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Learn From the SWARM: Creator’s Four is a Legion

Posted by Bob on August 11th, 2011 under Coaching Session

You’ve heard the old phrase, “If I get two and they get two each and they get two each…”

Yes, that would work beautifully. So why doesn’t everything work perfectly that way?

This is the kind of thing you can only learn in a place like BUGS SWARM.

If you are only into news reports and theorizing, you have never held a meeting where nobody came. One SWARMER mentioned in passing that he had gotten six people to using the Mantra. Creator said he had four people in Iceland.

Real politics is a guy showing up in the gray of dawn at a shopping center where nobody is there yet. Real politics is trying things.

I have set up those campaign rallies you see on television. It is one hell of a lot of work, in the very middle of a major campaign, to get all those people to show up and cheer for the candidate. That is where all these “torch parade” types get their idea of politics.

But by the time you can get out and work your butt off to get that rally going, almost all the real deciding has been done. It is a horse race between a standard Democrat and a standard Republican. The real power is shown LONG before those two show up.

I can tell you this endlessly, and have, but you can’t SEE it until you have gotten into something like BUGS SWARM and seen how this works in action. Real politics is OVER before the parades and the campaigns.

When John Ashbrook died in early 1982, almost all of my real work in his 1982 Senate campaign was already done.

Even standing at a factory gate and getting in front of workers singly heading out, which is the last one would expect a world-wide celebrity to do, is big time compared to the early days planning — and NOBODY wants you in the planning if you’re never been in a real live campaign — and the endless false starts.

As a general rule, the more power you can SEE the less there is. You can get a lot of people to work for ready money or a state-wide candidate who is leading. But by then the choices have been so narrowed and decisions made that the actual election is minor.

Years and years and years of deciding what will be decided is where power lies. I can only mention a couple of things, like saving the space telescope, that I can actually point to. The rest is influence. The people in history books are like the anchor men on television: They don’t know much and they don’t influence anybody, because they are hired for their attitudes as well as their looks, voice, and ethnicity.

If you got six people repeating the Mantra, nobody here in the real fight will declare you a hero.

In a country with a thousandth of the population of the US, Creator’s four hitting right at the base is a legion.

  1. #1 by Dave on 08/11/2011 - 10:05 am

    Successful politicians are far more sophisticated than the general public thinks they are. They are usually underestimated while their detractors think they are being chic and wise.

    On rare occasions I have met a lawyer who says, “I’ll procure any legal result you want.” That’s music to my ears! Out of the bazillions of lawyers out there, at least one isn’t a moron.

    It is all about how people are suited up as human beings. And if you are looking for sources of influence, there is where you will find it. So if you think a man like Robert Whitaker and his followers can’t undo Political Correctness and start the white race on the road to racial salvation, think again.

    And then there is the endless infantile rabble, all noise and no signal. And that is what the general public THINKS politics is. The “news” reflects this perfectly.

  2. #2 by Scythian on 08/14/2011 - 7:30 pm

    This is one of those articles whereby I’m reading what I already know; yet if I wasn’t able to read it, it would not be nearly as clear.

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