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Death Religion

Before Zoroastrianism became the Pure Death Cult inherited in its degenerate phase By St. Paul and other genuine intellectuals when Zoroastrianism was the other main religion, it was limited to Aryans, as in the name s Iran and Erin.

One person did a Google and said I was wrong. He pointed out that every single page that aims to be Modern Zoroastrian states flatly that anyone is welcome to be a Zoroastrian, regardless of race. So they couldn’t have said that.

I asked him if he had Ever seen any OTHER religion where the first thing they hammer on is how race is no barrier. I asked him WHY he thinks the Zoroastrians wannabes hit so HARD on that. He got it then. You don’t go to such huge lengths to deny something that never OCCURRED to you. They are rejecting their real history, confirming it IS their real history.

I was simply LISTENING closely. He stayed on the surface and repeated what they SAID without thinking about WHY they said it.

This was not unique to Zoroastrian Persia. At its height the original Olympic Games had the original Olympic Oath, which included the oath that “I am of pure Hellenic blood…”

Zoroastrianism went from being racist to becoming a Death and Sterility Creed. As we move away from racism, our psychology makes every crisis, from Soylent Green to Global Warming, an argument for not having children.



From Jensen to BUGS

People who use the word “liar” freely are never truthful people. So I see it as a big word when I use it. But I have to now.

They fired Dr. Watson, co-Nobel Laureate, for saying that Africa’s problems are a result of low IQ’s.

The Bell Curve was a best-seller when it made that clear beyond dispute. So what have they done? They simply outlawed saying that.

In the 1950s, there was no such thing as schizophrenia. You could only call it The Schizophrenic Response. That was to make it clear that all professionals agreed it was a RESPONSE having nothing to do with human chemistry or, God knows, GENETICS.

All experts agreed on that, hence the term.

Once again, a tiny group began to look at the TESTS. The proof of the pudding was that one treated The Schizophrenic Response only by TALKING a person out of the trauma that caused that Response. But, as with racial IQ, the tests came out wrong. The American Psychiatric Association condemned such testing.

But tests on drugs by the FDA showed that they DID work. A drug company official can go to prison for selling something that comes out wrong in tests. If the psychiatrists then had sold their far more expensive Talk Cure treatments as a drug, they would have gone to prison for selling them.

Now the psychiatrists have made sure that only psychiatrists can prescribe many of those drugs. So they admitted they were wrong. But they never SAY they were wrong. The Schizophrenic Response has gone down the Memory Hole, like racial IQ analysis.

Mommy Professor has stopped trying to deal with testing that leads to heresy and has gone to outright suppression. They do not deal with Dr. Watson the way they did with Dr. Jensen.

Why does information get produced? There is no other way you can understand this new phenomenon. Suddenly the tests have begun to come out RIGHT.

Recently a whole group of tests has come out showing that the Talk Cure works and drugs do not, the way it should have come out in the first place. This is not even logical, since the problem is now universally admitted to be chemical and a diagenetic rather than a response.

The Genome Project always comes out RIGHT. Every testing that is financed is now a Just So Story.

In the past, making up one’s test results before you started risked exposure, even in the vacuum-sealed halls of academe. They’ve learned from that. The exposure of the open frauds by Global Warning advocates is just the surface, the one time they got caught. If they openly cheat on that kind of test, what kind of License to Kill do they have on RACE?

So far nobody but me has pointed out how obvious this is: “to be a forensic pathologist, you have to do two things,

1) deduce the race of a victim from the tiniest rotting remains, and

2) Join all the other Recognized Experts in denying that race exists.”

The era of the Jensens and Rushtons is OVER. The Bell Curve would not be published today. No book or treatise will be published if it contradicts orthodoxy, and certainly no study will be FINANCED if it does not guarantee results ahead of time.

The bottom line is that we will no longer be ALLOWED long explanations. We have watched the Mantra being routinely blacked out everywhere. But we sneak it in. You can’t sneak a TOME in.

We must use short, devastating stuff, like the Mantra or my description of what a forensic pathologist must do. The era of Jensen is passed. The era of BUGS has begun.



Some Passive Aggressive Humor

Back in the days before every white gentile went into automatic fetal position, their reaction was passive-aggression.

A reporter demanded to know if the country club John Kennedy belonged to barred Jews. His reply was, “Hell, they don’t even let in CATHOLICS.”

Barry said he belonged to a country club, but they only let him play nine holes because he was half Jewish.

Goldwater said he was sick and tired of being saying he waffled on integration:

“If someone asks me about segregation, I look them straight in the eye and say: ‘Where are you FROM?’”

They looked up Wallace’s records from his combat days and found that he had been treated for extreme stress. Was he able to take on the responsibility of being president?

Wallace answered, “After the treatment psychiatrists approve me to go back to the war.”

He added, “I have papers that say I’M sane. What have YOU got?”

We are actually getting out there and USING the Mantra. I can now use your examples of the results. One has to do with this passive-aggressive method. Most of the “replies” to the Mantra are simply pointing out that the responder is for Love and Brotherhood and we are against it.

An old anti-Communist told us at the Republican Leadership Training Convention in 1962 that his opponents in debate would point out that Communism was for Equality, Brotherhood, Fairness and so forth. How could he be against this Idealism?

He responded, “You remind me of a fish swimming along who sees a worm a fisherman is using as bait. The fish says to himself, That is good food, good protein, and it will taste good. Why shouldn’t I eat it?”

He then said, “The problem with the worm is the same problem you don’t see in Communism:

“There’s a HOOK in it!”

You can USE this.

And while we are in practical debate mode, let me remind you of Pain’s absolutely brilliant method for introducing the Mantra:

“Do you want to hear my Conspiracy Theory?”

People will.

In a REAL discussion that is pure gold! You get in the Mantra as they are waiting for the joke!

Passive-aggressive strategy again. There’s nothing like it.




You notice all the water boarders were kids in uniform.

Reporters are always asking if people would use torture in questioning. If you watch the experts on that closely, their body language is impatience. The REASON reporters ask this is because torture is sexy topic. By contrast real professional interrogation is BORING.

But torture is not the question. Torture simply does not work. Torture, from the Inquisition to the Democratic Peace Loving Peoples’ Republics, has always been used when you know what you want someone to say. It makes them say it.

Asking a pro about torture is like asking a jockey about carrying the horse.

To yield results, you want your subject caught quickly and BORED. Torture is a lot of things, but it isn’t boring. A bored man will TALK. He will give you all those little reactions you need so badly. You can find reasons to talk about a list of towns, one by one. You can see the one that hits home, something is going on there.

You don’t know WHAT, but you’ve got a WHERE. Then you need to think about it and orient your discussion accordingly, preferably days later. For the press, this is useless. As I said, a real description of that dramatic word Interrogation would lose readers fast.

As to whether one might be WILLING use torture, one thing I have never heard a Nam vet talk about was looking at a village after the Peace Loving Liberation Army got through with it. The media do NOT want to discuss that. All that kind of thing was done by the Nazis, and any discovery on that is publishable.

Stalin killed millions of people before and after the War, but during the War he never hurt a soul but the Enemy

I saw what the Anti-Racist Liberation Fighters did to people in Africa and South America, but none of that was ever discussed in the media or in the World Council of Churches, which supported them. But when terrorism hit New York, the whole thing changed.

I still wonder what the media’s reaction would have been if it was their beloved Idealists who did 9-11. They devoted untold resources for decades to proving that Oswald, fellow Idealist, did not kill Kennedy.

Nobody discusses this Idealistic Communist theme of the media. A lot people were for torture after 9/11. I can’t tell you my attitude because the question is thrilling but totally irrelevant. I cannot say I would not use torture to prevent what I saw happen. But the point is torture is useless.

As usual when the media take a topic up, it’s just STUPID.

Anyone who knows instances where torture was useful are welcome to correct me. I never saw any hint of it myself, and it is totally out of synch with any interrogation technique I know about. We were trying to find out information. Torture is used to make people say what you WANT them to say.




“Integration is like mixing sugar with s***. It doesn’t help the s*** and it RUINS the sugar.” A NORTHERN senator said that in the 1950s. Our whole society today is based on the idea that when groups mix, it helps correct the problems of the deprived group.

That is not how things work in general. “One rotten apple spoils the barrel.”

How many sane people would believe that if you take a bunch of largely foul-mouthed hostile kids and put them in with normal kids, the result will ALWAYS be that it affects the normal children not at all, but it ALWAYS improves the former group?

Every time, without exception.

Well, that is what EVERY, repeat EVERY “scientific” study of racial busing, EVERYWHERE, shows.

Once again, no one ever puts in these simple Mantra terms. Just STATING the thing makes it a laughing stock. But no one will do that. You cannot explain this in terms of “bias.” The information STARTS this way, it isn’t a group of otherwise serious people who happen to show bias in one area.

You can’t start with this bias crap. You have to START with the question, “Why was this information PRODUCED?” There is racial busing, therefore there MUST be public studies on it. This is entirely different from saying that academics are really interested in the subject. In a society where you can be ruined or arrested for debating diversity or integration, there is simply no demand, no grant money, no publication and no curiosity about any actual results, and we call know it.

But no one ever SAYS this. It makes the Professional Academics, whom respectable conservatives have to worship with their butts in the air, into paid actors. Bit you simply cannot state the question without he answer being obvious.

So no one states the question. For those who don’t like these “studies,” what you can SELL, the information you can PRODUCE, is a Conspiracy Theory. The conspiracy theory is the only opposition.

Go back to the god damn BASIC QUESTION: Why is this information PRODUCED?

Our information is NOT produced because no one is interested in the BASIC question.

You will find that you will always find people wanting got get you off boring reality, your repeatedly returning to Why is this information produced? They want to talk about something they can enjoy, like Jews or Conspiracies or their the sort of pet theories we see in so many comments.

Over many, many years of trying to make people see the obvious, an alarm bell goes off in my mind when I find the talk has become lively. It used to always mean that we had gotten off the subject. I am fascinated by seeing the obvious realities. Most people do all that when they are in school or trying to impress others. When they talk they want to be entertained.

For that reason basic questions are ignored. To put this in basic terms: No one demands that THAT information be produced.

When I point out that in every area where there is money and power there is headline corruptions, except one, the press, almost everybody responds with the same two answers:

1) Of course, and

2) That’s paranoid Conspiracy stuff.

But the critical stuff here is that 1) and 2) are not replies from two different groups. In a long conversation, almost every average person will say BOTH things. Again, other people don’t notice it because they don’t reduce what is said to BASIC terms. They don’t KNOW that what they are saying is simply “Of course” and “That is paranoid thinking.”

Most people would not understand the progression of this article. I started with a criticism of studies on integration, but instead of repeating all the contradictions of those studies, I went on to THINKING ABOUT why these errors are made. You won’t find a discussion like this elsewhere.

Mention warped studies on race and you will face a deluge of statistics and denunciations. No one analyzes, IN DEPTH, what everybody knows, how studies that are paid for and get published, are produced. This leaves the other side at least as strong as you are. In the end, we just quote other studies. They’re ready for that.

What they are not ready for is an explanation of why everybody knows what studies are going to say. Everybody knows it, but nobody SAYS it.

The ONLY cure for this is BUGS and Mantra Thinking.

THINK, then and Say It.



Lonely Courage

Combat to the bigger risks I took among the addicts were not the real trials for me. There is an exhilaration in taking risks. In a firefight you join with others. For me, that was a relief. All my life I fought alone.

One major thing that happened to the Obedient Generation was that they learned that nothing is RIGHT unless you do it in a mob. As Mencken said military thinking is the worst kind of training for free men. It teaches them not to do anything unless it is Groupthink.

“You learn to give orders,” the cliché goes, “By learning to TAKE orders.” That is fine for a slave overseer, but not for a free man.

Ann Rice was talking about her youth being what they called a Free Spirit in California. She said, somewhat wonderingly, that these Free Sprits would ask each other, “Are WE still boycotting grapes?” I doubt most of her readers got the full impact of that.

Those in the sixties who thought they were rebelling against their Obedient Generation fathers did not have any idea how exactly like their fathers they were. As Rice pointed out, in order to be a Free Sprit, you joined the Free Spirit Movement. You thought just like every other Free Spirit, just like a good soldier.

You even wore a uniform! We all knew “hippies” from their clothes. You could tell someone’s hippie politics from a block away, exactly the way you knew a soldier or a sailor.

When the media refer to the Youth Movement, they mean a group of people of a certain age who they insist think exactly alike. Those who insist they are anti-stereotype always refer to young people as “idealistic,” meaning they think like the old lefty who can’t admit he’s getting old.

In the Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn kept repeating that a free man had to have “a personal point of view.” In his years Soviet concentration camps, he got an idealistic vision of Americans. Actually, he would have been at home among Americans before his generation.

But when he got here, he raised hell. He was shocked to find that the last people who have a personal point of view in America was our self-described “free thinkers.” He said t hey were kind of free thinkers he had seen in the KGB.

One of the greatest compliments I ever got was from Bill Rusher. He said that at the weekly editorial meeting someone had commiserated with Buckley, “You have gotten jumped on this week by both Solzhenitsyn AND Whitaker.”

I couldn’t quite believe that someone, someone hostile, had actually put me in THAT category!

In one way, miles distant, we were alike. Solzhenitsyn had done his fighting ALONE. He had been a dissenter in a totalitarian state. He had been in World War II, and on the Eastern Front, the one that made France look like a picnic. But he saw that as a good time in his life, before he was arrested on the front and sent to the Gulag.

Solzhenitsyn looked at others as the World War II Generation looked at everybody else. The obedient Generation said, “Nobody else could join thousands of others in an attack?”

As a matter of fact, MILLIONS of other did that, and some of them were pre-teens.

But Solzhenitsyn asked something rare, and even rare among SURVIVORS of tyranny: “Could this person be where I was and maintain a PERSONAL point of view in a situation which makes the hardest combat seem like a wonderful dream?”

He quickly came to DESPISE Modern Age Americans. He was right that if Americans put on Soviet costumes they would make good KGB.

I will never quite get over being put together with that man, however briefly. And the guy who did was not aware he was complimenting me.



Mommy Sarge to Mommy Professor

One thing about the Obedient Generation sticks out to me like a sore thumb.

So nobody else notices it.

Fifty percent of that generation took some advantage of the GI Bill for college. They went straight from learning that Sergeant whipping them and being worshiped to Mommy Professor telling them how he and his fellow Idealists and Intellectuals should rule the world. It is hard to imagine a more effective combination to make slaves of Americans.

No wonder they were THEN known as the Silent Generation. They had absolutely no training but how to obey. Stay butt-up to your sergeant and then repeat what Mommy Professors said word for word. They did not become vocal until they were GIVEN PERMISSION to do so from the establishment:

“You are so much better than the guys fighting Progressive Socialism in Vietnam. Yours was the Good War.” The louder they proclaimed this, the more praise they got.

Shari’s right — as usual — the draft was the natural continuation of this process. Look at how we warped our young people: Ideally a young person reaching the age when they used to have to make decisions entered an eight-year Politically Correct incubation period.

Young people who would have been learning a trade or determining their future at age fourteen began high school and did four-years, freshman-sophomore-junior-senior. THEN began ANOTHER four years under Mommy Professor. Then they were supposed to be drafted and go from Mommy Professor to Mommy Sarge.

Those who were drafted first reverse this process after the high school four years. If you ever wonder how Americans became the mindless slaves they are, THINK ABOUT this process.



We are at the Spark Stage

Every now and then I am delighted to see concentrated discussions of action on the Mantra. But they’ve died out. What I am getting now is musings on the world in general. There are worse things than stimulating thought, most of it highly literate, but it isn’t our WAR.

I can’t tell what you are doing out in the real world of if you don’t report on it. Gator said I should give an assignment each week. Gator, no one takes my “assignments.” I begged BUGSers for months to simply put good BUGS entries on Stormfront, just copy and paste, and the only person who did it was Brain, who already has too much to do.

Gator put the Mantra out and said so. He seems to be almost unique lately. I am sure our old solid group, like Lord Nelson, are out there doing it but they don’t REPORT it.

There is, of course, the problem that I am almost blind here. I had to bitched and complained to Gator that I couldn’t FIND his piece at the link he gave. All I cold see was the title and the statement that there were 14 comments on it, then it listed other topics.

I finally SCROLLED DOWN and found the whole thing and the comments. Gator assumed I would naturally do that in the first place. When someone is as dense as I am in these things, there’s not a hell of a lot Gator or anybody else can do for me.

But Bob is your main instrument here. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I have to face the fact that Bob is all I have. I used to tell my wife, “If you think putting up with me is bad, try BEING ME for a while.”

I got her sympathy with that one!

As for giving assignments, I can only quote General Lee: “I cannot get my orders carried out.” If General Lee had that problem, you can’t expect this lesser Robert to handle it. Gator got fourteen comments, and SO FAR, he has found a forum where his Mantra has not been wiped out. This gave him a chance to make a FURTHER comment on the replies.

We have not had much chance to talk about comments because the Mantra is usually wiped out almost immediately. This illustrates my point: I am almost dead blind here. I don’t know how many discussions are going on that I don’t hear about. And this is vital to me.

Gator says 11 of the 14 comments probably came from BUGS people. But folks like to PLAY with their screen names. It seems to be considered cute. So one commenter uses several names here, and the comments there were under several names. Where does that leave ME or anybody lese trying to analyze replies?

Please consider my position when you get cute with screen names. In this case they may have been necessary to make two comments instead of one in one name.

But not one commenter SAID he got in there!

I’m BLIND here, gang!

But I was DELIGHTED to see that in those Gator comments our folks grabbed onto the “You are justifying genocide line, which is the second punch in discussing Mantra, and HELD onto it.

If 11 of the comments were from us, that has its encouraging side. They did it RIGHT. When you are forming your first team as we are, getting it RIGHT is critical to your coach.

We are lighting a fire. Modern men have a hard time with lighting a fire without matches because they are used to just flipping a lighter. Doing it from scratch is a LONG process. We have come a long way in igniting a fireplace, but when it comes to lighting the kind of fire we are doing, the old process is still there.

In history books the process of forming an idea and then making it knows looks quick, “Thirty years later, it was common knowledge.” When you are reading a history books, thirty years doesn’t impress you. But every single one of those years was REAL and SLOW to those living it.

I have hit and hit and hit and finally I have a tiny spark. It takes forever to create a tiny spark, and then you have to puff and not blow to keep it going, to keep from killing it. That is when you are trying to start a campfire.

We are changing the WORLD.

In fact it is the difficulties we have that demonstrated that we are trying to do something that big. At this stage, I am more than happy to see a few of us get it RIGHT.