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Paper Hat Heroes

Posted by Bob on October 9th, 2010 under Coaching Session

Philippe Rushton is one of the tiny band of psychologists, like Arthur Jensen, who bucks the Party Line on racial IQ. He talked to me because I have personally known the people he quotes like Henry Garret and Wesley George and Carleton Coon when he was in Junior High..

If I can’t impress them with my intelligence I can wow ’em with my longevity.

Rushton told me that Carleton Coon, already about middle-aged, did parachute jumps for American Intelligence in World War II. It was too bad I never knew that, because I could have looked at his file in a couple of my old jobs.

I talked with Coon a number of times and corresponded with him. He never told me a thing about jumping in WWII.

But this is not surprising. Here is a man who was a Harvard professor, Curator of the Museum of Natural History, head of the committee which set up the anthropology exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution, and president of the American Society of Anthropology until he was forced out because he would not subscribe to a resolution which repeated the “Modern anthropology has proven that all races are equal in innate abilities” which was then required, as “Race is a myth” is today.

That phrase was in Almanacs and even comic books, “Modern anthropology has proven that all races are equal in innate abilities.” The president of the Society and certainly the world’s top physical anthropologist said that was nonsense.

You can see why he didn’t mention his WWII experiences to me. He had had a hell of a life before and after.

On the other end of the scale, I remember one of Mike Hammers or the fifty other Bulldog Drummonds and other Tough Detectives that were popular in the 50s describing himself at the beginning, the usual tough, big, non-nonsense and so forth and this sentence, and a broken nose I got in the War, not in the police action.”

At our recovery club, a group of full-time World War II vets expressed the same belittling attitude to Korean vets.

They were the opposite of Carleton Coon. They were lifetime drunks for whom the War was the only highpoint of their lives.

I noted that they poo-pooed people who fought in Korea, but they never said one word of the kind about the equally undeclared war in Vietnam.

Why? Because there were no Korean War vets there and there were a lot of Nam vets.

This was typical Paper Hat Bravery, the bravery of the guys who ran around in paper army hats and bragged about how they had fought a War Against Racism.

I read an article lately that talked about something it made me remember. Those who fought in the Pacific, like my uncles, did not talk about it. They fought longer and with a lot more casualties, but they also seem to REMEMBER it.

The Paper Hat Heroes all think of themselves as John Wayne portrayed them. For decades all they heard was how they had ended the Holocaust and Saved the World.

The Pacific fighters are reminded that, in its racial fury, America used the A-Bomb twice in Japan. Until I read that article, it hadn’t occurred to me what a total, chiasmic difference that made in veterans of the same war.

The full time vets have had no lives since and their idea of their own history is a pure product of the media.

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  1. #1 by BGLass on 10/09/2010 - 9:17 am

    It can be amazing to watch the sheer STUCKNESS of teachers in action. Years have passed—but they are telling the same stories, having the same heroes, reiterating same lessons, teaching the SAME BOOKS for fifty years!

    I asked one ex-teacher if saying the same thing for years didn’t bother him. He said “Students are always new.” Basically, he got to see them learn his one big lesson, and pretend to idealize him. His motive was simply being idealized by others, and that’s what he was after, but he never knew it about himself.

    When they “change the books,” it is the same “lesson,” the same theme, the same underlying import, so they can still use the same lesson plan, so changing the book never really matters, but they think a Big change has occurred.

    This week, there was a state school on a public channel showing an English class in action: the dark guy was teaching a room of mostly blonde women the party line on slavery. This was English Class. The exact same English Class as 1972, but it was 2010. Shakespeare is still a story about the Oppression of Women. Students are in a Time Machine that never goes anywhere.

    Also you can never BE PERCEIVED outside whatever role you played in the past. Whatever new Reality befell you–like you got a JOB– WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED. The only significant thing is how you shared The teacher’s One Experience.

    If you want to talk about something other than jumping out of planes, they will not respond to it. So, Coon probably tried to talk to his friends who were Jumpers at first, about the next thing he was going to do. But they would just respond by talking about jumping.

    Sometimes it’s ego that sticks them. A need to be idealized. But sometimes it’s trauma and a lack of acknowledgment; this is something cynics make use of, IN ORDER TO INTENTIONALLY STICK people in a given place, seems like.

    Like in Psychology, where one of the big underpinnings of the Industry is having “clients” re-live traumatic events (as a supposed way of “healing” them)/ having them “Abreact.” The idea is to live the trauma over and over, with the “therapist” who then supposedly becoming the “acknowledging presence” that then lets the traumatized person “let go” of the event and move on with their lives.

    In Reality, the “clients” become “stuck” through the process. Actually, they are re-positioned so that that event (or events) becomes focal to their lives.

    Those who don’t move on cannot fight whatever is in the present. So, such tactics to make people live in a glorified past will maintain whoever is in power, and be used that way, socially.

    This “re-traumatizing” and making people live in a “past” that never ends—was at the root of a lot of those cases in the 80s with “false memories,” accusations, etc. Anyway, the “abreaction” therapy processes seem connected deeply to this non-reality-based stuckness in the past that is so prevalent nowadays.

  2. #2 by Dave on 10/09/2010 - 10:48 am

    Failure to oppose corruption is cowardly.

    The military was and is very corrupt. “Military jurisdiction” means something entirely different for a recruit than it does for a senior officer.

    Although senior officers are subject to civilian control and can be fired, they can also quit without penalty.

    Either way they retire into splendid pensions and lifestyles. This is a point most of Americans don’t get. They don’t understand the ruin wrought by the lack of accountability at the senior levels or why that lack of accountability exists.

    This is very hard on the hearts of ordinary soldiers. They are forced to succumb to a system of corruption that is nothing less than outright racketeering. You are supposed to stand around and pretend it doesn’t exist, the way corruption always works. That submission is an act of cowardice and they know it.

    This was a big piece of the story for the WWII soldier. It is a big piece of the story today.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 10/09/2010 - 10:55 am

    Think of being a jew? If you become a politically active jew then by ritual you must become a holocaust survivor, mentioning it in nearly every presentation of your views. Everyday a new, new Hitler, what a horrible way to have to live, but that is life in a cult and they deserve it.

    It wouldn’t suprise me if the paper hatters segregated based on theatre of operations since the “liberators” had to look down on the “racists” of the Pacific theatre to be in the good graces with the PR specialists of the various media. This is a cult.

    All theology, all ideology become in the end cults and hence their wordism is all bunk destined from inception to an end.

  4. #4 by Dave on 10/09/2010 - 2:24 pm


    That was a very gook analysis of “Paper Hat Heros”. Seeing things throught the lens of cult identity is as right on as it gets.

    These WWII “Paper Hat” types (almost all of them have died off) are no different than the Grateful Dead fan base of hippies of the 70s and 80s (who also are dying off).

    This is why I don’t believe people when they recount their past. They remember fictional events and really believe things actually occured that never happened.

    This is human nature. People do this all the time.

  5. #5 by Gator61 on 10/09/2010 - 6:57 pm

    This reminds me of my own father. No paper hat hero, but. A WWII veteran who lost a leg fighting his first cousins in France. He had several medals from the war, a Purple Heart of course, and a Bronze Star. When I was a child he used to pin those metals on me for eating all my vegetables.

    He spoke little about the war. Mostly stories about picking maggots out of his stump in a God awful British hospital. But now and then a snippet would come out. Once I was stung by some ground wasps. A very painful experience. He gave me a small taste of combat by telling of digging a hole in a pear orchard, to get some cover from enemy fire. He said the ground was full of the wasps that had just stung me.

    The sting covered ten year old that I was, asked “What did you do?”

    His reply “I kept f***ing digging”

    Another time we were watching a TV show where a GI in WWII was collecting “souvenirs”. One of my teenage brothers asked why he didn’t get anything like that in the war.

    He said “when you see people picking through the rubble of their homes weeping, you realize that only the scum of the earth would take what little they had left.”

    Then there was the time he was watching a news story about how dangerous police work was. He said aloud “Bull Shit! If it were really dangerous they would have dumb ass 18 year olds doing it.

    Finally on his death bead he confessed to my sister that he had watched as a whole line of unarmed German POWs were machine gunned.

    I can tell you this with absolute certainty. My father did not fight in. WWII to end racism. He fought because he was a dumb ass 18 year old that bought into the propaganda and was drafted. I’ve no doubt that he fought an awful war against his cousins as honorably as he could in order to stay alive. If he were alive today he would tell you that he didn’t fight to have a mulatto president, or to let Europe be overrun with non-white or to allow Mexicans to replace his grand children. Those paper hat hero’s who make that claim on his behalf lie.

  6. #6 by Dick_Whitman on 10/09/2010 - 8:11 pm

    Most people don’t know about the WWII vets’ treatment of Korean and Vietnam vets.

    You see a similar thought system with the blacks towards Hispanics and/or other non-whites.

    WWII vets were in the real war.

    Blacks were the truly oppressed in history.

    Neither group would think/act like that if there wasn’t a system of rewards that reinforced them to think and act that way.

  7. #7 by AFKANNow on 10/11/2010 - 12:31 am

    The Consensus Trance discussed by Horus in FTWR #1 is a concept that explains to a large extent what we are up against.

    I’m going to tie it into BGLass’s points made above, with a little analysis thrown in.

    One of the most important ideas of psychological development is the idea of “imprinting.” Baby chicks, for example, will “imprint” as Mother the first thing they see – for example, a swinging beer bottle.

    Extend that idea out, to the Paper Hat Crowd.

    Consider that they entered the “Service” when there was a 70% draft rate – they HAD to go, and jobs, working alongside the owmen of the men who went, were coming back.

    They were then “imprinted,” psycholigically, with a Drill Instructor, and they learned to obey blindly, to “survuve.” To do so, they needed to develop a new Persona, and their entire Identity was derived from their ability to unquestioningly obey orders.

    They left, but never left government service, and became the world’s greatest practicing socialists.

    VA Loans to get their house, the GI Bill to pay for their education, Veteran’s Preferences for all jobs that offered them, multiple retirements within the government, all made them more than willing to feel they were entitled to all of these benefits because they “served.”

    They have now taken these benefits to such an extend that their grandchildren will never be free of debt, and drive along blithely in their RV’s with their little bumper stickers that proclaim to all, “We’re Spending Our Grandchildren’s Inheritance.”

    “Hitler Bad, Stalin Good” became “Hitler Ignored, Stalin Bad” in less than five years; such was the power of the Government to define the situation.

    Orwell was more than accurate; he was prescient.

    Hence, Wordism won the round, and their Posterity will have to struggle to survive; why do you think prescription tranquilizer usage has gone up so dramatically in the last three years – since the financial sector of the economy began to fall apart in ’07?

    This Imprinting is more important thna most realize in initiating and reinforcing the Consensus Trance.

    Why else would people move to Idaho from Southern California, fleeing multiculturalism for their lives, and then declare the need for greater “diversity” and multiculturalism in their new hometown?

    This is the measure of the depth of what we are up against; that the Paper Hat Brigade were so perfectly indoctrinated that they believe their own mythos, and so do far too many of us.

    Even when we can prove, intellectually, what is wrong with their statements, their emotional bonding is so strong as to override the uncomfortable truth, even at the expense of the future of their childre, and their children’s children.

  8. #8 by Dick_Whitman on 10/11/2010 - 2:58 am

    Very good analysis AFKANNow,

    you basically summed up why I can’t be very hard on the WWII vets or the masses in general. Most people are meant to follow, even if it means following something to their deaths (eg. War, pro-White genocide).

    This is why leadership is important. Leaders need to be wise (as apposed to just being clever) and must be incorruptible in their virtue.

    Most importantly leaders aren’t supposed to support genocide by forced assimilation of their own people.

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