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We Told You So

A law is being passed in Arizona allowing someone to be held if he has no identification. The usual crowd is saying this involves racial profiling.

It does.

No one seems to have noticed that when a police radio describes someone as “a black male” that is racial profiling. The whole purpose of the description is to get policemen looking for black male. You can’t get more exact profiling than that.

To say that when you are looking for illegal aliens in the lower part of Arizona the chances are they will look Mexican is a given. But no conservative respectable, least of all Arizona state, is going to say that.

A university is throwing out a Christian group profiling homosexuals. The group requires that members of the organization subscribe to their beliefs, which include the Biblical disapproval of homosexuality.

Conservatives are yammering about this, but it is exactly what we predicted in the 1950s: Once discrimination is banned, where do you STOP?

The answer is:

You don’t.



Understanding Pogroms

Unlike the Republic of California, with the bear flag the state still has, the Republic of Texas was not a short-term stopgap. It existed for over eight years and three men were elected President of the Republic, two serving out their full terms.

The United States recognized the Republic of Texas in 1836, after they had defeated Mexico. The US did not send a full ambassador but a Charge d’Affaires. That is a rank below ambassador, but that has nothing to do with the extent of recognition. The United States sends no ambassador at all to Liechtenstein, whose foreign affairs are handled by Switzerland, but it has full recognition of its sovereignty.

The Texas Navy actually drove the Mexican Navy completely out of the Gulf of Mexico.

One President of Texas did not want Texas to become part of the United States. He wanted it to take the whole West from Mexico and set up a Republic that consisted of everything from the east border of the Lone Star Republic to the Pacific.

None of this happened in New England, so it is not part of American History.

One special thing about the Republic of Texas is that, for its entire history, it outlawed banks.

Not just a National Bank, which Alexander Hamilton proposed and Jefferson and Jackson opposed, but ALL banks.

Banks were very different then. A bank lent people money when THEY needed it, but they also took the money or the farm when THEY needed it. This was usually at the worst possible time, because if the bank was in financial trouble, it was in bad economic times. The practice of making loans for a set period was for rich people, and it did not become common until fairly recently.

The old banks also set the rate of interest very high for those who were less liable to be able to pay it back when the time came. The value of a farm on the market moved very, very fast, as did the value of its crops. When things were bad, the Cruel Banker was there to take everything.

In other words bankers could not afford to be nice guys.

In the Middle Ages, the rates at which even kings borrowed money would make a street loan-shark today green with envy. You can only imagine what they charged regular people.

People know these simple facts but they never THINK about them. That was the introduction our ancestors had to Jews.

If you want to know how Jews were viewed before the Greatest generation, there is one story in the Raffles, the Gentleman Burglar series that shows Raffles dealing with a Jewish moneylender. It’s worth reading because it is genuinely pre-PC thought.

This Jew was not a cringing, tiny, peace-loving type hated by the Authorities. He was tough and he was MEAN. He was a big-time loan shark, all of whose activities were then legal, and the cops liked him a lot more than they liked Raffles.

Our people didn’t like Jews and they didn’t like banks. For bankers and Jews, cruelty and ruthlessness was a way of life. They could not have survived otherwise.

It is always said that the Church allowed Jews to lend money because there was no Jewish law against usury. Actually there was one. They weren’t supposed to charge OTHER JEWS interest. I’ve never seen that mentioned, but the laws against usury come from the JEWISH Old Testament.

When your business requires cruelty, you HAVE to develop an attitude towards the people in general that you can see in the attitude of one New Yorker towards humanity in general. The fact that there is a reason for a person to become brutal does not change he fact that he IS brutal.

Our ancestors did not understand banking, but they did understand ruthless, vicious people without mercy. That, too, is normal human behavior.

But then again, Political Correctness says that white goyim don’t have reasons.



What Isn’t Said

I have talked about the Politically Correct Pecking Order, white goy males at the top, whites in general next, human beings in general higher on the list than animals. Everyone knows it, everybody USES it, but nobody TALKS about it.

So when anybody is conversing in public, he knows that he must be very careful about non-whites but he can say anything nasty he wants to about whites. We know that but we don’t THINK about it.

In the 1960s what Society called “criminals” were the good guys on the pecking order. So when Attica Prison was seized by the inmates, who were overwhelmingly black, protesters shouted “ATTICA! ATTICA!” because the guards were largely white and those poor babies inside were Victims of Society.

John Lennon was crying for the poor Victims inside.

Now that even leftists have had enough of being hit by professional criminals, this little incident has gone down the Memory Holes.

And, of course, we LET it go down the Memory Hole. Only leftists repeat the history they want to talk about. Attica makes them uncomfortable, so conservative respectables never mention it, and we go along. Most of us in the real opposition spend our time repeating what shows up in the media.

You can’t have a lot of conversations without someone mentioning Hitler. You can find a program about the Fall of the Third Reich regularly. I haven’t seen a picture of Stalin in so long a time I don’t remember the last one. See how many people know what a “kulak” was.

The only “Gulag Survivor” I can remember ever being mentioned in public was Solzhenitsyn. Most people say, “Who?

All evil plots in movies while the Soviet Empire existed were set up by white Americans in coats and ties. The TV series “Hawaii Five-O” did have one really evil Communist villain, but he was Red Chinese back when we saw the Chinese as REALLY bad Communists the US had not yet recognized.

That was an interesting case because it was assumed that the OTHER Communists would have nothing to do with this Bad Guy.

The only people responsible for plots and murders in our media were those who were fanatically AGAINST the People’s Peace-Loving Democratic Republics. I seem to be the only person, including the John Birch Society, who ever NOTICED this.

After Katrina, Popular Mechanics, of all things, had a cover article pointing out that all the tales about Katrina were “myths.” Blacks, they said, behaved like little angels through the whole thing.

It is not that we let this stuff slip through. We don’t have anything for it slip through.



Some Examples of REAL Futurology

I hope BoardAd will put this piece the next day after “Experts and Madam Olga.” I have pointed out and will point out again and again that futurologists have nothing to do with the future. It is time to propose some examples.

I pointed out that Ben Franklin, who was the original and ONLY expert in his time on electricity, was absolutely sure that electricity would never have any practical use. The terms he developed were the ones I had to learn when I got my ham license two hundred years later.

The development of what is now called Cold Fusion would change our world the way electricity came to dominate it in the centuries after Franklin died. Right now there are European experiments trying to develop sustainable fusion reactions, like the ones that exist in every active star. It is being done, but the energy produced is a bare fraction of energy put into it.

It was big day when scientists announced that the fusion energy produced was a billionth of the energy required, and another big day when the ratio went down to a million.

Fusion energy is like the suitcase bomb, a topic of abstract discussion but never actually happening.

We live in the fusion age the way Franklin did in his. Communication in his day, as in Caesar’s, was a fast horse, or, under very limited conditions, the heliograph.

And NIGHT! We have no idea today what NIGHT was in Franklin’s time. In scriptoria or libraries the chairs were aligned to get the most out of the sun’s light. Candles were expensive and their use destroyed the eyes of men like Pepys.

One science fiction movie I remember in the 50s had a man go far into the future and find that the technology of writing had taken a giant step: the pages of the huge book he opened were thin metal. In science fiction stories, the businesslike space travelers would have clipboards to write their notes in.

To take just one example, fusion power would change everything about space settlement and getting space materials, Right now the idea of building anything self-sustaining in space is a LONG way away because we have to get things out there.

With fusion energy, “out there” would be as close as Mexico is now, and as the power developed, it would become closer. Space colonies would develop like any other settlements.

But you can’t know what ELSE will develop. The locomotive and the telegraph united the East and West Coasts in a way Franklin would have thought absurd to predict EVER happening.

Throw in a version of a suitcase bomb and the small population needed in each space settlement, and you will have some pretty exclusive communities out there. Diversity is already reeling from the development of the American Prison Yard.



Futurology and Madam Olga

I have said repeatedly that Futurology has nothing to do with the future. That is a result of Mantra Thinking: Why is information produced? Futurology is entirely based on what TODAY’s editors and foundations want to see happen and what today’s readers want to read about.

The greatest combination of scientific and social knowledge, genius, and good sense in the middle of the eighteenth century was Benjamin Franklin. He invented all the basic terms we use for electricity, battery, positive and negative and others. He was in at the beginning of the force which would transform the new century.

Franklin also said that electricity was a study of a phenomenon which should be known. He added that the one thing he was sure of was that it would never have any practical use. He said that right up until he died in 1790.

Not unusually, Franklin had an eye for the future EXCEPT in the area in which he was expert. This is so common I consider it to be a rule, whose few exceptions prove the rule.

An expert has an exact idea where his field is and where it is going. Sudden changes, like the development of practical chemical batteries and alternating current generation, catch them by surprise right in the middle of their theorizing about how things will progress. Edison died an opponent of AC.

Bill Gates flatly predicted that we would NEVER need more than a megawatt in a home computer. That’s the wrong exact number but I don’t want to try to find the quote again.

You can tell when a science fiction book was written while reading it. You can tell when a Futurology book was written when you read it. You can tell when a history book was written when you read it. That should tell you how much these writers about the future know about the real future.

But remember, unlike most writers, these are people who get published and who get paid. Their information is PRODUCED. They are paid because they are experts on the field as it is NOW, They appeal to readers who read NOW.

We see Experts as totally out of the class of fortunetellers at the fair because the Experts really do know a lot. But when it comes to the future, they are in exactly the same business. The Crystal Ball in the tent tells you what sounds reasonable to you. It tells you what you want to hear. It gives dire warnings about things you already understand.

That is exactly what the Experts do when they turn to the Future.

Only mavericks and heretics have ever been right about what is to come.



The Respectable Conservative Lynch Mob Strikes Again

National Review ran a special piece on how researchers had discovered that blacks have bad jobs because of discrimination. It said all the factors had been compared, and the only explanation was that blacks were discriminated against.

It would be interesting to compare black income with that of whites with an average IQ of 80. There are no special programs for THEM, so I would guess that they are doing MUCH worse. But the IQ difference is now taboo, and no one is more fanatical to lynch heretics on this than are respectable conservatives.

The Genome Project is the Only True Faith. It says that there is no difference between races except skin color. If “scientists” will skew information on Global Warning, can you imagine what they release on RACE? It took many years of hard struggle to get rid of the absolute declaration by every Mommy Professor that it was proven that all inherited IQs were same.

As I keep saying, to be a forensic crime lab scientist, you routinely have to do two things: 1) Discern the race of a long-dead corpse even as a witness, and 2) Swear on the stand that race does not exist.

Once again I am saying what everybody knows but no one on our side ever says.

The racist bit is so effective even conservatives are being irritated by it, says the “racist” Tea Party.

But none of them ever asks for a definition of “racist.”

No one THINKS. And they are moral cowards.

Like the IQ heretics, the Genome heretics will take many years to appear. They were not conservatives then and they will not be now. What passes for thought on the right can’t reach that high. I’ve lived through this before, and the “modern science has proven all races are the same” is old stuff to me.

The same violence was used against anyone who said there are innate intelligence differences and National Review attacked contrary information, except for an occasional heretic who got through their screen. Then they fell back on it doesn’t matter because we are all the Christ’s Children, after all.

If it didn‘t matter, why did so many of them demand the lynching of heretics on racial IQ in the first place?

The Bell Curve pretty well shot the last of the equal innate IQ crap, so two lines developed to counter it. One said that IQ was meaningless and the other said that IQ was everything.

National Review said that IQ means nothing. We are all Children or all men are created equal said that IQ didn’t matter and because all humanity is one.

The other line argued that some blacks had enormous IQs so the average meant nothing. Mean regression is one consideration here, and so the fact that the only reason IQ differences are important is that it shows that the races DO differ. Proving IQ differences with nurture taken into account, just confirmed that general point.

IQ differences are a sign of SOMETHING important, but no matter what you prove about them, we do not get the full import of what the difference is.

Now the Wilson Quarterly complains that people are ALLOWED to talk about the racial IQ difference. The Bell Curve could not be published today. William Buckley was the only major American opinionist who endorsed Europe and Canada’s Thought Crime laws.

Even liberals are a bit shamed by those laws, so Buckley got major Respectability Points for saying what they wouldn’t say.

That is what respectable conservatives are FOR.



How Do You Tell When You Stagnate?

In one science fiction book a group was on a planet which had once been a giant advanced society. They were trying to find the reason. They came to a town where a priesthood worshipped the Ancient Gods who had come from the sky, like the Aztecs worshipped the Fair Gods from the Atlantic.

When they found out how to communicate, one of the explorers told the priest he was there to study the collapse of civilization. The priest went deathly pale and said,

“Is civilization about to collapse?”

After all, his was the only “civilization” he had ever known.

A lot of people see some kind of “collapse” as the US slides into the third world. But what we are seeing is the third world moving at an amazing speed toward our own standard of living, but our own standard of living is just sitting there.

Marxism is based on the idea that “the economy” can be built under central direction. So back in the fifties, when hula-hoops became popular, the Soviet planners produced several million of them. They just laid there in a warehouse where they probably still are.

Marxism requires that “the economy” be a fixed thing. It’s silly.

For decades the third world tried to use a socialist model to catch up with the West. They stayed poor. One of the best-kept secrets today is that there is no more starvation and if you look at it in logarithmic terms, the third world is so much richer than it was and growing so fast it’s hard to believe.

All that was holding them back was the economic planning from LSE and Harvard.

If you get into the world economy, you can catch up.; Despite the fact that anybody in the third world with any get up and go and smarts is moving into the white world as their first entrepreneurial act, jobs are being outsourced and the results are staggering.

I am old enough have SEEN the third world. When any Intellectual bothers to look at it, all they do is whine about how someone is working for a quarter an hour. When I saw it, today’s quarter an hour would have been a nickel, and it would have been big money to a starving family.

But once again, information is produced for a reason. No one wants to talk about Africa after Liberation. Nobody wants to talk about the third world except to proved how evil the white man is and how Intellectuals should run the economy.

So stagnation does not come with a bang, but with a whimper.



Superterrorism and Shanty Towns

Eric Hoffer lived through the Depression, and he talked about how THOSE Americans got things done. A boss would hire them and give them a job and they would do it.

They built Shanty Towns and DEFENDED them. The Obedient Generation would NEVER build such a town, and a guy with a piece of paper would order them off of it if they did. That was back when Grandma with a shotgun sat on the porch and waited for the developers to tear her house down.

Grandma lost, but nowadays Grandma wouldn’t BE there.

It is typical that Bella Abzug, who dedicated her career to letting repeat rapists back on the street, founded NOW and started screaming about how repeat rapists were victimizing women. It is typical that Hillary wrote “It Takes A Village to Raise A Child” while she dedicated her life to fighting the whole concept of a village or a group of people who naturally do things together.

Hoffer talked about how routine it was that someone would hire a group of men desperate for work and tell them to go prepare a site. He went there a week later and the site was prepared. He was trying to explain what I am trying to explain.

Americans then didn’t need a Chain of Command. They were descendants of people who went out in the country, drove out the Indians, and built farms and villages. They understood each other without a Sergeant marching them around in step.

They would have driven Hillary crazy.

But a society is not only inclusive it is also exclusive. Get rid of the exclusion and you have to agree on a set of Rules. The lesson of the USSR is never discussed because it tried to organize everything on a set of rules and destroyed  Society. When things got tough, it disappeared in a puff of wind.

To fight the Nazis, they had to violate Lenin’s absolute rule against patriotism and call it The Great Patriotic War. They were also blessed with the fact that the Nazis were idiots. If the Nazis had not come in treating them the way Stalin did, the Wehrmacht wouldn’t have had the fight the Red Army at all in the Ukraine. The Ukrainians would have made their country impenetrable to the Russians, and many of the Russians would have done the same thing.

To survive Stalin had to forget his Wordism and depend on what was left of the Society.

That is the position we are in the case of Superterrorism. America before the Obedient Generation would have resisted and organized itself. Much of the 2009 plan rests on THAT America.

The 2009 plan assumes that unloading tens of millions of shrieking minorities and helpless Yuppie whites into the countryside is the same as it was when we still had prejudices and loyalties, the world before Mommy Professor.

When desperation hits, the Government can’t handle it. Society has to take over.

We don’t have one.