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Meter Maids and Mommy Professor

Posted by Bob on December 23rd, 2009 under Coaching Session

It is pathetic.

It is pathetic when a grown man stays a child. He is raised at home and then goes to college and Mommy Professor turns him into a standard and packaged PC at age eighteen.

And he stays that way the rest of his LIFE.

And no one is dumber than a dumb man who is convinced that he’s SMART. I think that is why Mommy Professor encompassed what I was saying with it. These people go straight from Mommy to Mommy Professor and they are stuck there for life.

The big difference is that their real Mommy told them what she said was RIGHT, not that it was SMART.

Back when not everybody went to college, we had a saying, “All freshmen are socialists and atheist.” It was as routine our lives that each year a new group of freshmen would be overwhelmed by their professors and begin to parrot them. But upper classmen were SUPPOSED to outgrow that.

Today, they don’t even realize it is a STAGE. You can’t be a baby bear all your life.

But you also aren’t supposed to be a cub all your life, either.

Sure a first year kid is impressed by a professor’s claims to fame, but most people back then knew that professors had ZERO life experience. So you got over Mommy Professor. It was part of the trip to adulthood.

But for most people now, that step, the bear cub, is the end. They end up like hippies and environmentalists, forever adolescent.

A commenter had my problem with Mommy Professor, referring to him as “she.” But a documentary solved that for me. It was about people harassing “meter maids” in Britain. Every single meter maid was a man. A Mommy Professor can certainly be male.

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  1. #1 by shari on 12/23/2009 - 8:11 pm

    Any male who spends his life colleagueing with women’s study professors, black study professors,is feminist, thinks being “gay” is no problem is NOT a man. Actually he’s not much mommy either. I know one who is married to his “mommy.”

  2. #2 by Dave on 12/23/2009 - 9:03 pm

    All organizations have a tendency to obsess over their internal practices. The reason is the natural ping pong escalations stemming from fault finding and blaming, a spontaneous occurrence in any association of persons, including families.

    But where pay and prestige are involved, it becomes political. All sense of larger purpose is lost.

    This is how the Greatest Generation died (in terms of self-worth). They were caught in the maw of the military at a young age (forcibly because of the draft) and suffered mightily from submersion to THE ORGANIZATION.

    No one today has any notion of the goddamned fools really running the military in WWII, “adolescents” just as described by BW. No one today has any notion of the horror involved and what it meant to be under the command of such goddamned fools in actual combat. And no one today has any notion of the travesty of the whole military operation from 1938 on.

    The WWII generation of was captive of THE ORGANIZATION in a way no prior generation ever had been and then later in the corporate world. Their entire lives were devoted to obsessing over petty internal practices and pay and prestige issues. They were never able to grow up to larger and more mature perspective of life and the world. They had way too little independence.

    This is Mommy Professor. Mommy Professor is captive of the internal practices of the academic, government, and foundation supported organizations they are affiliated with. There are few Mommy Professors out there with any skill in the larger sense of marshalling real value and usefulness into existence. Instead, Mommy Professor is captive of pettiness and the culture of well-paid organizational floating. This is why the honchos can raise tuition 40% in the UC system and do it with a straight face. They are pathetic.

    There are way too many Mommy Professors running around with chips on his or her shoulder the size of the national debt, obsessing over things that don’t make sense. This is why so much of the political posturing we are subject to is so weird.

    Anyone who is in love with extremism in any form is suspect. They are adolescents that have not really grown up.

    Our orthodox and mainstream organizations today are way too full of extremists. This is what Obama represents. He represents a culture of extremism. Bush represented that too. This culture is rife throughout our mainstream organizations and in the public schools also.

    Our poor kids don’t have a chance. They are just kids. They don’t see how heavy duty this all is and they get sucked in.

    An extremist society is a failed society. Kids are too young to back up, halt, and see the bigger picture. The most unfortunate ones find themselves involved in “anarchist” or “environmentalist” protests or something like that.

    There is hardly an academic institution in existence today in America that isn’t seriously off track. They are just failures as organizations. The people running them are fools and flops. Most of government is like that too, including the military.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 12/24/2009 - 10:47 am

    The phrase you are looking for is “momma’s boy.”

    Much of what we carp about comes from I believe to be is the feminization of our society, maybe traceable back to the abolitionists pandering to the emotions of the womanish tending flock thru maybe the woman’s voting movement which actually created the soccer mom swing vote.

    PC the religion, the best I can describe it is emotion over physical reality. Its those sweet meaning lies meant to smooth things over, but in reality we end up with Norman Bates and “Mother!”

    They prefer smooth lies over RESPONSIBILITY.

    So try it. Find a nice earnest Obama voter or Obama excusing respectable conservative and say to them in a nice smiling voice, “So you’re responsible for this.” You might mention something specific like health care, but do so in a Horus fashion, but do not debate them.

    If you know how to make a sale you will notice the eyes, and at the word responsibility they will blink or dialate. Now imagine at the trials for genocide how fast they will be blinking.

  4. #4 by Tim on 12/24/2009 - 12:31 pm

    This off the current topic…..BUT it is on the Mantra……read this forum in of all things …..CATTLE!

    I have no idea who this is that is posting on here. But apparently it is a fan of Horus the Avenger’s show……

    Holly Mantra……

    and Merry Christmas all

  5. #5 by Simmons on 12/24/2009 - 1:12 pm

    Fine Xmas present that was.

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