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Jews and Stuff

Posted by Bob on August 9th, 2011 under Coaching Session

When you bought a new Ford car off of the assembly line around World War I, you got a free copy of Henry Ford’s book, The International Jew, with it.

A lot of Jews probably bought the car and then sold the book for a quarter.

As I understand it, it was threats of giant libel suits that caused Ford to back down.

As you doubtless know, Hitler said that “Ford,” he didn’t know the rest of his name, was the only American who understood the Jewish Problem.

In one of the ten thousand security checks I had to go through — though I may be exaggerating slightly, my Adjudicator was a conservative Jew. Looking at my background he asked in passing if I was anti-Semitic. I told him the truth, that in Politically Correct terms I definitely am.

Jews, as group, have attitudes. All groups have general attitudes. In fact, people will point out that some Jews are anti-Semitic, but all they are doing is using the exception to contradict the rule. The only reason an anti-Semitic Jew stands out is because there is a general Jewish attitude which is NOT anti-Semitic.

In general, you expect someone named O’Hara to have a special attitude toward English pretensions to high virtue in their history. You would be astonished if France, which is west of Germany, never allied with Poland, which is east of Germany.

The oldest treaty in existence is on clay, and it was country A and Country C forming an alliance against Country B, which was between them.

Once again, this a world view which is as alien to pro-whites as it is to anti-whites.

The reason for this is because we have let the other side impose their world view on us. We shout anti-Semitism while they shout pro-Semitism, but neither side is looking at the real world.

The debate about anti-Semitism is miles from reality, like our constantly trying to deny the racist label they throw at us on racism.

Whatever you label it, there is Western white attitude towards Jews and there has been a Jewish attitude toward Western whites. But we begin by talking about a conspiracy and they begin by saying any attitude we have is anti-Semiotic.

No attitude? Good God, we are talking about two groups who have been cheek by jowl for two thousand years!

You do not start discovering Jewish hostility as some kind of late conspiracy. Jews are in outer space if they insist that Jews have been hated but have never ever responded with hatred themselves.

If you are going to make any sense at all, you have to have a basic world view that makes sense.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 08/09/2011 - 10:18 am

    To eradicate groups is the most lunatic’s solution! One argument western whites fall for is (supposed) “unification of europe” by “christianity.” As if all cultures of white europe ever “became the same,” (instead of seething with resentment for centuries) or that the loss of identity in various euro cultures was even positive, or as if — “unifying” on an idea of land space (europe), didn’t open the door on “unification” with people outside europe, as surely as under an Idea (‘roman version of christian).

    Alliances are one thing, though, subjugation another, (and it’s subjugation that can be genocide)

    Like, how the “cosmopolitan character,” the connoisseur of others, implies having the others there for one’s perusal, one’s pleasure, one’s purpose– the sensibility underlying a cohen brothers movie. Narcissistic, as the viewed person has no “reality’ beyond being there to use, be amused by, etc. Usury masquerading as interest.

    There is no “love of characters” by the grand observers, whether commentators or pundits, nor any viewer who is roped into this self-centered relationship with the world presented. Just Adam naming his animals. A supposed “naif,” the figure of a bumbling Louis Theroux comically observing South Africa. Droll people on t.v. offering commentary on “the Americans,” or “the American people.”

    So, the enemy of your enemy is never your friend. Like now Irish go on about “anglos,” not romans, when neither is irish.

    Real genealogy is the matter of most importance, b/c if you lose your name, someone else will name you, and a right to name is subjugation.

    At least it was taught in the blacks schools people got sent to in the 60s, lol. The X in Malcolm’s name, teachers said, was to mark where all had been taken, where one was to begin rebuilding the name, thus ending the subjugation. “White man X.”

  2. #2 by Simmons on 08/09/2011 - 11:46 am

    Anti-semetism is beneath white men, its a nigger religion that places jews as a deity, albeit evil. From top to bottom of the anti-semetism heirarchy it is all the same, just a crackpot mixing facts (mostly true) with metaphysical mumbo jumbo in some effort to both proseltyze and bully.

    White men ask questions, conduct inquiry and procure truth via the scientific method. Anti-semites do none of this whatsover, they preach the TRUTH. And Jews love it.

    • #3 by OldBlighty on 08/09/2011 - 10:40 pm

      “its a nigger religion that places jews as a deity, albeit evil”


      When I see whites discussing Jew conspiracies, it reminds me of blacks blaming the white man for all their woes.

      All that matters to me is, Jews are not White and they get on my nerves when I debate them. They can’t claim Palestine as their ancestral homeland and then say they are White.

      White means European and that is that.

      I’d advise Whites to stop sitting on pro white websites obsessing over Jewish conspiracies and get on with the task of taking your country back.

      We at BUGS are doing what it takes to take our countries back. Therefore we are part of a great White Conspiracy!

      So what are you waiting for? Join the White Conspiracy in BUGS Swarm! 🙂

  3. #4 by stradivari on 08/09/2011 - 6:49 pm

    It’s not important, but I’m pretty certain Judaism was founded in Kazarstan in the 7th or 8th century ad. It’s based on Hebrewism but jews aren’t actually descended from hebrews. Hell, according to classical Agean and Roman writers hebrews were mostly blonde. anyway, Good article of what should be common sense.

  4. #5 by Mike Davis on 08/29/2011 - 3:30 pm

    Dear Dick Armey,

    I laughed when I received your message today, asking for my help! I will help alright. I will help Freedom Works be brought to justice before you do any more harm.

    A few days ago I was an enthusiastic” newby” at Freedom works. Then I came under attack by a group of fanatical jews called “100 Million Patriots Standing” (actually a group of about 6-8 liars with many false names, some are falsely pretending to be veterans.)

    When I asked certain questions, such as “Why are you representing a foreign government (Israel) over the USA? This is a site for pro-American patriots.” They swamped me with hate mail which included anti US diatribes, gibberish from the Torah; they were also giving me crazy orders that I, as a Christian, must support Israel. They ignored my response that Israel is a Marxist state that has received billions dollars worth of annual handouts for decades without any ROI (except several Israeli spy rings in the USA and some other inimical activity that I can list if you are interested.)

    I also pointed out that according to all polls at least 85% of all Jews supported the tyrant Obama. So supporting the 100 Million Patriots (a lie itself) would mean we patriots are working for Obama.

    That bunch of jewish psychopaths threatened me and insulted me for two days with impunity. They were arrogant in their control of “Freedom Works.”

    On Sunday August 28, 2011, they said that they were having me kicked off your site by today (August 30) and they did.

    I have 75 of their hate messages which I offered to a female rep of your organization I gave her a few examples. On the basis of a few examples she ruled in fAVOR OF THOSE COMMUNIST jEWS without offering to read any real part of what I have. (I was not surprised because that gang of anti-American jew fanatics told me that your group would follow their lead.) By God, and I am a Christian, I will fight Freedom works and its gang of terroristic jewish communists until Hell freezes over. I am the first wave. Others will follow. The fact that you Mr Armey, sponsor and defend these lying maniacs, will become known on the internet (and I have copies of their insane carpet chewing attacks)! .

    Mike Davis

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