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The Wordist Tower of Cards

Posted by Bob on June 16th, 2010 under Coaching Session

If you are building a house of cards, the last thing you want to see is someone fiddling around with the base. Wordists build the entire world on a long list of assumptions. Wordism is a  tower of cards, building on what earlier Wordists took for granted.

For example, in Marx’s youth The Dialectic was The Latest Thing. To a Wordist, the Latest Thing is always Forever, “This is the Year 2010″ or “This is the Year 1836.” The whole history of the world has been leading up to what we are finding out now. So Marx built his structure on the dialectic, the Now and Forever of his age.

Before Marx died he had to explain what the hell this dialectic thing was. It was about as up-to-date among his young followers as “23-Skidoo” would have been at Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s.

This is why I seem to be the only one who can see why Bible Fundamentalists and Marxists would be on the same side when it comes to history. Marx’s Theory of Class Struggle goes back to the Pharaoh-based history he was raised with, just as the Fundamentalists’ does.

Wordism is not based on truth. It is at the end of a huge, jerry-built tower of Truth, imposed Truth, required Truth. When Robert Ardrey popularized the fact that animals have wars and borders and class distinctions, it was not the anti-evolution fundamentalists who cried “Foul!!!”

It was the leftist professors. It was their whole Wordism that was based on Rousseu’s assumptions that animals only killed for food and held no territory and had no class distinctions. They were building this giant stack of cards and suddenly somebody was meddling with the very bottom of the tower.

I grew up with the assumptions that leftists were radicals. But unlike Marx I grew out of my youthful obsession. Wordism is rigidly conservative. After all, it calls itself Progressivism. You cannot call yourself progressive without knowing EXACTLY where society is GOING.

This is so basic everybody misses it. Progressivism has always meant that we were getting rid of the violence and class distinctions and obsession with territory that only man’s institutions had imposed.

Once again, respectable conservatism comes to the rescue. No one can make his living as a respectable conservative if he asks “What is a racist?” The professional progressives are not comfortable with anyone who asks “What are you progressing TOWARD?”

BUGS is the only place these questions are ever asked.

Conservatism, in fact, only gets its NAME from sharing the same assumption progressivism does. It only exists as a block in the path of what progressives want. So neither side asks what that is for exactly the same reason. The bottom cards in the conservative’s Wordist tower are as completely based on Pharaoh history as the progressive one is.

It is hard for us today to believe the assumptions about nature on which modern progressivism and, therefore, modern conservatism was constructed. The idea that animals have no borders and no class structure is at least as dead as Galen’s Humor Theory of Disease. But no one gets paid for saying that.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 06/16/2010 - 11:16 am

    “What is a racist?” is so basic the intellectuals at AmRen skip right over it and head to IQ and crime studies. Honestly I think their time is over, this latest fund raising gig is not working on me, IMO their time is over. And I say that not out of malice, but the simple fact that, we know that stuff already.

    Thanks Jared. I don’t think I will even renew.

    My money goes to those who ask the Mantra questions.

  2. #2 by Dave on 06/17/2010 - 11:28 am

    There are two things that do you in: The first is what you are not thinking about. The second is what you think is true that simply isn’t true.

    This gets worse if you are actually paid not to think and to believe in things that are not true. This disposes of the MSM.

    Being paid not to think and to believe in things that are not true is dictatorship, which is what America really is, a dictatorship.

    Dictatorship is the dominion of mental retards. The shear mental retardation of the Establishment is extremely tiresome for anybody with the ability to think for themselves.

    It’s searing. Over time, it becomes very trying to come up with ways to handle it. The assault of stupidity never ends.

    Image taking a hammer to a piece of safety glass. Step back and see the extreme fracturing. The only thing that holds the glass together is a piece of plastic sheeting in the middle. In America, that plastic sheeting is the endless dump of laws and regulations promulgated by the Federal government. The energies of all the little islands of glass defined by the fractures (America’s organizations) are entirely devoted with attempts “to comply”.

    This is the dominion of mental retards.

    People who despair of revolution have got it wrong. There is no way in hell there won’t be revolution.

    There is no way something as stupid as the current system dominated and brought into being by America’s Federal government can persist.

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