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The Peculiar Institution

Years ago, an interracial couple started writing a book on slavery. It was called “Time on the Cross.”

Like the WPA interviewers who talked to actual slaves in the 1930’s, the couple ran into a problem. They were doing a study to show how hard the system was on blacks as a losing economic institution.

Just as those WPA interviewers couldn’t find the hatred they were looking for because they were dealing with reality, the studies in that book destroyed the most potent myth about slavery: that it was not only evil and cruel, it was inefficient.

This is sort of like adding the outrage one gets when he says that someone was killed, AND all the killer got was $20. Somehow that makes the murder secondary.

But the actual econometric studies, the first ever done on plantations of the Old South, showed slavery was not only efficient, but that most of the product went to the slaves.

It is as the black comedian George Wallace says:

“Oh, yea, I know about slavery. That’s the last time all the black folks had JOBS.”

China is now making heavy investments in Africa. They are likely to make a lot off of them, as the West could not.

Other do not invest in Africa because it is unstable. The Chinese will not allow any instability that affects THEIR investments.

Black working habits in Africa tend to be childlike. They leave the job before they can be fully trained, so you can’t invest in training. I doubt seriously that that will be a problem for the Chinese.

To boil it down to Whitakerese, the Chinese have bought Africans from their chiefs, the way we did our own slaves. The Chinese make Simon Legree look like a wimp.

It is likely to WORK and be announced as a Great Victory for Socialism and African Genius. Everything is either ignored or announced as a Great Victory for Mommy Professor by the media.

For two generations, China was the North Korea of the world. It was the one place where people died of hunger and it was not getting better. China is still very low in per capita productivity, but that is not what QUOTED statistics show. QUOTED statistics show that since they abandoned the Great Leap Forward and so forth and started selling Chinese labor abroad, they are not starving now.

In fact, the Chinese are eating almost as well as the slaves in the Old South did.

From actual starvation to meat once a week shows up on the graphs as a giant jump.

And China has the most effective Fugitive Slave provisions on earth.

Why didn’t WE think of that?