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Electing a Jackie Robinson Who Can’t Hit

Praise from the praiseworthy!

Derek Black told me on the phone that the Mantra is a marvel.

Derek Black told me about his success with the Mantra.

He also told me frankly what older movement leaders will not say: He tried to avoid it.

To a leader, the Mantra is too much like copying Bob Whitaker. But, unlike others, he told me frankly that genocide sounded too standard. He tried the white race is being overwhelmed, he tried a dozen things.

But what I appreciate is that he TOLD me so.

There is a lesson in the example he gave me of his successes with the Mantra.

No one comes up with an answer, because the damned thing is almost a tautology.

But what he DID get was gratifying to anybody who has spent so much effort and emotion dealing with anti-whites: He got FURY. The example he gave was a frustrated anti-white white who yelled, “You’re accusing me of GENOCIDE!”

Please note here that in the end what the guy was upset by was how the Mantra made HIM look.

And in that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lesson you must carry with you into battle.

They pay billions just for a bunch of respectable conservatives who will not mention how SILLY their ideas are, who will treat them with respect.

We have all noted how anti-white opinion appeals to people who aspire to Uppah clahss status. But having noted that, we forget it.

Mantra Thinking goes into lessons we learn in one place and APPLIES them across the board.

Showing respect for them is a lie and it is subversion.

The Obama election was a bunch of children wanting to vote for Jackie Robinson. He immediately tried standard liberal big-spending crap that has failed totally.

We will probably never recover fully from that.

But it was NOT an intelligent mistake. They wanted a young Negro and that prospect, being the Generation of the Negro President, brushed all else aside.

A straight liberal economic solution in a crisis. It is like a person who has just broke his leg in three places running a hundred-yard dash.

But no cost was too great to be part of proving they were NOT racist. No cost was too great to get a Jackie Robinson president and feel SO good about it.

But if you call it anything BUT a Jackie Robinson presidency elected by a drooling public, you miss the entire point.

The difference is that in 1947 the first thing the anti-whites did was to make SURE Jackie Robinson had something to contribute that couldn’t be questioned.

In the case of Obama, nobody with his standard and packaged liberal program would have been elected if he had been white.

Embarrass them.

If the billions they allow respectable conservatives each year is not enough to prove to you how important this subversive respect is to them, you are truly out of it.

I hate to add this, but this has to be done intelligently, not just letting your temper go.

Irony, not name-calling.

Just let everyone see how SILLY they are.



Short One

Synagogoe Cemetery — A Jewish Plot


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White India

The words are heresy. But anti-whites can be confident that no one but Ole Bob will use them.

China’s population comes from an invention they got from India: aquatic rice. A single acre can produce five metric tons, 11,000 pounds of rice, and in China they have two growing seasons each year. In the break they can even plant a few other crops.

An acre produces sixty pounds of raw rice every day!

But aquatic rice was developed from the wild rice that grows on dry land. It was developed in India.

You know about Kung Fu, that Oriental Mystery fighting that made the old TV show? It was born in White India.

In fact the Kung Fu masters in China claim that the man who brought Kung Fu to China pierced a hole in a cave wall with a glare from his BLUE eyes!

Any educated Buddhist will tell you matter of factly that the Buddha himself had “eyes the color of the blue lotus.”

The Aztec God Quetzalcoatl was not only fair skinned but he had a BEARD, about which the Aztecs only knew about from that one legend.

If you see a people squatted about ruins, they are brown. Anti-whites insist that the “barbarians” squatted about the ruins of Rome and the Roman villas of Britain. But the fact is that the houses we live in today are amazingly similar, not to the villas, but the houses the so-called barbarians built.

Romans planned on a great growth of population of Britain after they took it over, but it never happened, because the Britons already got as much out of the land as the Roman could.

The houses we build today look a lot like the ones in the Asterix comic strip than like Roman houses. The pants we wear would not be strange in Old Northern Europe. A person dressed as a Roman today would be a freak.

The anti-whites used to always talk about “the color of the skin.”

OK, instead of arguing obscure points of physical characteristics, let’s TALK about skin color. Stop REACTING and use Mantra Thought. As a professional economist, I noted that nothing correlates as well with economic advancement as does skin color.

Once again, in our boredom over constantly dealing with the anti-whites’ standard five or six statements, we ignore the intellectual joy that the few realities they throw in there could give us.

White India!

White India gave us our numbers system, called “Arabic Numerals” because they came to us through Arabia. I would not like to try to develop Calculus using Roman Numerals.

Eighty percent of China’s population and our numerical system, and God only knows what else, came to us from a place historians never even mention.

A place only Mantra Thinking would ever adventure in.



Mantra Thinking and Chinese Inventions

Why is information produced?

To aid historians Chinese technological history consists of proving that the Chinese did things first. That is why that information is produced, as evidence against white inventiveness.

But a Mantra Thinker doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t have a wussy fight with anti-whites about their version of history. A Mantra Thinker sees that there is a giant lesson looming BEHIND that piece of propaganda, information he would not have known about if the anti-whites had not produced it for their own purposes.

No one else seems to notice this: China had a printing press, and nothing happened. China had black powder, nothing happened except fireworks. One interesting little book I read discussed the interesting fact that Japan actually got the gun from Europe and then forgot it.

If you don’t waste your time quibbling with an anti-white over stuff like this, you can see whole avenues of history and other subjects open up that would never have been available to you if political correctness had not dictated that, in this case, some facts are revealed that would not otherwise have been.

Facts are ALWAYS dangerous to their side.

But only if you USE the facts for something besides just contradicting whatever bullshit they are pushing with it and look into them on your own.

In the case of gunpowder, the reason it is so important to US is because it destroyed the absolute power of castles. Constantinople’s walls, which had held for a thousand years, were destroyed by a German who brought cannon to the Turks.

Printing in China made some playing cards. It bought on the Reformation and ended the Era of Chained Books in Europe.

In fact, a traditional Chinese historian would be puzzled by the breathless announcement of anti-whites that China had a mechanical clock — ONE mechanical clock — long before they appeared in the West.

Knowing the history of his own people, the Chinese historian would say, “SO WHAT?” But it will be a cold day in the Eighth Circle before anyone on our side besides Ole Bob would bring that up.

Mantra Thinking can give you whole vistas that are fascinating. The important point about Chinese invention can bore you sick with its “SEE? The Chinese are the smart ones.”


It can give you a whole clue to a mystery no one seems to even NOTICE.

Nothing is more boring than listening to the same seven or eight arguments repeated endlessly by the anti-whites. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the facts they allow to get out. The real history of the world is in that incidental information.


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Just Because It Sells Doesn’t Mean It Works

We all realize that the primary campaign for the nomination is very different from the electoral campaign. That is one of the first rules one learns in politics.

But the big lesson is, with most people the lesson stops right there.

A Mantra Thinker will START with a rule in one area, and test it out in other areas.

As soon as you start doing this you realize that a rule set is critical in others. One of the major reasons potentially successful movements fail is because the way its adherents choose the people they will pay attention to is totally different from the process by which they would choose leaders and speakers who would be successful in making the movement public.

Communism is sort of a total inversion of this rule. From the first Lenin had his eye on complete power.

The whole history of Communism is that it has been brilliantly, expertly SOLD but, once in power, it is a disaster which, if it were not so horrible, would be funny.

The actual Soviet economy was a horrible joke, planting summer wheat in winter, setting glass quotes by the pound so that it came out in useless thick slabs, then by the square meter so thin that it shattered as soon as they picked it up. Because America had a hula hoop craze, the Soviet Union produced millions of hula hoops, all if which ended up in warehouses.

But at that time EVERY SINGLE PAID SOVIET EXPERT was declaring that the USSR was rapidly gaining on the United States in per capita income, just as NOT ONE SINGLE SOVIET EXPERT predicted the fall (No, the one you heard about didn’t, either) of the USSR.

Which means that the left was very good at weeding out those who got paid as “Soviet experts.”

Outside of the University of Chicago and the University of Virginia, the latter of which was “cleaned out” by a new liberal dean, every economics department in America and especially in Europe declared that the Soviet Empire and the Chinese economies were advancing by leaps and bounds.

I saw those figures in the official UN statistics under “Centrally Planned Economies.”

After it fell, all economists admitted that the maximum size of the Soviet economy was about half that of the Netherlands.

Suddenly everybody forgot there ever was a debate on this subject between the whole economics profession and those of us at UVA.

If the left were a hundredth, a HUNDREDTH, as good at RUNNING countries as they are at selling their stupid programs, they would have been running the world for a century already.



The East Tennessee Meeting Will Be Different

I hope that when I am out of the picture my kind of thinking will have heirs.

The Mantra has heirs, but Mantra Thinking requires a more general discipline. It consists of not just quoting wisdom but taking it apart.

For example, anyone who studies politics knows that when a person is trying to be candidate of his party, he must appeal to a different constituency than he does once he becomes the candidate of the party. The people who vote in a party’s primary are a very different crowd from the electorate as a whole.

The only time this reality was really discussed was when liberal Republicans built their entire careers on misinterpreting it.

But it is nonetheless a serious consideration. A pro has to run a different campaign for the nomination than he does for the general. That is why his most embarrassing moments are when opposition researchers on the other side quote remarks he made during the primaries.

But most people know this rule about politics but do not analyze it further.

If you do the Mantra Thinking, and you generalize this rule and DISSECT it, it can make the difference between victory and defeat. It applies to every movement and every cause. It is a matter of life and death to every cause.

What are chances that someone who rises to the leadership of a movement will be the right person to WIN THE BATTLE it is fighting?

The people INSIDE a movement who choose the leaders, actively or passively, are entirely different from the general population or the power group on which the whole cause depends.

I have yet to see anyone even NOTICE this vital rule outside of open electoral politics.

What about the East Tennessee meeting Derek Black is setting up?

All the National Alliance Conventions in New Orleans and the American Renaissance conventions that followed them did well because they had a lot of hellaciously good speakers. The crowed showed up to get a show, and they sure as hell did.

Many, many books were sold.

East Tennessee will be comparative flop if those are the standards. Sam Dickson is one hell of an entertainer, but what I have to say may be as dry as dust to people who come for entertainment.

I had one speech, once, in New Orleans and since then not one single convention of any kind on our side has asked me to talk.

This doesn’t give me stage fright. If you have given a lecture on basic economics to a hung over class at eight on Monday morning for years you get very hardened to it.

But I doubt Derek will read this, and I am anxious that he not compare this meeting to the rousing ones his seniors put together.

It is probable that a meeting that concentrates on what is needed for victory in the general fight will not be repeated if it is judged by the standards of meetings that were set up to entertain.



Bragging Vs. Fighting — Again

For a long time the media made a big thing of pro-life being all-Catholic.

Long before I was born, anti-Catholicism was referred to as “the anti-Semitism of the intellectuals.”

Professors have an instinctive hatred of Catholicism of the same kind as people in general have a natural dislike of Jews and Anglo-Saxons have a natural dislike of the very word “French.”

Whole books had been written on this prejudice of the unprejudiced by the Tomesters. National Review had article after article pointing out that this was just plain prejudice.

I took a step that was more effective than any of those. I wrote a one-minute speech for my boss titled, “Media Picture of Pro-Life as Catholic is an Insult to Protestants.” The speech pointed out that John Ashbrook was a Baptist, and his pro-life record was indisputable.

He was insulted by the idea that only Catholics were pro-life.

You had to be an expert — PAID like me to prove it, maybe — to see how this totally befuddled an establishment that had just put out a major book showing how many congressmen were Catholic and how they voted.

The way our enemies signal defeat is by simply not bringing something up again. My particular victories were of this sort, so they were unnoticed. Only other pros wowed it.

This is another function for which respectable conservatives are absolutely invaluable. Just as a professional respectable must know exactly when he must denounce a position he once had, he must know when a subject has been lost, and therefore can be buried, by the regular media.

In another less political case I stopped a verbal freight train. It was the period when earlier human ancestors were being discovered almost every month. But every single popular article on such a new find went something like “It has been discovered that the earliest man was not in X, as has been thought, but in Y.” or, “A discovery in Y…”

The media is bad enough in its constant attempts to screw up anthropological reality, but this one was too gross to pass up. I could contradict it and my record of published Letters to the Editor is very good, but where would I put it? My point would have no authority as a letter in a standard publication. If I sent it to Science the media would never notice it.

So I sent it to Science News, which was the publication which had millions in circulation and the one that journalists use so as not to be entirely ignorant of science which is not spoon fed to them for political purposes.

I wrote one letter to Science News pointing out that every time a popular magazine reported the latest discovery it said that was “the earliest man.” I pointed out there, where popular readers would see it, and where it would have to pass scientific criticism, that if “the earliest man” has been discovered four times in the last year, a reasonably intelligent reader would expect the reporter to add the words “to date.”

When you read it, it is hard to make this couple of paragraphs into anything huge, but it was. “The earliest man” man disappeared where before it had been ubiquitous. I chose the exact length of letter the editors liked and the exact publication where it would hit home.

This one action has more effect on our specific war than the actions of the most Decorated and Suffering soldier did on the outcome of any war.

If you want to brag about it, Suffer. If you want to win a war, use targeting and wording, and take it seriously.



Are We Here to Brag or to Fight?

One of our commenters made a valid point we all expect.

But remember that a major theme of BUGS is that we are to take a SECOND LOOK at every basic.

In reply to one of my articles about the Alamo, one commenter pointed out that we have it easy, because we don’t have to be out there in the miseries of the battlefield. That is a good point, but now let’s do a Whitakerism. Let’s take a SECOND LOOK at it.

This point contradicts everything we desperately need to keep in mind.

A war is decided before the first shot is fired. It would be hard to find an instance where the actions of man in uniform, however heroic and brave and suffering, ever made the slightest difference to a war’s outcome.

As CS Lewis pointed out in his introduction to The Screwtape Letters, he thinks of all the Evils of Hell taking place, not in the Pit with the heat and the screaming, but quiet, efficient offices with thick, spotlessly clean rugs.

That, Lewis points out as I am here, is where the real, massive Evil takes place on earth.

He sees Screwtape is in the Executive Suite, not down there where the heat is with a pitchfork.

Screwtape refers to a Demon appearing as an Angel of Light as a standard parade-ground exercise.

Long before the first Medal of Honor Winner sees action, the war has been decided by men in coats and ties.

In fact the Alamo and the three hundred Spartans were necessary precisely because decisions had not been made in the Executive Suites. Texas could have been conquered while the debaters in the capitol were holding up any effective defensive action.

Exactly the same was true in ancient Greece. Athenians had stayed off the battlefield while the Persians invaded because they were celebrating a particularly important religious holiday. The Persian hordes would have conquered all of Greece if the Spartans hadn’t died to give the Executive Suite time to DECIDE.

In fact, both the Spartans and the Alamo’s defenders were perfectly aware that they had to DECIDE to die simply because they had to give the guys in a clean safe place time to make a decision. THEY certainly understood the point I am making here.

If you want to BRAG, you talk about when you had on a uniform and how you were stuck in the mud or the ice. If you want to WIN, the real fight is where it always was, with those who see the issues long before the first shot is fired, those the soldiers, who are merely filling in the diagram already drawn for them, so despise.

If you want to BRAG, slog it out in the field. If you want to get in on the REAL fight, it is right here in the air conditioning.

Get off the “I SERVED” crap of the Weakest Generation. They gave a third of the human race, now down to a fourth, to the Communists.

Their only excuse is that it was hard work.


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