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Genocide by Assimilation

BGlass used this term, and it is a humdinger.

Put it in your arsenal.

A few years back I would have been the only person on BUGS who would have leapt on this point.

But now Ole Coach is dealing with a college team instead of high school. Let’s get some good GC 4 feedback on how “genocide by assimilation” works.

From now on nobody will be able to used the term “assimilation” around me without my saying, “genocide by assimilation.”

“Every white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country.”

When most people begin to write about politics they are talking to themselves. They think of a chain of logic and then follow it. But they assume the person reading it has a mind like theirs and, once they read a sentence in the logical chain the new writer is building, each point will weld itself into their minds.

A new writer produces a set of quick statements that the reader cannot follow and is mystified that the reader gets lost fast. Young people tend to be impatient, which makes slow writing even more alien to them.

I finally got the fact that people wouldn’t understand point two until I had slowed down and repeated point one. My writing at that point was actually funny. I said the same thing over, then said it and the next point over, and then three, and then four.

The point is, of course, that you have to repeat your original point, but not make it too clear you are repeating it. Repeating your basic point also gives the reader different possibilities of understanding it.

You use examples to repeat a theme. You make it as entertaining as possible. I had done all that on thousands of pages before I finally understood the teacher’s constant use of the word “theme.”

So if you see a church sign about the week’s Bible quotation you do not expect to hear it repeated verbatim for half an hour. Every kid saw those all the time but the teacher, trained by Mommy Professor, would never connect THOSE dots. That would have explained to me what a “theme” was long before I ever started my own writing.

Teaching the word “theme“ is what school teachers do. Making a theme part of your writing or speaking is what a professional does.

Then you get to our level. After working your dingus off learning to say things in long form, our political specialty requires us to get BACK to short punches to get their attention.

This is VERY hard work. This is ADVANCED work. It is like learning to use a left jab in boxing.

In a professional bout, you’ll get killed if you don’t know how to jab.

And in our political arguments, we watch our side getting killed. They have a knockout blow, a book that if memorized might put the enemy down, but they have no jabs.

BUGS includes complete explanations, but it is also studying jabs. The other side is WINNING on jabs, using the word “racist” as soon as they see every conservative wet his pants when they use it, talking about “mixing the races” as if it were an equal opportunity morality for all peoples while aiming it ONLY at white countries.

We know what we are talking about. But we won’t be able to deal with their jabs until we learn to use our own.