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Corporate Culture

Down to the basic basics, gang:

Can you think of anything less suited to a market economy than a Corporate Culture? Lots and lots of people discovered that term, but nobody decided they had discovered something WRONG.

You see, the first thing they should have noticed was that they had found that corporate promotions were not a response to the one thing a corporation is supposed to respond to: the MARKET.

And corporations are run by conformist dunderheads.

I remember many a neophyte clown appointed by Reagan showing how Old School he was. I always wore short-sleeve shirts with my coat and tie. This guy had a professional conservative’s dream view of real business.

So he asked, “How would you answer an Old Fashioned Manager who asked you, ‘How far up your coat sleeve would I have to look to find your sleeve?’”

It’s a nut question, but remember this was a professional conservative asking it.

I replied, “I’d file a complaint of sexual harassment.”

He was totally stunned. But that is exactly what I would do it some nut was denying me a job based on pulling off my clothes.

If the boss insists I wear long sleeved shirts, I will wear them if I want his job. My doctor brother wears long sleeves when he wears a suit, because doctors do that. But no sane doctor is going to ask about looking up his coat sleeve.

Dressing down is used in California because it WORKS. We live in a world of heated offices, and people do not work as well if they have on wool pants and coats and vests and long-sleeved shirts.

It would be all right if this nonsense were confined to respectable conservatives, but I have seen it in private business and in the Intelligence Community. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was one of many, many books about corporate Culture.

But such works would not have been funny if they were not so near to the truth.

Not one thing the hero of How to Succeed concentrated on had the slightest concern with the market.

So we have an economy that has selected its executives within the Corporate Culture and the corporations have collapsed like flies.

In Japan, the economy was supposed to take over the world, but about the time it reached the US level of production it stagnated, as all Oriental societies do when they have used up what they get from the whites.

Then the Japanese economy collapsed. It collapsed because it was built on a business clique. It was inevitable, because it was the ultimate networking. They had their “own” and made arrangements among Themselves. The arrangements within their Corporate Culture became the only thing.

Japanese business had grown by being fixated with the Market. They produced things and when “Made in Japan” became synonymous with shoddy they heard and changed it. Then the Corporate Culture grew up. They promoted people with how they fit, not into the market, but into their own conformism.

People who know when to wear long-sleeved shirts are not necessarily the same ones customers want to buy from, or people who know financial structuring or even common sense.

Corporate Culture is the natural product of a Politically Correct society. Certainly no one was promoted in the Soviet Union for appealing to consumers.

You learn to act right and talk right to get promoted.

Which is fine until the whole damned system comes down around your ears.



Office Manager

You get frustrated with people seeing how well the Mantra works and then giving you the cow look, going Moo! And going back to chomping the old grass the same way. Welcome to dealing with Pod People.

I thought I might give you a couple of examples from my history in dealing with this, so you will not get the impression that it’s YOU who is nuts.

When I was on Capitol Hill, I was in a discussion with some other senior staffers, and someone said, “Let Bob deal with the secretaries. They’ll do ANYTHING for him!”

This was news to me.

I finally figured it out.

You see, there is a big pecking order on Capitol Hill. Senior staffers treated “secretaries” like peons.

That was dumb in itself, but they treated OFFICE MANAGERS the same way. In fact, they didn’t know the difference.

Courtesy is a routine Southern disease, but there are times when not being courteous is just stupid.

The office manager sits in front of a typewriter like a “secretary.” But she runs the office.

What is the most valuable thing on Capitol Hill?

It is access to the congressman.

The Administrative Assistant is the head of a congressman’s staff. But he has nothing LIKE the personal contact with the Boss that the Office Manager has. She might see him, literally a dozen times a day.

I was very aware of that, and I had assumed others were, too.

They weren’t.

It turned out that, when I needed a quick message gotten to the Boss, the Office Manager just tossed it in the next time, usually within the hour, the next time she saw him. Try getting an AA or a LA to remember yours among the fifty messages people, including other congressman, want delivered to the Boss.

I would explain this to my fellow senior staffers. They nodded. They even smiled at my genius.

But they never DID it.

I told you how my unfunded grassroots organization became national news. They always asked me for the secret. I told them I just listened to what these groups wanted said and wrote THAT in press releases. Press conferences had THEM, not me, up front.

“I ask them what they want and do it.”

No else ever did, before or since.

Our family brick plant was a hobby of my father, who spent his time as the best-known brick-making consultant in the world. So when my brother took it over after his death it was out-of date and tiny. He made it a multimillion dollar business and sold it.

What is your secret, they would ask him.

My brother heard about profit sharing, so he put himself and everybody else at the plant on minimum wage plus a percentage. He explained to the workers what that meant.

South Carolina was even less well known for high wages than it is now. But the plant for several years was the highest wage brick plant in AMERICA. It grew fast.

The only real problem with someone sitting down on the job was to prevent his fellow workers from lynching him.

No one has used that method since.

These are three examples of at least dozens.

I don’t understand why people don’t use what WORKS. I do know that if a GROUP does it, they will roll over the big guys.

As they ask you your Secret, and you tell them about the Mantra AGAIN. They will nod and go back to whatever crap they’ve been using.

But we are not dealing with just me or my brother, a single staffer or a single brick plant. BUGS can use the Secret and the sky’s the limit.

Sic ‘em, gang!



The Shortage Industry

I have talked a lot about fusion energy. The environmentalists are trying to prevent it. They want everything planned by Mommy Professor. They do NOT want any technological solutions to any shortage.

The opponents are described as environmentalist anti-nuclear. But they are in fact the group I discussed at the end of my 1976 book. They are the education-welfare establishment which wants the Kyoto world Mommy Professor dreams of, where there is a shortage of everything and bureaucrats make the choices.

Fusion is nuclear, but that is all it has in common with atomic power plants. Fission puts out radioactivity, fusion does not. We have no idea what any of the problems will be with fusion generation because there is none yet.

None of this has anything to do with the opposition to it. Every single socialist I know of became an environmentalist the day the USSR closed down. The USSR was, after all, just what I said, “A place where there was a shortage of everything and bureaucrats made the choices.”

It is interesting that Chernobyl occurred in Mommy Professor’s Heaven.

Nobody else would put it that way. And that is the problem.

Just as the real aims of anti-whites are never discussed, the real motives of Mommy Professor are ignored.

It is interesting to me that the big push on fusion energy is happening in Europe. Europe is the place where they usually are the first to pee on themselves when Mommy Professor says something is politically incorrect. Yet France uses nuclear power to an extent that, if copied in the US, would about get rid of our oil shortage.

But this is a crisis coming to a head that only we understand. So far this fusion project has hit $20 billion.

We now have a twenty billion dollar investment facing the environmental industry which represents trillions they hope to control from the shortage industry.

And shortage IS an industry. It is called environmentalism, but it represents millions of people who want to control things and distribute things the way they once wanted to do under socialism. The power companies backed down on nuclear power because theirs was a tiny power compared to the shortage industry.

The shortage industry is no more interested in the environment than it was in working people when it called itself socialism. Millions of people are already employed in it and it wants hundreds of millions.

All of the big companies the shortage industry gets its money from and claims to oppose are, combined, small compared to the education-welfare, environmentalist establishment. But we still debate with them as if they were Idealists against Big Money.

My first book discussed this, but the world view was weeded out as conservatives learned to use only the arguments that didn’t make their liberal heroes look like what they were. Just like today our side weeds out the Mantra.



Turnips and Ham Sandwiches

I really like it when commenters see the direct connection between BUGS and old sayings that make sense. One of you saw the connection between one of my articles and the old and true saying: A prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

Alan B pointed out on June 17 that he had often said that a turnip could get a major party nomination by following the OPC guidelines. In fact, the day before his comment, SC Democrats had just done that.

What happens here is that the black leaders tell blacks how to vote. In the black churches, the preachers told their flocks to vote for the US Senate nominee in the Democratic primary whose name appeared first on the ballot.

But there was some last-minute shuffling and the name on the top by election day was changed to the man you have all heard about who is now the Party nominee.

If this is the case, no one will talk about it. Back in 1962, Hollings was running for the SC seat in the Senate made vacant by the death of Olin Johnston. Back then the black vote was measured by two all-black wards, Ward 9 in Columbia and Ward 9 in Charleston.

He was running against former Governor Russell, who had appointed himself to the vacant seat. But at that time having the black vote was a burden. So Hollings called the black leaders and got Russell’s name put on the slips handed out to blacks in the two Ward 9s for the Democratic primary, and his name on the rest of them.

So Russell was reported as getting the black vote and Hollings got almost every single black vote outside the Ward 9s. This was never mentioned anywhere in the press, though Russell bitched about it everywhere.

The simple fact is that there is no such things as a black vote. These two cases illustrate it, so such things are never mentioned in the media.

I remember that years ago Ed Rollins mentioned that blacks were bribed to vote in New Jersey. He immediately apologized, because it was not a “bribe.” That was Whitey Talk. What those payments were was a new black tradition called “walkin’ round money.”

Rollins, a good respectable, crawled, peed on himself, apologized, the whole bit.

The media shouldn’t fear to talk about the black churches getting it wrong. The average person would never make the connection any more than they could see that blacks are routinely bribed.

On Third Rock From the Sun, the alien, being from outer space, said he thought the black secretary was a Democratic. She had him crawling by saying, “Just because my skin is black, you think I’m a Democrat?”

But no one wonders why the Democratic Party pays hundred of millions of dollars to “get out the minority vote.” A dark skin means a Democratic vote. That is why “walkin’ round money” is not to be criticized because it is a “black tradition,” not a bribe.

Now the one black congressman from SC is screaming foul because a fellow black has gotten the Democratic Senate nomination. He likes this competitive black as much as Andrew Young appreciated Obama.

The church’s bad information may be the reason for this totally astonishing nomination. Another may be the one I came up with LONG before Obama became a major phenomenon. I warned that all the hype about Clinton being “America’s first black president” was something the cheering Democrats should take into account.

The problem is that when you a own political gold mine, you had damned better check and be sure it doesn’t have a cave in point. I TOLD you years ago that this gold mine of minority votes, of white Democrats glorying in the fact that all they had to do was get brown skins to the polling place meant victory, would not last all that long.

You see, when blacks vote for a white man who has a black heart, it will not be long before they vote for a man with a black heart AND a black FACE. I said that when Obama was a new Senator. I did not have him in mind.

This is the sort of advice I got paid for, despite the fact that I was not a comfortable person to have around. That was one of the reasons I was not a comfortable person to have around.

The white guy who was appointed to get the Democratic nomination could have used my advice. It would have been worth a lot to him, though none of the “professionals” would have even thought of it.

It could have been the black church’s mistake, or it could have been the simple fact that a lot of blacks just prefer to vote for a black. Neither can be mentioned in the media, and neither can be mentioned by respectable conservative or even at AmRen.

You will only see them on BUGS.


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Beserker88: A Sign of Action is Frustration

It has taken twelve years for WOL to evolve into BUGS and for BUGSTERS to become a distinct, self-aware group.

You can tell it is finally going the way I wanted it to when you get responses like that of Beserker88:

When I talk to people outside of the WN movement the MANTRA is golden. They can open their door or go to a mall and SEE it. They can Google white dating and get page after page devoted to interracial dating, Google any other race dating and you will find countless pages for blacks to meet blacks and Jews to meet Jews etc. Everyone sees it but nobody says it. When it is said its as eye opening as a punch in the face. I’ve spoke of the MANTRA to fellow WN, it opens their eyes too, only its a blank stare. Those who should get it usually don’t.

You can tell people are really becoming part of BUGS when they begin to express FRUSTRATION.

When you stop philosophizing on the world and start to USE the Mantra, you run face to face into what I have been dealing with for decades:

1) You find out how well my arguments WORK and then

2) You find it impossible to get anybody else to USE them.

This is a LOT different from hearing all this from Bob. People want to enjoy talking about news and Jews, and when you get to BUGS, you want to have a fun intellectual talk about the Fate of the World.

But I can tell when someone has reached the practical, Mantra-USING stage. I see it in you because I saw it in myself.

You get angry and frustrated. I recognize the symptoms because I’ve BEEN there.

Hell, I’m STILL there.

I am delighted that General Comments 4 has become more and more a how-to on the Mantra. Again and again, General Commenters are tracking the Mantra on the Internet.

I can tell that what they say which does not mention the Mantra comes from their USE of it. A person who saw the importance of the Neanderthal discoveries had obviously been talking RACE when he saw it. When one uses the mantra, one becomes aware of the world view we are actually fighting.

As I said before, things like Beserker88’s frustration and General Comments 4 give me a joy I never expected to have. It is real lift, after all the years, to be no longer completely alone in the REAL battle.

Keep it up, and keep it REAL.



Ugly 2

The first thing any human being thinks of when someone brags about having mulatto kids is how UGLY they are. When Tiger married that Swedish model he was destroying what he appreciated. Her kids will look like any other mulattoes.

It is immoral to destroy what you appreciate. The Wordist say if Tiger wants blonds you should learn to appreciate whatever results.

Where does that kind of Morality end? It doesn’t. You have to build more and more on other lies to cover that one.

A major part of our economy goes to making things beautiful. I once laughed my tail off when a suburban woman sitting under a her dryer told me, in regards to race, “Looks don’t matter.” Neither she nor anyone else understood what I was laughing at.

A Latin on SF Opposing views was saying to another Latin that she was considered white in her country but it didn’t matter. I pointed out to her that Latins are notoriously ugly for exactly that reason. They choose TV announcers who look, as one columnist said, “as if David Duke had picked them.”

To me, doing something that others have to pay for, like ugly children, is immoral. I don’t know of a single Moral Leader who takes their feelings into the least account.

So I don’t know of a single Moral Leader.

I am an opponent of interracial breeding for the same reason I oppose circumcision. No priest is going to consider the agony of a child when it comes to circumcision. He does not oppose abortion because of the child.

The product of miscegenation is generally ugly children and a dead society.

No pro-lifer could care less about the life that a child will have to lead than a leftist does. When a terminal patient is screaming in agony from terminal spinal cancer, they are lighting candles to the Glory of keeping that person breathing and screaming.

I see this and I call it evil.

Our whole Evil Genius crap blinds us to the fact that Mommy Professor could not have invented the perversions he uses. He is using distortions we have abandoned when we actually saw them, like the self-torture of the Trappists and Paul’s ambition to make all Christians sterile.

But there is a giant difference between seeing our people outgrew stuff and saying they never believed it. Wordism says that one never outgrows anything. No one takes a second look and a third look. The Wordist is at home in colored lands where the Word never changes, is never examined.

Mommy Professor’s World. Not considering what children have to pay for Tiger’s preferences is evil. The Church has made it Doctrine that if one is in an emotion the right psychiatrist or romance novelist says is Love, he can do anything to the next generation he feels like.

No. Not just he “can.” It is God Will for him to do so.

The Church had much the same attitude on child molestation. The psychiatrists told them this was an emotional problem and a priest should take counseling and be shifted around to prey on different kids until he was cured. I have absolute contempt for those who tell me this was not the case. The bishops SAID that’s what happened.

The fact that leftists don’t like the Church is no excuse for the Church being evil and stupid. The history of the Church is OUR history, and refusing to see evil is an evil in itself. Few leftists like dog crap on their shoes, but that doesn’t make it smell any better.

“All I see when it is a mixed couple is two Children of God together.” What I see is a couple who don’t give a damn what the kids have to face in the mirror every morning.

That’s why Latin Americans are regarded as ugly and unmixed Swedes are regarded, by everybody, as beautiful. In the Swedish Embassy they have a huge photo of a beautiful A Scandinavian girl and a law that says it is illegal.

Every thing I have just said is demanding the straight truth. No Wordism can make me do my best to see ugly as beautiful or two plus two as other than four.

I am told that it is not evil because it was general thinking at the time. But how much longer can anyone who knows ANY history use that excuse?

I think that if there is a Judgment Day, Temporal Provincialism in the age of the Internet will be less excusable than it was.



Simmons and AmRen

You have to be my age, and have a memory, to realize how totally the gun control argument has changed.

I remember when any discussion of crime on the networks went, without a pause, into how hard it was to get effective gun control laws. That was the ONLY crime control measure liberals approved of so no one expected any other to be mentioned.

The whole change has been the one we have been trying to effect. The Corporate Culture of the NRA was the corporate culture of respectable conservatism. All the NRA talked about was the Right to Hunt.

I am NOT kidding you. That was IT.

FINALLY, some “radical” pro-gun organizations started talking about self-defense. Only when the competition got fierce did any conservatives, least of all the NRA, start to MENTION self-defense.

You see, if they mentioned self-defense, liberals would make fun of them. As soon as they started liberals began saying that the NRA wanted to hand out submachine guns to grammar school kids. This made them LOOK bad to the only people who mattered to them.

Which takes us right to Simmons blasting at AmRen. When the NRA would not mention anything but hunting, they had no effect at all. While AmRen takes up all the publicity space and never mentions assimilation and immigration are only for white countries, they take up space and LOSE.

After a decade or so of being forced to talk about self-defense instead of hunting rights, the first response of a majority of Americans to mass shootings has been to give the heave to anyone who demands more gun laws and to point out that one person with a gun could have stopped the maniac.

But as long as AmRen and the BNP take up all the space for argument and avoid the effective ones, this breakthrough will not take place. At least half of he 22,000 gun laws in the US can be laid directly on the old NRA’s doorstep.

Simmons is right on target. The only way to have a decent society is NOT to have a safe, kept opposition group.

AmRen, respectable conservatives, mealy-mouthed “National” parties. They are more costly than outright enemies.

We have very, very little chance to respond. The last thing we need is for that space to be taken up by wimps.



From Scrivener

Multiculturalism MEANS Multiracialism

Today, I stumbled across an article about how the American far Right hates soccer. The content of the article is unimportant, but the author concludes that soccer is becoming more popular in the United States because the United States is becoming more multicultural. He then goes on to list a number of NON-WHITE countries from which a new generation of soccer fans immigrated.

That’s when it hit me. It’s something we’ve known all along; after all, it’s all over OUR media (as distinct from the MSM), I just haven’t seen it put directly. Multiculturalism does not MEAN multiculturalism; it MEANS multiracialism.

People who advocate multiculturalism always speak in the context of people moving from non-White countries to White countries. Having a Danish neighbor doesn’t make your neighborhood multicultural for their purposes.

They SAY they are for multiculturalism, but they MEAN multiracialism. If we took them at their word, Theodore Roosevelt (having Dutch and Anglo-Saxon heritage) should be just as “multicultural” as Barrack Hussein Obama. But he’s not; at least not by their yardstick.

When I was in school, special “multicultural” curricula involved teaching the habits and history of non-White peoples, despite the fact that the folkways of Sweden are sufficiently different from Anglo-American folkways to qualify for multicultural study. They SAY they are for multiculturalism, they MEAN they are for multiracialism.

They SAY multicultural, but what they DO is multiracial.