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The Denial Crackdown is FEAR

Posted by Bob on December 13th, 2010 under Coaching Session

Nothing is changing faster than history. I love history, but so much of the wonderful old books are simply outdated by basic discoveries. And not just hydrocarbon dating.

It used to be Heresy to even hint that American Indian Great Civilizations practiced cannibalism. Now we have studies on old human manure that prove it. It was not just there, it was routine.

One of the great proofs that there was not much Aztec sacrifice was the Spanish eyewitness account that, in their desperation, the priests sacrificed FIVE THOUSAND captives in one night.

The proof this was all a lie allowed Mommy Professor to laugh and say that someone with stone knives couldn’t possible do that in one night.

So some doctors used dummies to show how, if you go up under the ribs, as these experts with endless practice did, they could certainly take out five thousand hearts. It made a good documentary, and it also made Mommy Professor forget he had ever said otherwise.

You won’t hear about these Former Absolute Truths in PC because they are forgotten as soon as it is realized they are SILLY. If they say something silly, it is forgotten.

So no lesson is learned, because respectable conservatives are selected, among other things, to forget these embarrassments, too.

Only on BUGS would anyone notice this: the desperation of holocaust Law is reaching a crescendo at the very moment when historical bullshit is being torn to pieces by science.

The “Death Camps” used to be said to be in Germany. Eisenhower gave soldiers leave to go see the Death Camps. Anyone who said they were not Death Camps was arrested.

But this fiction only lasted so long. Then a German court, or Branch of the Inquisition, declared that none of the Death Camps soldiers were shown in the American, British and French Zones of Occupation were Death Camps.

Suddenly all the Death Camps were declared to be beyond the Iron Curtain.

Mommy Professors had wanted to be the first to analyze the soap made from Jews, the lampshades of Jewish skin, the Bones of the Martyrs.

There weren’t any in any of the camps they were permitted to go to and analyze. If there had been you would have seen them in every newspaper headline and in every history book.

So Eisenhower’s Death Camps became mere transportation centers, holding cells for millions of Jews, who , despite the wartime emergency necessity of railroads being bombed, someone had to go to camps behind the Iron Curtain to be bumped off when they could have been killed with a simple Luger bullet.

The Soviet Empire had no problem with possible disproof. Try to disprove a Marxist myth and they’d shoot you down. So, by the unquestioned accident of every Death Camp being safely behind the Iron Curtain, and the assumption that the Iron Curtain would last more or less forever, no further action was needed.

Then the Iron Curtain fell.

Suddenly the law at all concentration camps had to be the same law that protected the ones that had previously been protected by Communist law. So today a German lawyer who defended his client, IN COURT, against the charge of Holocaust Denial is still in prison for what he said in court.

Hate Law is now OPENLY Soviet Law, it is Inquisition Law.

But since no one but BUGS thinks in these terms, no one notices this simple cause-and-effect. An International Genius Conspiracy sells better.

The Crack down is not just the International Jewish Conspiracy in action. Compared to that and the Illuminati, BUGS is boring as hell.

But the declared Death Camps of 1945 were moved back to Soviet controlled areas until Soviet Law disappeared. And THAT disappearance, not the idea of an International Jewish Conspiracy, began with collapse of the Soviet Empire, which caused Hate Laws to go ballistic in the 1980s.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 12/13/2010 - 7:25 am

    Economists at the University of Warwick have published a study that shows that the standard of living in medieval England and Western Europe was much higher than thought. Indeed it is multiples of the bare bones standards common in many Black nations today. This also predates the conditions leading to the Industrial Revolution to before the Reformation.

    The above article explains it and contains a link to the study, 69 boring pages that only someone who once practiced the Dismal Science, as Bob did, could wade through.

    Now what Mommy Professor will not tell you. This economic engine was up and running before Weber discovered the Protestant Work Ethic. As MP tends towards anti-Catholicism it was not noted that a cause does not come after the effect.

    MP also missed that the capital accumulation began before Europe started to “exploit” other continents and peoples via the colonial system. The Marxist analysis was not questioned.

    The knowledge gatekeepers of Academe are silent to the fact that White countries, and only White countries, participated in this economic advance involving new technology and capital organization skills. Asia stagnated, Africa mired. Europe lived well.

    Just as the most powerful tool of the media is the power to ignore those in control of the universities exercise a veto over what can and cannot be said. The obvious difference between Europeans and all others will not receive whisper. It could not possibly be a factor, much less, the factor.

    This study demonstrates that the technological and economic upsurge of the last few centuries was present in White societies many centuries before MP’s creed allows. Further studies could move the timeline back more centuries, if not millennia.

    It will be a long hard slog before MP adopts this information and when he does he will claim it as his natural child. Meanwhile a single race, the race responsible for MP’s status and luxury, is being extinguished. For poor, embattled, fact challenged MP’s sake, if not your own offspring’s, post the Mantra today.

  2. #2 by Creator on 12/13/2010 - 4:09 pm

    A well known blogger and “political analyst” here in Iceland lumped us naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews with the conspiracy group.
    “Holocaust denial is well known, now people are talking about global warming denial and then there is 9/11 denial.
    This is just taken for granted.
    That there is bunch of people in the West that are affected by these out of space conspiracies theories.”
    The poor man has, obviously, not heard of the White Rabbit Radio Show or been confronted with the Mantra. I am working on that 🙂
    I, of course, called up a good conspiracy (in racial denial) friend and congratulated him for being, at last, a true public enemy #1.
    Not sure if I hear from him again but he will hear from me 🙂
    Yes, indeed, the Mantra is starting to appear in Iceland with good results, so far.

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