SURE to call them on it. As soon as they start criticizing whites as an answer to my genocide argument, I say, IMMEDIATELY, “so you are for this genocide and you are justifying it.”

DON’T LET THEM OFF THAT HOOK. “Well why would you justify genocide by saying whites are bad? YOU CAN’T DENY IT AND JUSTIFY IT AT THE SAME TIME. “

The fact is there is genocide going on, a policy aimed, quite openly, at the end of one race. The standard argument about the Evil White Man has no relevance at all. Denying genocide and justifying it are 180 degree opposites. All than rhetoric justifies the concentrate on our race. But it shows you are used to justifying it rather than denying it.

Stay on message.



The Day

It would be interesting to see how an Imam on Ramadan would react to everybody saying “Season’s Greetings.” “Season’s Greetings” would be an interesting thing for all Christians to say to Jews on High Holy Days.

Hell, we could even use it on Martin Luther King Day.

Calvinism outlawed Christmas. What really offended them about it was not its pagan origins. In fact the Mithraists were not pagan, which referred to the wild country side, but very much a religion of the cities and of civilization, and December 25 was chosen for Christmas by Constantine because it was the birthday of Mithras.

EVERY pagan religion had its equivalent of Yule on December 21 or 22, Winter Solstice. Constantine was a Mithraian before he became a Christian, so there is no other explanation for that particular date.

To me, things were not as simple as historians, Constantine’s apologists, made it. My field of expertise is not religion, but politics, and this sounds familiar to me. Just as the Church gave the pagans their statues, as backbaygrouch points out, since withdrawn, it gave things to the huge Mithraian constituent.

The real politics of adopting the NAME Christianity to the expanded Helenist Jewish population which had so little Israeli blood in it, used ONLY Greek, and numbered about a tenth of the entire Roman Empire at the time of Christ, is over three hundred years long. The entire Helenic Jewish population disappeared from the historical record, without the slightest note from historians, as Christianity grew.

“The Greeks” appear regularly in the New Testament.

Peter and Paul, both strict Jews, went at it as to whether to baptize “gentiles.” Who were these “gentiles?” Did they include the Helenized Jews who might have been regarded by the relatively few Hebrew Jews as gentiles? For some other reason, presumably, Jesus was condemned as being from “Nazareth of the Gentiles” and the Samaritans did not regard others as real Jews, and Jesus told the Samaritan at the well that she was wrong and salvations was with the Jews.

But any evidence relating to this has been burned out and suppressed for many, many centuries, so historians don’t bother with it. Had the Moslems not burned every shred of Persian literature, there would be whole schools of history dedicated to Persia’s obvious influence on all out institutions. But it was burned so it is ignored.

Like every other faith, Political Correctness says it reveres knowledge and condemns book-burning. But history never questions the decisions of the book-burners.

Historically there was a constantly renewed alliance between the Hebrew Jews and the zealots in Israel which went on for some five hundred years. The last such alliance exploded against the Roman Empire in the century before Islam conquered Persia. According to both Testaments, the Persians were the only other religion the Jews considered Godly. “Cyrus” the only non-Jew who ”did the work of God” in the Old and the Magi recognized Christ thirty years before the Jews crucified him.

In one book of the Old Testament, after the Resurrection, someone asked, “Has he gone to the Greeks?”

Along with the date of Mithras’s birth, these are VERY heavy hints.

The Roman Church allowed a smoother transition with the statues in the West and the joy we peasants were allowed on December 25. The Calvinists outlawed celebration on that day.

The constant attacks on this particular day are a result of the fact that Wordism of any kind HATES joy. Even CS Lewis explains in “Surprised by Joy” that Joy, in HIS sense, “is NOT a pleasant sensation.”

It is Screwtape who accuses God of liking human pleasure.

Wordism, be it Calvinism or any other, exists in institutions and the food of religious institutions is guilt and sacrifice. During life, you only GIVE. That is not what the religious leaders THINK of, Lewis certainly praised some pleasures, but it is what institutions LIVE off of.

Guilt, from global warming to racism to having sex, is what powerful institutions are BUILT on.

Our idea of Christmas, from the old Yule celebration, turns the stomach of our present established religion on a level they are not aware of.

It is interesting, though, that the New Testament put the birth of Christ in the winter, as the Zoroastrians did. And, with their discussion of the Magi, they certainly knew. For some reason it was important that the MAGI recognize Christ. Considering how the Persian Empire loomed over all powers outside Rome at that time, this is not surprising to someone who knows history.

But historians of our new established, no less than those of our previous established faiths, also ignore all this.

Yule is the day the sun begins to come back. At the Solstice the Northern Hemisphere is tipped at its maximum angle away from the sun. The Yule may have often been a time of despair. The dead of winter. When the sun threatens to go away completely and, in very northerly climates, it does.

Some time long ago it was realized that the sun would return. Men who had lived long knew this. But then the wise men, those who carried knowledge from generation to generation and kept records of such things, found the day when the sun was furthest away but began to come back to us. Untold thousands of years ago, this became a day of celebration.

Then came the Wordists.

When we rid ourselves of the Wordists, every day will indeed be Christmas.


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Turtle Egg

I had an FBI dossier before I was 15. In 1956, kids at my high school would yell “Federal Troops” when they saw me in the hall. I had said that the Feds would HAVE to use Federal troops to enforce integration (to desegregate means to de-separate and nobody every “deseparated” anything).

As BoardAd told me, there is one truth to the old statement that people don’t think because they are coddled. Most people DO have it a lot easier than I did and they CHOOSE not to peck at the egg shell that protects them. In our day, there is an eggshell’s worth of difference between saying EXACTLY the right thing and breaking that cocoon completely.

One commenter made a really brilliant statement about the passive-aggressive nature of humor. I get a laugh out of people actually worrying themselves sick about how to use the Only True Term, African-American, to apply to a runner from Kenya.

I remember when one of our unbiased networks in the 1960s did an impartial survey among blacks about what they wanted to be called. That was when liberals were trying to hang on to the term “Negro” so, lo and behold Moses, it turned out that blacks said that was what they wanted to be called. A long-forgotten conclusion was that “Some wanted to be called Afro-American, and the least popular was he schizophrenic term, ‘African-American.’”

So, as I pointed out, most people prefer to stay in the egg or, said Freud, in the womb. The ones who make it to adolescence and stay there think they have really matured.

But if you are out there as I was, and I don’t think it was a choice, your egg cracks early and you grow a new shell, very SLOWLY.

This turtle would have had a MUCH easier life if he stayed in his egg.



Meter Maids and Mommy Professor

It is pathetic.

It is pathetic when a grown man stays a child. He is raised at home and then goes to college and Mommy Professor turns him into a standard and packaged PC at age eighteen.

And he stays that way the rest of his LIFE.

And no one is dumber than a dumb man who is convinced that he’s SMART. I think that is why Mommy Professor encompassed what I was saying with it. These people go straight from Mommy to Mommy Professor and they are stuck there for life.

The big difference is that their real Mommy told them what she said was RIGHT, not that it was SMART.

Back when not everybody went to college, we had a saying, “All freshmen are socialists and atheist.” It was as routine our lives that each year a new group of freshmen would be overwhelmed by their professors and begin to parrot them. But upper classmen were SUPPOSED to outgrow that.

Today, they don’t even realize it is a STAGE. You can’t be a baby bear all your life.

But you also aren’t supposed to be a cub all your life, either.

Sure a first year kid is impressed by a professor’s claims to fame, but most people back then knew that professors had ZERO life experience. So you got over Mommy Professor. It was part of the trip to adulthood.

But for most people now, that step, the bear cub, is the end. They end up like hippies and environmentalists, forever adolescent.

A commenter had my problem with Mommy Professor, referring to him as “she.” But a documentary solved that for me. It was about people harassing “meter maids” in Britain. Every single meter maid was a man. A Mommy Professor can certainly be male.



The Children of the Obedient Generation

Like Edison’s utter crap about genius=perspiration, another piece of Common Wisdom needs to be despised: “The Sixties generation was just spoiled. They hadn’t been through the War and the DEPRESSION like we were.”

Bullshit. When you wonder about what the new generation is coming to, you look first to where it is coming FROM. But the WWII Generation, which talked about how one has to take responsibility for his own actions like they did in WORLD WAR II and the Depression, completely disowned any responsibility for their own children.

The Sixties Generation was the last to live on a higher level than its predecessors. So you could say that EVERY generation of Americans was “spoiled.” While the Greatest Generation says the Depression, “taught them something,” then, at the height of the Depression they were spoiled rotten compared to EVERY generation of Asians. Asians would have given anything back then if there were a soup kitchen or if they could ask, “Brother can you spare a dime.” That was a 1932 dime, a dollar or two now, and just for asking!

In Asia you were lucky if anybody dragged your starved corpse away because the ravenous dogs or pigs got it.

The people responsible for the next generation is the last generation. But the Greatest Generation disowned the least responsibility for the children who despised them by the old standby that got them coddled for decades: “We SUFFERED!”

The people who know you best in terms of what they can do are your own children. Children and prisoners have nothing to do except observe their keepers. A guard will spend his time worrying about his family or his politics, but prisoners do nothing all day but try to beat the system. They know all about every guard.

Respectable conservatives absolutely worship the Greatest Generation and absolutely despise its children. And nobody talks more endlessly about how you are RESPONSIBLE for your actions than Respectable conservatives. No one will ever ask them why their Heroes were not responsible for their own children.

In fact, you can only understand why America’s population bust and runaway drug use began in the sixties by looking at the generation that caused. No, the Sixties Generation was no more “spoiled” than any other generation. You have to look at the group that produced them.

No one dares do that.

The Sixties Generation, which I knew well, knew, first of all, that their parents were WIMPS. For the first time in American history, children knew their parents would not defend them. On the Bell Curve, when people will not stand for things, there will be some lynching. The WWII Generation never had one lynching, they also did not have a lot of other things that are a lot farther in on the American Bell Curve.

In any generation before the Greatest, a drug dealer in a high school would have been shot by a parent, and the prosecutor who brought a case against that parent would never be elected to public office again. Until the Obedience Trained Puppies of WWII no jury would even have considered a case against a parent who shot somebody who was trying to push drugs on his children.

No previous generation of Americans would have allowed their children to be used in sociological experiments like integration, much less busing his kids into a ghetto. Not the Greatest. I remember my nausea in the 1960s as the parents of one murdered child after another got on TV to proclaim how they
Did not blame the murderer and would appeal for mercy for them.

That happened all the time, gang.

Earlier Americans always said, “If he breaks into my house, he’s PAID for.” It never occurred to them to argue about the right of a man to protect his family. But the revolutionary change was when the WWII Generation actually sat on juries that send people to prison for life when the prosecutor appealed to their Obedience.

The Sixties Generation was rotten because, quite rightly, it despised the Obedient Generation. As children will, they allowed their dedication to Rebellion to be harnessed and used by the real establishment. The last people who would oppose this would be Obedient Generation.