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Does “Non-Racist” Mean Non-Anything Else?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Conservatives insist they are anti-racist, but everything they get paid to bitch about is a direct result of that anti-white program.

The most basic drive is not money and it is not power and it is not being a Tough Guy from World Wart II. Every drunk will shout to you that money is everything. I have listened to people tell me for fifty years that their heroism is everything.

But the only REAL imperative is producing offspring that look like oneself. Long before World War II billions of animals gave their lives to save their group. Every social animal will make sacrifices so that their GROUP will live and go on.

What does it do to a social animal if there is a massive social engineering program to cut out this instinct?

Of course no one likes to call the drive to convince whites to do themselves in “social engineering.” But what else COULD you call it? No one else calls it that because the very term exposes the problem. The term “social engineering” is not popular because it brings up the question of what ELSE is affected.

Any time you use the term “social engineering” it strips naked the POWER question involved. Anti-whites hide behind the mantel of Idealism. But ALL social engineering sees itself as idealistic.

The term is unpopular because people immediately ask:

1) “Who does this give power to?”

2) Who decides what is good for us? And

3) If you interfere with people’s instincts in one area, what affect does this have on the rest of their minds?

None of these questions arises in regard to anti-whites.

Not only is getting rid of whites social engineering, it is social engineering on the most basic instinct of all.

Every social animal protects its borders. But we cannot protect our borders because there is no we. It becomes a random selection of Hispanics being kept out by a random selection of Hispanics in the border patrol. We do not have what every other social animals has had for a hundred million years: a gene pool to be protected.

Secondly, every nation is an accumulation of its individuals, as in we the people of the United States of America and OUR posterity. The Constitution no longer holds. You simply cannot have a multiracial, multicultural state and refer to ourselves and OUR posterity at the same time. We have gone from a contract where people give up certain powers to a propositional state.

In a propositional state, all power goes to whoever INTERPRETS the Proposition. The Judiciary is to be obeyed by all, because it has taken the place of the balance of powers. The President could say in his oath of office, “I swear to uphold and defend the latest opinion of a majority of the Supreme Court.” That is what he does. The old document is not what he upholds and defends.

All of this flows naturally from anti-white social engineering. Conservatives bitch about the symptoms but they shriek at all heretics and demand the right to lead the lynch mob.



This may be a problem only for me, since I was not raised in the computer age and simply don’t have the energy any more to do real search.

I know our commenters look for our ideas reflected in other locations because you are constantly sending me links. But for Old Bob, these links fall into two categories:

1) Place where the Mantra Thinking has been cut out; and

2) Places where I can’t FIND the section referred to.

The first one demonstrates as nothing else could my point about respectable conservatism. Right-wing blogs which are not specifically pro-white will remove whole pages to get rid of the Mantra and show they are not doing just that. That happens all the time.

But there are pages which are still there and a commenter gives the link only. But no such pages are devoted only and entirely to the one comment referred to. Is it the Mantra which we might look for or is a use of the Mantra? I don’t know about you, but I would have to read fifty entries to find what has been referred to, and even then it could have been removed AND the commenter was not specific about what I am looking for.

Since this is very important to us, commenters will have to be far, far more specific about how to find them than just giving a link.

BoardAd has trouble with this link-only business. But he has a solution.

It’s called copy and paste.

When BoardAd gives me a link, he COPIES the specific thing he is referring to. That takes a few seconds. Then he puts in the words he is referring to and THEN puts the link below it. I want the quote itself, and there is no reason in our age for me to have to look it up. But I also want the CONTEXT, what is the nature of the blog or other place where this is quoted?

Giving only a link is OUTDATED, like referring to a tome.

This is easy, and it would put an end to our present endless frustration.


A Note to My Fellow Evil Conspirators

One of the things that is totally different with BUGS is that we look for our ideas in OTHER BLOGS.

Everybody else looks fore the growth of their OWN audience, their OWN membership. I don’t think there is another group that does what we do: Look for the spread of our IDEAS. This is so unique that I only noticed it today.

Stop and think about this. Someday it is going to be absolutely impossible for people to think this just happened. It had to be planned.

It gives us a lesson in what drives people to think in terms of conspiracies. ONE lesson here is that people think of the other side as evil, and that they do not do things simply because they honestly feel that way. The reason we plant ideas without so much regard for our own expansion or recognition is obvious to US.

We are honestly only interested in what we have to say and planting our Mantra Thinking because we are actually only interested in the only thing nature is interested in, insuring that future generations look like us. This is absolutely impossible for others to believe.

But that is not the way those who oppose us think of us. We have an ulterior motive, so any success we are having cannot be because that is ALL we want. We did this successful thing because we had an Ulterior Motive. If you think that way, and that is the way people DO think, anything we do that turns out to be a success has some other motivation.

Some commenters have talked about how some of us might be successful in the future. Those will be looked upon as having gained their positions not because they simply have a way of thinking that made sense, but because they planned it that way.

No one wants to think we came up with something that was so obvious and they and their heroes were so busy doing the old thing that they sunk into oblivion because they were unoriginal and BORING. They will insist that their side was always right, not just mentally static.

If they look at us as we are, we deserve a lot of credit, but that is because realized they were ridiculous.

Damned few people are willing to admit in retrospect that they were just plain SILLY.

In order to avoid that conclusion they have to raise themselves and their own brilliance. In order to do that they have to raise US to the level of prophetic geniuses. That is why all Conspirators end up as all-powerful and superhuman. Whatever else you may say of the Learned Elders of Zion, you must admit it raises Jewish leaders to a level of all-seeing genius.

That is why I was so impressed by the fellow on Ventura’s show who said, “They’re smarter than we are.” He did not say it in an admiring way as conspiracy theorists or respectable conservatives do. He was simply saying that they were smarter than those who simply didn’t SEE it.

Respectable conservatives are that way. They cannot admit that conservatives have been a bunch of approval-starved morons. So they see leftists as the epitome of sophistication who are EVEN SMARTER than that Great Sophisticate William Buckley.

Conspiracy theorists will not admit that they are saps, but they also cannot give the other side credit for sincerely believing in what they say. So they explain it all not only by the Power and Genius of the other side, but also by their Evil: “We’re not dumb. We just lost because we’re Good and True and therefore Trustful.”

So they cannot learn from their mistakes. Their only weakness comes from their devotion to Good.

No one who thinks that way can ever learn simple basics.


The Filter Down Effect

Filter Down has always been accepted in all societies. Newly discovered ideas and techniques take a while to be accepted by the general population. Ideologues who refer to themselves as Idealists say that their progressive concepts have not yet “gotten accepted.”

This was legitimate in earlier times. In earlier societies basic knowledge remained fairly static, so the only dynamic was the filter down of the different TAKE on people’s knowledge and world view. But now we have a dynamic which is even more rapid than the fastest filter-down process. Today our view of reality itself changes far faster than the analysis of OLD world views filter down.

Marxism has filtered down into Political Correctness. But Marxism is a set of ideas derived from Kantian dialectics and, far more so, from the realities accepted in the mid-nineteenth century. Marx assumed that only human beings had institutions. Everyone in his time knew that only man had borders.

Marx assumed that only men had inequality. Marxism did not move a whit from those positions. Political Correctness is based on them today. Lysenko took over Soviet agriculture insisting that genetics was not important.

Today the Missing Frontal Lobes (MFLs) on our side get paid to debate the Communist fairy tale as if it were a serious point of view. If they took the Flat Earth Society that seriously, they would probably be institutionalized.

You will never get rid of this outdated crappola by taking it seriously. To coin a phrase:

When I was a child I thought as a child.

Now it is time to put away childish ways.


Repetition and Reward

One of the lessons of BUGS is REPETITION. We were being beaten by human tape recorders, and we made fun of them. We enjoyed the ego boost so much we didn’t ANALYZE why those tape recorders were beating people with functioning frontal lobes.

We answered this mindlessness by putting out tomes.

Once again, you have to ask “Why is this information being PRODUCED?” The tomes were produced largely for ego. Those who wrote and read them felt superior. Those like me who gave them simple, Occam’s Razor analyses were, in some way, insulting them. This is the Semmelweis Effect.

You can look up Semmelweis or other things I mention in our excellent Search blank on the right side. To sum up, Ignac Semmelweis found in the mid-nineteenth century that women were dying in doctors’ hospitals after childbirth because doctors were going straight from dissection to delivering babies.

Doctors had all sorts of explanations for this death rate, including the one we considered most advanced: psychosomatic symptoms. Semmelweis died in a madhouse because he could not convince them that the cause was so uninspiring.

In other words, doctors kept killing mothers and babies because the solution hurt their EGOS.

Liberals presented themselves as Great Intellectuals and respectable conservatives like Buckley groveled at their feet, as they do today, and put out untranslated French quotes and fake accents.. And that , boys and girls, is the entire history of the last fifty years in America.

It is time we stop messaging our egos and started WINNING. Hence the Mantra.

Besides repetition, another thing the winners on the other side are criticized for is their takeover of foundations and paying organizations of every kind. As one rightist said, “Anything in our society that is not specifically conservative becomes a liberal front, land some of our groups do too.”

My boss John Ashbrook, was a pale conservative if there ever was one, but the John Ashbrook Foundation is totally neoconservative property.

Now the EGO analysis of this is “Them Bad, Us Good,” but translated into French to soothe our egos.

My analysis is that THEY are doing something right and we are, as usual, kidding ourselves that we are anything but LOSERS if we don’t see that.

I won’t be here forever, so I want to leave a legacy not only of the virtues of repetition but also of the virtues of REWARD. The Holocaust industry is an INDUSTRY. It pays people to push it.

Therefore it will never die.

On the other hand, if you leave behind a tradition of sacrifice, sacrifice, and nothing but sacrifice. One leader, when he was asked if anyone could succeed him, he said something seen by many as pure genius: “Yes, but they are all dead.”

This is usually quoted to show what a Great and Unique Man he was.

To me this is the ultimate failure. It is nothing to be proud of if you leave no intellectual heirs. But if you think only in terms of eternal sacrifice and how idealistic you yourself are, you will not leave any heirs. You concentrate on your own ego, and you get your own ego.

Congratulations and welcome to the Dead and Sterile World this kind of thinking leads to.

This is why I keep emphasizing that when our reaction comes, we must build a FOUNDATION with it, and lots of foundations. It is not out of revenge I want us to have a rewards system looking into the present holocaust against whites. I have simply observed what WORKS.

We should have people PAID to root our ads and support for genocide. There is a VAST source of money in it, and we should exploit it. The superrich and their heirs, the huge companies that sponsor quiet encouragement of interracial coupling in their ads, these represent hundreds of billions if no trillions of dollars.

Stalinist murderers can brag about it. A kid who was fourteen conscripted by the SS to work as a guard is hounded the rest of his life. I want THEM hounded. I want what I am living through to be REMEMBERED.

And the only way the lesson will be remembered, as we have been shown, is to REWARD those who REMEMBER it.

This is not revenge with me, thought God knows those who are committing genocide deserve all they get. But this is a PRACTICAL matter.

Look around you. LOOK at the RESULTS of those who never ask for revenge against Communists and those who PAY for revenge against Nazis. Look at the Che Guevara t-shirts and for ONE, for God’s sake, let’s show a little less foaming resentment and a little more ANALYSIS.

I am not in this to leave a reputation as a genius, as so many seem to be. After I die a billion dollar memorial will do me no good. I have fought my whole life for something and my one concern is that it will go the way of the geniuses who single wish is that be called irreplaceable.

The Semmelweis Lesson: if it saves life, concentrate on washing your hands. The Whitaker Corollary: Be sure that in future people will get revenge that PAYS.


The Double Defense

Long before Orwell wrote 1984 there was a standard joke among lawyers about the Double Defense.

The Double Defense says that 1) “MY client didn’t do it and we have witnesses to prove he was elsewhere at the time of the crime” and “We also have witnesses who were at the scene who will testify that he was justified in doing it.”

Actually, some version of the Double Defense has been successfully used, but of course the lawyers consider any jury that would even consider such a defense a bunch of morons.

That is correct.

Imagine my reaction when our people routinely accept a Double Defense.

This Double Defense comes up all the time. Anti-whites say 1) we are NOT committing genocide and 2) Genocide is justifiable. Just how smart does that make US?

But I see this Double Defense in SF All The Time. The anti-whites go straight from denying genocide to repeating Mommy Professor’s Evil White Man stuff. So do any of our Ego Trip pro-whites simply point out that they are JUSTIFYING what they are DENYING?

Nossir. when the witness declares he didn’t do it and then goes on to say he is doing it for a REASON, Old Missing Frontal Lobe trails right along, arguing crime rates and colonization. They want to show how much they know, so it never occurs to them to put aside all their tome information and look at what the OTHER idiot, the one on the other side, just said.

It makes you tired, very, very tired.


BUGS and the Internet Age

A commenter sent me a link where a man who was a literature major has found that his whole mentality has been altered by the Internet. Where he once proudly treasure huge tomes, he is now impatient if a person can’t get to the point in a couple of paragraphs.

I keep repeating that you must always ask WHY a piece of information has been produced. In this case it is a matter of HOW it is produced.

IN order to say ANYTHING publicly, you used to get a maximum of one shot. Most didn’t get that.
You had to get name recognition, you had to get published. And when you got published you had to anticipate what the questions would be,.

Once again, using the Semmelweis Rule, the explanation of this is so simple it does not inflate the ego. What has happened is that the dam on information has been breached. It used to be a matter of slowly digging your way through the publication process or being accepted by one of the major networks. The process was very cumbersome.

Now you can simply say what you have to say and answer objections on the Internet the next day. You can hit people with an idea without being a respectable Buckley persona for the networks waiting months for the reviews.

So the heavy duty reading that went with the cumbersome old methods are as out of date as etching on stone.

In the new age you have to know what you are doing to say and SAY it.

More important, your reputation today is as a New York Intellectual will not make people read another whole book by you when they can hear others who simply have something to say and say it quickly.

If this method does not sound familiar to you you haven’t been reading BUGS long.


Genocide is Not Just Immigration

My commenters have internalized rules it took me years to formulate. One of these is that if what you are saying goes down too easily with anti-whites, you need to think about it.

Lord Nelson impressed me when he changed his line from white genocide, to the West being overrun. He didn’t realize he has changed it. He was reacting to the simple fact that the path of least resistance allies to the mind as well as physics. He suddenly found this was very easy to sell to anti-whites, and didn’t think over WHY.

Let me hasten to add that THE INSTANT I pointed this out, he saw what I meant and went back to the harder line.

A lot of readers won’t understand what the hard line is.

If you use the term “overwhelm” you are just one of the anti-immigration types.

We already have more than enough non-whites to do away with the race already inside our borders and they are multiplying like rabbits.

The only problem anti-immigration types have with non-whites here is that they refuse to have intercourse with their daughters. They “refuse to assimilate.”

That is NOT our problem.

Attacking immigration makes you a respectable conservative. Opposing interracial marriage or bastardization is “Hitlerism.”

It is also Jeffersonianism, but if you go onto the path of least resistance you won’t think of that.