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“If You Cannot AFFORD One …”

When you go to the doctor, you probably pay more to feed lawyers than you do to feed MDs. And on its way to the lawyers there is huge amount of money lost in between.

No society on earth, past or present, has ever before had one in hundred of its entire population, men women and babes in arms, as lawyers. For every doctor there are several lawyers.

A lawyer can only get paid as part of a process. He must have secretaries, legal aides, the entire court system, policemen with their guns on, sitting and making out paperwork for the legal system for as much time as they are outside protecting the pubic and controlling the doughnut population.

Each lawyer makes work for other lawyers.

The same people who bitch all the time about how “justice is for sale” are always for Medicare but never mention the possibility of Judicare. And no one will ever mention it TO them if that person wants to make a living in public debate.

This idea has an interesting twist, since with Judicare the government would be paying for the problems only the government creates. There is no law without legislation, and legislation is entirely the product of the State.

No one can claim that there would be no disease without doctors. Yet the same people who insist that the State should provide all medical care never even breathe the possibility that the State, which IS responsible for all law, should make lawyers part of the civil service as they demand that doctors be.

This duality will never be mentioned by respectable conservatives. But there can certainly be no equal justice as long as one person is allowed to pay more for his lawyers than the other side.

The good thing about this from the point of view of professional liberals and professional conservatives is that it hits the right economic group. The rich are OK, which makes it OK in respectable conservative eyes, because they can afford legal help without great strain. Liberals are happy that the underclass and especially minorities can get free legal care.

I spent years trying to get conservatives to go after our real middle class, people who work for a living, and I can testify that no one can overstate how respectable conservatives, especially those from working families, are desperate to distance themselves from the “bourgeoisie” group.

Liberals HATE the bourgeoisie. Mommy Professor’s arch villain is a working man who DARES watch TV and have six pack when he comes home from work.

“If you cannot AFFORD a lawyer…”

Those are the most anti-middle class words in the English language. If you have worked and earned a house and some property, you must spend every penny of it before you can get aid from the State dealing with problems the State put in place.



Use It Or Lose It

a) They are asking us why we have such a political split in America. They talk about consensus, getting along like one people.

b) Then they tell us that we should not be one people, they say that the whole aim of America is that we not be one people.

a) They tell us that a healthy country is multicultural.

b) Then they tell us that all the people must have the same outlook, Political Correctness.

a) They tell us that there should be a great variety of races in America.

b) Then they tell us the goal is for all the races in white countries to mix into one.

Every respectable conservative makes his living by not mentioning any above in connection with its b.

Freedom of speech today means that you should be able to say anything you OUGHT to say.

Or, to put that more accurately, you should be allowed to say anything Mommy Professor decides you OUGHT to say.

It cripples your opponent when you add these few words: “what you consider to be…”

No respectable conservative ever does. That’s how he makes his living. He NEVER mentions that someone who denounces “racism” is denouncing WHAT HE JUDGES as racism.

Those three words are the difference between freedom and slavery. All any dictator needs is to be able to say that he outlaws things that are useless, heretical, pornographic, racist, or otherwise detrimental to the common good.

Most people would have no problem with some restrictions on freedom. The entire difference between freedom and slavery is those five words:


Free speech is the only salvation for free speech.

Use it or lose it.

Respectable conservatives are paid to lose it.



The Pro-White Leadership is Human

Military history has a lot of detail about why someone failed or won a battle. But the most important and consistent theme in battle history is dismissed as “The Thirteen Division wasn’t there.”

If you don’t talk about WHY it wasn’t there, you are ignoring one of the most important phenomena in the whole panorama of history.

And, not surprisingly, the officers who are raised on this kind of history end up saying that they lost a battle because “They didn’t show up.”

In the Greatest Generation, many soldiers didn’t fire a single shot in a battle. Many of the Heroes of D-Day lost their weapons and didn’t even realize it.

One fairly realistic estimate was that a fifth of the troops did eighty percent of the fighting.

Their training, after all, had been tough, but it had been tough to show how Macho the sergeant was. Then a group of men who had been trained to be meek poured out onto Omaha Beach.

But no military textbook is going to even MENTION the guys who lost their rifles and didn’t notice, much less the ones who simply didn’t join in the shooting others were doing in the general direction of the enemy.

And when you beat a man down until he is motivated only by his fear of the sergeant, what do you expect him to do when the sergeant, like most bullies, is busy protecting his own ass and the guy on the other side won’t just make him do laps, but will KILL him?

Just as he did what the sergeant said, he will do what the guy with a gun and a will to kill him wants him to do. That is human nature. That is why our modern US Army is better trained than any American soldiers were in the first half of the last century, when training meant macho sergeants, not macho soldiers.

We learn little from major disasters because no one is interested in the causes. They are interested in blame, either placing it or avoiding it. The verdict will always be, “human error,” but precious little attention is paid to the exact nature of that “human error.”

Either the pro-white cause is hopeless or its leaders have failed. This is one reason AIL is so popular with our present leaders: It’s not their fault.

The catch in that is that, if things are hopeless, what is the point of the movement and of its leaders?

Lord Nelson explained how I almost emptied to the Opposing Views section of SF by using the Mantra. To my amazement, he said he had not been “criticizing” me! No way, Jose! That was giant compliment, and could be nothing else.

But a lot of other people watched the anti-watched left flat when the Mantra wheel went over them, but no leader would ever mention it.

I have done that sort of thing for decades and no leadership has ever noted that my approach worked. I finally figured out one of the simplest and most basic rules of human behavior, so simple that you never THINK about it.

No leaders of ANYTHING like any change of direction. This is not an attack on our leadership because you will NEVER elect a leadership of ANYTHING that does not automatically react negatively to a change in direction.

The lesson is worth bringing up, but it must also be fitted into reality. As long as human beings are our leadership, they will always end up opposing, or in most cases totally ignoring, a new direction



Macho Cynicism

With over half a century of active battle behind me, I have a lot of practical cynicism.

Please note that I said PRACTICAL cynicism. There is also that very childish phenomenon I call Macho Cynicism.

Macho Cynicism is like the Mommy Professor Syndrome. The MPS is where a real rube or suburban kid, who is more a rube than any rube, comes to college with traditional values and finds a True Intellectual in the form of a professor who is The Only True Light and the True Source of Sophistication.

We used to say, “All freshmen are socialists and atheists,” not because all of them were, but because this Mommy Professor Hypnosis is so childish and laughable.

When a person keeps the Mommy Professor Syndrome on into his adult life, it is REALLY pathetic.

So Macho Cynicism is when someone decides that since all the tough old guys keep being negative about their sillier hopes. If they don’t THINK about it, they get the idea that Cynicism is a sign that one is tough and Realistic.

No one will succeed with the Mantra if he is a Macho Cynic.

But there are elements of PRACTICAL cynicism in what I have learned. One of them is that it always makes me VERY uneasy when someone says “Someone should…” or “We ought to…”

Stormfront is FULL of “Someone should” and “We ought to…”

Certainly there is nothing wrong with suggestions. But I have learned that a suggestion is a bad diversion if it is not succeeded by some word of what the writer has DONE. Most of our suggestions in BUGS are accompanied by a bit about that the suggester HAS done.

Most of the wisdom we get in GC5 comes straight out of battle experience.

You will notice a pattern in SF that I noticed long before. A person comes to Stormfront demanding that “we” Do something and expecting an imminent Revolution. Then they settle down into Macho Cynicism, The All Is Lost mode.

Every one of those ALL Is Lost types thinks he is just being mature, hard- nosed and, above all, Practical.

And the AIL crowd also has the barely concealed attitude that anyone who disagrees with them is being childish and is not Macho.

AIL is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nobody would advise a propaganda unit in the middle of a war to declare that anybody who thinks they have a chance is an effeminate wimp. But that is what Macho Cynicism does, in fact, demand.

My form of “cynicism” is to discourage anybody from holding back on action until “we” organize to do something or until “they” do something.

In football, if the huddle to plan the next play lasts so long it delays the game, the team is penalized. In war, if you spend all your time planning, you get penalized Big Time. Many a battle has been lost while a crucial division hesitated or just didn’t show up.



BUGS is a Tiny Corner of Sanity

BUGS is not only a refuge of sanity on race.

For every word we exchange on the practical causes and sources of warped thinking in our society, there are literally a million words out there about the Pure Evil and the Evil Geniuses who put society in wrong directions.

This is true in our movement but it is even more massive out of it. The left is one gigantic Conspiracy Theory about how the Military and the Rich and the Religious Fanatics conspire to dominate the minds of people and keep the intellectuals, Mommy Professors, from guiding things as they should go.

“Christians” and Social Progressives are united in their battle against Mad Scientists. Mad Scientists want to use embryos that should properly be thrown away to find out how to make the crippled walk and the blind see. The Prince of Wales is waging a battle to prevent nanotechnology from being developed being it could be put to bad uses.

The environmentalist left is desperately fighting to end the advance of Fusion energy, just as they ended the advance of nuclear power.

I observe this, but I don’t see a Giant Conspiracy. The simple fact is that the Prince of Wales can OPPOSE science without knowing any of it. For every real technical degree given out there are a score of social science or education or religious “experts” credentialed.

There are a few hundred thousand doctors and three million lawyers. So every scientific advance, or for that matter every medical procedure, will have twenty professionals trying to stop or criticizing it for every person who is DOING it.

More important, there is only one tiny publication which will state this fact.



How to Succeed Without Really Trying Comes Home

The book and movie How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying would not have been funny if everybody didn’t realize that a lot of going up the corporate ladder has nothing to do with ability. The following line is getting awfully familiar to you:

People KNOW that, but they don’t THINK about it.

If you watch Back From the Future, you will note that the man expected to own a business in the 1980s was Japanese. Japan had rocketed from Oriental poverty to a per capita income on a par with the US since its destruction in WWII.

Then How to Succeed caught up with Japan. To succeed in the New Japan you had to fit in. As a result a very cozy relationship developed in which loans and financial dealings got totally out of hand.

It got to the point where the only thing that would break the silence was economic catastrophe. The catastrophe hit. Japan suddenly ceased to be the Way of the Future. People stopped marveling at the Japanese corporate culture.

To put it simply, Japan had been counting on the phenomenal growth it had had for a generation to allow it time and elasticity shake out any inconveniences. In the midst of rapid change there are inevitable problems. Like the pollution in Tokyo, things that would have been serious elsewhere were taken for granted.

But Japan should have read BUGS. When they reached what, in terms of money exchange, was an American per capita income, their ability to copy from the Aryans had been reached.

In the 1980s Japan had been expected to go right into orbit, continuing its phenomenal growth which was actually a copy of the West.

Sometimes it is enormously costly when people can’t tell each other the truth.

There is a great similarity to what happened to Japan in the 1980s and what is occurring in the American corporate — and mortgage — culture right now. Those who were paid enormous salaries for suiting up, showing up and doing things right in terms of the corporate culture turn out to be almost unbelievably poor when it comes to actual paperwork.

The more one rises by fitting in, the more requirements develop about what You Should Say and What You Shouldn’t Say, Who You Know Not What You Know, the less able your executives are going to be.

The more veterans’ preferences you have, the more ethnic quotas you have, the less basic competence matters.

This eventually, here as in Japan and everywhere else, can only be exposed by a catastrophe no one can keep under cover.

And that is what we are facing today.




Irony is funny because it is true. It is also cruel because it is true. But as Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, a name only BBG will probably recognize, once said, “Man is the only animal who laughs. Man is also the only animal who knows he will die.”

One of the strains of writing for BUGS is that I will start on one subject, then realize that where I am going is somewhere else. A change of direction means a complete rethought and a complete rewrite. This actually involves several rewrites.

In other words, most of the WORK here comes from a change of direction. When I put this in plain English to myself the simple answer as to why BUGS is harder than writing for money becomes a piece of irony:

“When I wrote for money I wasn’t GOING anywhere.”

When I wrote for money the route was laid out. I was writing in terms a certain public would understand and in the language of the person who had hired me. In short, I already knew what to say, and I knew exactly what the style would be.

I got paid because, as with the Populist Forum, all I wanted to do was truly represent the person I was writing for and put it in terms the people I as writing to would understand.

Another irony is that it was easy because what people would understand was so limited. So my books, even the ones in my own name, were dedicated to getting across just enough new ideas, which were very old ideas to me, so my particular public would understand and to give examples they would recognize.

To be perfectly frank, when you were limited to those subjects there was little danger of me.

BUGS readers are an entirely different matter. I can talk about Wordism and a dozen other concepts that would require full explanation to others. I do not have to devote my writing to explaining these basics.

I can GO somewhere. I can be writing here and suddenly remember that I don’t have to go through the old explanations and deal with the “DUHH!!” bit.

Within the old bounds, it was easy for me to do what seemed near superhuman to some.

When the heat was on and a congressman needed a speech fast, he would bypass his own staff and call me on the Committee. I had explained the same things, with a little twist to spice up the speech so many times I could do it on an entirely new subject at, literally, record speed.

In fact, I could do that on entirely new subjects. It was a technique.

I wasn’t GOING anywhere. The tracks were easy to see. If I got off the track nobody would understand what I was talking about.

But talking about something that is new to ME is a whole different ball game. I am not just explaining something I have had years to think over. But when I connect different concepts together for the first time here and come to conclusions I hadn’t considered before, it’s a different thing altogether.

I do more mental WORK for you than I did for anybody who paid me.

It is new kind of freedom. And like any new kind of freedom it has elements of strain.



History’s Bus

There was a very interesting comment which discussed “busses,” meaning people on whom other people depend. For example, a small business owner is a bus on which all his workers and his family ride.

They pay their fare, but the ride can’t take place without the “bus.”

There is a lot of talk about “precious resources,” which usually means semi-retarded kids society is supposed to dump money on so they can “be all that they can be.”

But a society that concentrates on a kinder and gentler conservatism or such like is to that extent taking its mind off its buses. In Asia the society concentrated entirely on fawning over old men who sat around and said Wise Stuff while children passed out with hunger all around them.

The Wisdom Busses of China were broken down, and the society had lots of Wisdom and stagnation.

America has had a zero growth rate for going on two generations for the first time in our history. As Asia starved and talked about Wisdom, America has stagnated and talked about Social Progress.

We have long since discovered that the Social Progress we derived from our ideas of Nature, a society without the class distinctions and territoriality caused only by man’s unnatural acts, is in fact the opposite of actual nature.

In fact, China threw out its Ancient Wisdom for Marxism, which is based precisely on the idea that all class distinctions and property and territoriality is artificial. Now China has found that that was as bad a Wisdom and is trading it in for capitalism and Social Progress.

In other words, as I suspect it has done for three thousand years, the Orient is adopting whatever it gets from Aryans.

China, by the way, is not even all that ancient. White India developed aquatic rice, the kind China is based on, and Aryan India developed the gurus, suspiciously like Chinese Wise Men, after the truly early Aryan invasions.

I’ve never seen any of this, especially the relationship of White India to China, discussed anywhere else.

But history’s bus always seems to comfort those “Scythians” or that series of “Northern invasions,” now called eastern invasion, that kept coming in the Middle East.

So who can be called the bus of history?

The Middle East?


Or those people nobody can trace who keep coming into history and causing its next stage?