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The Road to Hell is Paved With Words

Posted by Bob on June 17th, 2010 under Coaching Session, Religion

Wordism cannot adjust to reality. It is not based on truth, it is based on Truth. To paraphrase Heidelberg, every time a scientist looks down into a microscope or up into a telescope truth changes. When the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow did a huge study of identical twins and concluded, as all such studies do, that heredity was overwhelmingly important, the head of the Institute “confessed his ideological error and was shot.” (Garrett Hardin, Nature and Man’s Fate).

An old geneticist, actually a Fellow of the Royal Society, whom I knew later watched his Russian colleagues disappear. Lysenko took over Soviet genetics.

Marxism requires that man be totally changeable by Social progress into a peaceful, universal, classless being. Fundamentalism is at war with evolution here and in the Islamic World.

The one time I simply gave up arguing with commenters here was when I quoted St. Paul as advising that all unmarried women remain sterile for life and a group of Christians here said that that was just Good Old Families Values. After all, they said, Paul conceded that some women could not abstain, so they should “marry or burn,” with the fires of Hell or the flames of lust, which he did not specify.

How, exactly do you explain that that is not Good Old Family Values? Don’t marry unless you are too horny not to is not what Mommy tells her daughters.

Jesus defined Christianity, specifically and totally, as being the Golden Rule and loving God. You do your best and you depend on the Name of Jesus. In the course of history, the Church developed a lot of ways it felt would help people do that. Saint Paul added on the Zoroastrian ideas that were all the rage in his time, just as the Dialectic was the intellectual Forever in Marx’s youth.

For the Wordist, these extras constitute Christianity. In his sequel to The Screwtape Letters, Screwtape Proposes a Toast, Screwtape bitched about the QUALITY of the Modern Souls being served at the Tempters’ Banquet.

But at the end, Screwtape admitted the wine was excellent. It consisted of a mixture of those who had spent their entire lives persecuting others who did not have the Biblical Faith and others who were all hunger and vigils and ceremony. Their constant unending hatred of each other gave the mix a wonderful tang to the tongue of a Demon of Hell, and it would go on forever.

For these Religious Wordists, the Golden Rule was nothing. Their entire faith consisted of building huge altars or tearing down huge altars.

My natural tendency is toward traditionalism. I think ”adjusting” is too often to substitute one fad for another without any consideration for the faithful. That’s why I left what was once my family’s church and is no longer a church at all.

What is never noted is that it is Marxism, not the Christian Faith, that has died because it cannot deal with new truths. It is the Progressives who cannot live with progress.

New facts will always be coming at us. But the way of dealing with reality, of asking the right questions and being fully aware there is a lot we do not know, no matter what Magic Year we may live in, does not change.


  1. #1 by BGLass on 06/17/2010 - 9:07 am

    Progressives can’t live with Progress; that’s a pithy summation. Then they stick with their idea that’s out of sync with reality and try to hammer reality into the idea, at any cost, no matter what or how many people it hurts.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 06/17/2010 - 11:28 am

    Quite true about Marxism or PC, they survive because no one has of yet asked those kids, “Do you still believe in the Blank Slate Theory?”

    AmRen (sorry to pick on those diligent individuals) keeps on compiling the evidence, but really we are just piling on now.

    Thousands upon thousands of individuals are now crossing the taboos of modern PC from thousands of different directions, I doubt the respectable conservatives can hold em back much longer.

  3. #3 by Pain on 07/09/2010 - 10:10 pm

    note we have not heard from Pain since he went off to theology school and told me that only “amateurs” think that Zoroastrianism had any effect on Christianity. That’s the last communication I remember from him.

    Yes you were stupid, but no, it’s because they put me in jail. Twice, dumhead.

    Then they went to my job and had me fired. Each because I really, soberly believe in Jesus Christ, and they, being good, glad-handing Southern Scalawags with gracious smiles and hot tempers will do anything to keep their cover from being blown. I haven’t been available.

    Besides you can’t remember who did what, can’t tell who’s a friend or who’s an enemy or what anyone’s name is. The artist who did your logo is still upset me with me since you never stooped low enough to tell him thanks, despite my polite reminders. Then there’s being often moody, sometimes spiteful. I’m a bit tired of helping crazy but gifted people. You weren’t the only one.

    You work best alone, anyways, and you are doing fine now.

    At least I’ve learned how the South is run. Yankees on top. They get whatever they want. If you want anything done, you find out who’s from up North, but you need Mafia membership to see one. Next down are the hereditary Scalawags. They have been bred since 1865 and they don’t let in newcomers. Next down are Scalawags who pretend to be Traditional Southerners. They wear Rebel Flag ties for show. Then there are ordinary Southerners. They believe what’s told them. On the bottom are Traditional Southerners. They live alone in apartments in Columbia and talk about when they worked for the Federal government. There are about three left. Most of them have betrayed Christ, the sovereign of the Old South. Most of them have gone nuts.

    Maybe one day I’ll come by your place and tell you the story. Or maybe not.

    Love ya.

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