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No Puritans, Please!

I am smarter than the average politico. I need you to understand that because I need you to see how important my explanations on how to do things are.

There is a competitive explanation for my success: Bob is just plain a finer fellow than all the others. My ego likes that just fine, but I object to it for a reason. It comes from the way people think.

I want people to concentrate on how great the Mantra is. I want them to recognize it is the product of a unique mind and unique experience. The more you concentrate on what a goodie I am, the more you are moved to act in terms of Good Intentions rather than following what I really have to offer, which is my practical strategy and how to develop a similar practical strategy for yourself.

So when people say that the space lobbies would have lost the space telescope in 1977 because their interest was in fund raising, you are right. They, or more correctly, their contributors, were looking in the wrong place.

When I say movement people are doing wrong because they concentrate on their movement goals rather than the big picture, you are right.

A person who has a lot to learn about the human animal would draw one overwhelming conclusion from all this: Bob is a just plain better guy than all those with ulterior motives.

My ego certainly agrees with that, but it is something I don’t want to see.


Because deciding that BUGSers mission is to be NICER than everybody else is a total waste of time and effort and our limited resources.

It was very idealistic of Bob to represent real grassroots protests all over the country, but it had to end because I couldn’t raise any money for it, so I had to concentrate on PAID advising. We had to stop.

Raising money is essential to DC political activity.

Likewise, if Truck Roy is less dedicated to our cause than I am, I certainly have seen no sign of it. But he is building an audience, and the Mantra is presently too complicated and obscure for that audience, for which he has fierce competition.

When one is dedicated to a strategy hears “You are nicer, therefore righter,” he feels tired all over. It is hard enough to get a basic approach across without the person you are trying to talk to counting how many angels are standing on your particular needle point.

There is an old North Carolina expression, “You’re ugly, your feet stink, and you don’t love Jesus.” Only a person with Porch Talk will understand that expression.

What that funny statement really refers to is the human tendency to assume that a person you disagree with is evil, bad in every way, including personal hygiene. You then begin to concentrate on how BAD a person is rather than why he is WRONG.

And our SOLE interest is showing where they are WRONG.