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Posted by Bob on July 29th, 2010 under Coaching Session

Everybody knows the old restaurant joke: “the three things you need for a successful restaurant are location, location, and location, in that order.”

Everybody has HEARD of it, but nobody THINKS about it.

As usual.

When I was coming up the most obvious thing that affected wages was location. In 1960 the per capita income in India was $70 per year. It was well over 2000 in the United States, and double that in the big cities.

The one thing that was precious to workers was their largest piece of actual property, which everyone knows so well the restaurant joke is old hat: Location.

So the labor movement joined the “America is a Land of Immigrants” Movement. In terms of straight economics, it is hard to imagine a stupider move. But Labor Leaders were joining Mommy Professor and his fellow Intellectuals and Idealists in a solid front against those capitalists who had all that money and a few degrees.

In Whitakerese, labor sold out its location.

In fact the first national legislation that represented a major victory for the new lobbying forces of labor unions were the Naturalization and Immigration Acts of 1921 and 1923. That kept the immigration flood from pouring in for over forty years, and American labor unions and their members have never thrived the way they did during that period before or after.

But Labor joined Mommy Professor proudly, in its leftists solidarity with civil rights groups and the laboring masses of the world — the ones who wanted to get into those locations — in tearing up the 1921 Act and opening the floodgates.

Then the industrial labor movement died and its former members are out of work in their fifties.

Couldn’t happen to nicer guys. When Wallace offered them an alternative, most of them stayed loyal to their beloved union bosses. If you read my first book you will see that I showed the choice labor had then. They took a choice, and they will and their families will never cease to pay for it.

Union workers, who know the importance of unanimity, split between Mommy Professor Labor Leaders and Wallace. The coalition they joined got rid of those racist acts which had protected them.

People have heard that location, location, location joke a hundred times, but when you apply it to politics, they are totally clueless.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 07/29/2010 - 8:46 am

    It is no surprise that organized labor teamed up with Mommy Professor after supporting immigration restriction in the 1920s. In the earlier period most labor unions that dominated the movement were akin to small business associations. These were the craft unions of the AFL headed by Samuel Gompers who had a bipartisan approach: reward your friends, punish your enemies. The largest industrial union was the United Mine Workers led by the ever irascible John L. Lewis, a lifelong Republican, who turned down a cabinet post offered by the conservative Calvin Coolidge. These were unions founded by and for workers.

    In the 1930s top down unions were formed by FDR. They represented the political coalition of the emergent Democrat majority. The main Washington point man for the CIO was a Lithuanian Jew, Sidney Hillman, whose influence was so potent that Roosevelt told the party leaders when they forced the dying bastard to drop the Red Wallace and pick an another Vice President to succeed him, “Clear it with Sidney.” These unions were founded by and for the Bolshevik Jewish wing of the Democrat party.

    These top down unions, the CIO, structured similarly to those in the Soviet Union, were never representative of the workers. They were imposed in the 1930s pretty much by government fiat and ran as subsidiaries of the Democratic party. Indeed, there was no Democratic party in broad swathes of the North well into the 1970s outside of these government creations. The high wages enabled by the immigration laws of the 1920s,renewed in 1952 by the McCarran-Walter Act, deceived the members into supporting their leaders.

    That being said the driving force behind the Hart-Celler Act that reversed the common sense about race in the 1920s’ legislation was not the unions. They went along as team players. The impetus came from the organized Jewish community. For a further explication of that read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s definitive analysis available online. Google will get you there.

    These workers are to be pitied and educated. They were and are unsophisticated. They have been betrayed by their union bosses and also by their churches. The mainline Protestant clergy and the Roman Catholic hierarchy love not their sheep. They are vile shepherds. This section of society, the White working class, is essential for our cause. Winning them over, convincing them, is the toughest nut BUGS has to crack. We cannot win without them..

  2. #2 by BGLass on 07/29/2010 - 9:20 am

    Made me think about this: HUD has disrupted location, introducing the new environment where one can’t get the lay of the land, then take a position. Now one can never ‘buy for neighborhood,’ since others determine who may lend and borrow, come and go, which in turn, destabilizes prices of any locations, ultimately making rational investment in location impossible.

    So, now all of middle America has become like NY, steeped in the irrational world of centrally planned housing, where $300 a month 2500 sf pre-war quarters are inhabited by criminal foreigners who are propagandized to be eaten with envious hatred for intelligent Ivy League squatters who live right next door who –due to their call to reparitions— must pay an inverse sum: $2500 for 300 sf, and perhaps a shared bathroom, and so on.

    Once, I met the Dominican wife of a building super. They had two large apartments, fights about whether to lie and take more welfare, three kids in the school system, one of which had NOT graduated to jail, a fact of which the mother was very proud. In that housing environment, the Queen’s son could wind up living next door.

    So, nothing has been more demoralizing than the destruction of “House” as the American symbol for “advantageous location.” The best one can hope for is a very low price on something one could rent when the neighborhood goes, at a low tax rate, (so the location may be –in effect– rented from the government for as low as maybe $500 a year, as one can still find in parts of the country.

    Property tax is the rent on a location.

    At any rate: It seems mobility becomes the more advantageous location, renting the most desirable situation. Now, people proudly speak of being lucky to “have gotten out,” (of houses). Despite radical price inflation, one is STILL forced to profit on loss (if anyone still thinks in moral terms) and any reference to “fair price” is baseless b/c the asset (location) is more clearly just another speculative investment.

    The American Dream of the House is a codeword for racial stability, and now everyone sees that more clearly.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 07/29/2010 - 9:28 am

    The irrationality of housing now, the impossibility of buying a location, of ever hoping to buy a location, has struck a main artery.

    Unions could only work for workers in a national industrialized context. Grafting them onto other systems (or having them infiltrated by other systems, however you frame it) was exactly like talking about ‘the class struggle,’ then making class = race =gender. A bizarre confusion of terms. Rhetorical breakdown to the nth.

    Real Estate Open Houses provide new opportunities for spreading the mantra, no doubt.

  4. #4 by Dave on 07/29/2010 - 10:51 am


    That was an informative post.

    The “white working class” is now a government worker either directly or indirectly through government contractors or in public schools and academia. Personally, I don’t believe they need to be won over, they need to be attacked. These people are now losing their jobs owing to the collapse of government finance. They are destined to become the “Joads” of this depression. In fact, many of these people have been victimized in subtle and unreported ways for years. Nevertheless, they sold us out.

    Then there is the “white underclass” (pink and blue collar whites). This segment doesn’t need to be won over because we already have them. In an enormous irony, these people are destined to weather our current depression just fine.

  5. #5 by Simmons on 07/29/2010 - 11:04 am

    Quite true Dave, they are selling out for a pension that they believe will still be there, it won’t. Same with South Africa, instead of a ferocious “racist” regime it turned into a welfare state intent on raising black people for whites to care for and protect. Now its low level white workers live in squatter camps, and the horror they might have to clean their own dump.

    Government finance is beyond being a mess and Obama’s last gasp tax hikes on whites coming Jan 1 that they think will buttress government cash flow and preserve the USTs prime rating will backfire. Blue State whites are gonna pay thru the nose to finance the last gasp of a ponzi scheme cash out, oh the irony.

    How about this for a Thunderdome match? Fat white unionized gooberment worker with delusions of a fat pension so he and his fat wife can move to a white community to “retire” versus black welfare recipient/ACORN/SEIU/wannabe unionized government worker. And these chumps are mad at the Tea Partiers.

  6. #6 by Dick_Whitman on 07/29/2010 - 4:41 pm

    Unions had the best location because their location was White. When unions fell to the anti-whites, this essentially “changed” their location by importing the “developing world.”

    Picture a successful restaurant owner with the best location in a large city. The unions were this owner, and because the anti-whites promised “multicultural progress,” the restaurant owner (union) moved his/her livelihood to a part of town that no-one visits.

  7. #7 by Dick_Whitman on 07/29/2010 - 5:30 pm

    Location is something we need to think about further.

    Economics shows us that when prices go up, quantity demanded goes down.

    Multiculturalism shows us that when diversity goes up, tolerance goes down.

    But this is also a function of the spatial-demographic social system. The anti-whites living in their East Manhattan “communities” point to non-whites in their vicinity as proof of their “tolerance.”

    In reality, the anti-whites live in fortress buildings with the demographic profile of Buckingham palace. The NY elites’ children don’t attend school with their nanny’s kids.

    The anti-whites insist that white communities be integrated just like their “communities” in East Manhattan. They say “see we have non-whites in our streets.”

    When people from the “developing world” are shipped into white working and middle class communities, these white people can’t afford to live in fortresses and send their kids to private school. So they have to DEAL WITH DIVERSITY. They share the same services and institutions as the non-whites who got shipped in by the anti-whites living in NY City.

    The urban anti-whites are about as “multicultural” as the Southern Slave owners.

  8. #8 by Dick_Whitman on 08/01/2010 - 2:04 am

    Note above: “privater” should be private in the second to last paragraph. Feel free to make that correction.

    I also have more spatial analysis relating to the Anglo-American finicial multi-cult elite.

    In the US, they operate out of 4 main urban nodes, and 3-4 smaller nodes in “flyover country.”

    The main 4 nodes are New York (finance, news media), Boston (intellectual-education), Washington (government, news media), and LA/Hollywood (entertainment media).

    These four cities act as the nodes of power in the anti-white system. I listed their regional specialities as well. These cities are the physical production zones of anti-white hate.
    Each city has its own spatial comparative advantage, and a plethora of “specialists” who carry out the “program.”

    The anti-whites carry out their program of White genocide by assimilation from these locations.

    This program is operationally carried out in 3 major “fronts.” 1)Information (education, news and entertainment media), 2)Legal (government, courts), 3) Force (government/military, police). Each city specializes in one or more of these “fronts.” I also listed these fronts in order of their preference of use(ie..they would rather use information than force).

    The anti-whites effectively carry out their program of genocide by assimilation from these physical locations. They have a few supporting cities. Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto play supporting roles and serve as effective distribution hubs for anti-white hate into “flyover country.”

    Internationally London is probably the center of it all? It’s a center of finance, but also home to some of the top anti-white managers and directors. Brussels is the anti-white node for government in Europe. Israel has more of a back office function.

    The defining characteristic of anti-white geography is even covered by The Mantra. Liberals and Respectable Conservatives demand that third world immigration pour into every white country, and ONLY White counties.

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